Top 8 Search Engines In The World

Top Search Engines

We all know that Google takes most of the search engine work in the internet world. However, other search engines also have their fair share of pros and cons over Google based on regional and functional characteristics. For example, even with almost 18% of the total percentage in the world, China has banned Google China, and the Chinese people are motivated to use Baidu as a substitute. For security purpose, better online streaming, or for the additional regional features, people love to try new search engine every day which is just perfect for them.

Here is a list of top 8 global or regional search engines of the world based on no. of users, popularity, security, and searching techniques.

Top Search Engines
8. DuckDuckGo

DuckDucGo is one of the most popular search engines for modern techies. The name itself is catchy, and with many additional features like more data security and clean interface, DuckDuckGo is a formidable search engine for the coming years. 0.25% of the total search engine market share is on DuckDuckGo. The stats stand for more than 30 million searches per day as per December 2018.

7. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is a search engine coming to action in recent years as a “Computational Knowledge Engine.” This search engine is all about stats and numbers as it holds data on a number of topics. Data scientists, analysts, and AI enthusiast mostly make more of this search engine than others of the list. Adding to it, WolframAlpha can do almost all sort of theoretical and mathematical calculations with your limited instructions.

6. Baidu

Founded in the year 2000 Baidu is by far the most popular search engine in China. Baidu is steadily serving more than a billion queries per month and has one of the most impressive market share increase rate of all the search engines. Currently, it is on the 4th rank in Alexas top websites of the World.


Acquired by Verizon Communications in 2015, has the market share of more than 0.6 % of total search engine market of the world. This network is not one of the largest but provides many popular websites like,, and is a website mostly chosen as the better web portal than others in this list.

4. works differently than others in the list. uses human-powered directories for the search and finds purposes. The searching process is mostly in a question-answer format where the queries are answered by the other fellow visitors. 0.42 % of the total search share of today’s market is held by

3. Yahoo

Established first as one of the most popular email service providers in the world, is the third search engine of our list. With all the ups and downs in its great history, Yahoo is the default search engine for the Mozilla Firefox browser in the USA region. Currently, Yahoo holds more than 3.90% of the total market share of search engine market in the world. Yahoo is also equipped with many additional features such as better photo sharing and backlink reporting services.

2. Bing

Microsoft’s attempt to challenge Google as Bing wasn’t completely successful but still is one of the technically sound search engines in the world. Bing holds about 6% of the total share in the share market and is the default enjoy in the edge version of Microsoft browser. Bing comes with better picture quality, interface features, and new innovative technology ideas apart from the searching activities. Bing is the 41st rank of the website according to Alexa in 2019.

1. Google

Well, it is no surprise that Google is the top website of our list. Google holds more than 72% of the total search engine market share and is the third valuable company in the US after Apple and Amazon. Google does have many different advantages and disadvantages, but at the end of the day we know, life wouldn’t be the same without Google.

8 Reasons Why Every Startup Needs a Website

Unlike the old and conventional method of starting up a business with no website, a startup with an active website helps you to know the response of your near future potential customers towards your available service, products or latest idea. In this modern era of technology, the first and foremost thing a smart customer does is to check is your website. So, making it all attractive with your creativity and professional touch is the key to gain a headstart and boost for your startup.

  1. To pull your ideas into action

Many fantastic ideas pop up every now and then in a person’s head. Much of these great ideas disappear with no base to support and to work in it continuously. A proper website can just be that platform to keep the ideas intact and make a business empire out of it.

  1. Increase your brand visibility

We can describe a business website as the best online shop front for showing your brand among new customers. The ideas and results of marketing here are driven in the same principles as that in Conventional marketing. The only difference we have here is that instead of customers walking in the physical location of the market they reach there by browsing through the web at home. Having a great website will promote your organization in a less expensive and even lesser time-consuming way.

  1. Marketing your products more effectively

Marketing is undoubtedly an important tool in any business. Similarly, for the startups, a well-made marketing strategy might be the vital pivot of shining in the world of competition. With the aid of many technical tools, you can showcase your products/services more effectively. This will result in better growth of the company with more possible customers/clients.

  1. Improved SEO rankings resulting Improved Sales

Adding better things and contents in your website is a crucial part of a good site, but sometimes you just might not be doing it in a technically correct way. SEO comes in action for these common cases. To be better than your fellow competitors you must focus on providing better services, and at the same time, your product must reach more customers than of your opponents. SEO offers the correct way of managing content so that your website will be at the top of the ladder when it matters the most. For a startup, a proper SEO means the lesser time required for the return of investment (ROI).

  1. Accessibility

Accessibility is key to any business success and if you are a startup, you must pump the engines 24*7. Without a website, one can’t imagine full accessibility to the possible clients.  Now with a business website, you can get visitors from any place and any time in the world. Within a short period, you can update the products and inform the clients about its availability if you have a business website.

  1. A website builds relationships/ easy feedback collection

A website is an easy and effective way of building a better relationship with your clients. Your clients can share your website which results in the growth of the business network. Similarly, you can collect real-time feedback from your clients and improve your services accordingly here. A business website is, therefore, an unmissable prerequisite for better client-organization relationship.

  1. Credibility through website

Trust from the clients is an important factor for any great business startup. With your website, the new visitors can explore the past experiences from your clients and hence believe in your ability to give the customers the best return value of their expenses. Positive feedbacks are also great motivational factors that are vital for your employees and members of the business. As a startup, to compete in the market, proving your credibility is a top challenge, and a good website makes it possible.

  1. Long term client

Long term clients help the business to run efficiently with a steady growth rate every time. These clients are the most important asset to any company as they are evidence that the organization is running smoothly. With a website, these clients can deal with you easier with faster giving them no less reason to shift to others.

Maybe as a startup, you lack customers and clients. It is not necessarily a reflection of the reality of your business organization. In many cases, the mass isn’t simply aware of your organization’s existence. Creating a website is a smart way of getting the attention of your possible clients and a better decision for your business organization.