5 New Social Media Platforms to Join for your business in 2021

The importance of social media can’t be understated by any company in 2021. Some of the hardcore traditional brands have realized it and have entered the digital world in recent years. Especially for startups and companies willing to grow their business domain, social media apps are the lifeline of new strategies and possibilities. New social media apps are helpful to capitalize on new opportunities. A business can benefit from being new to a site by bringing some uniquely attractive content. For that purpose, new social media apps are to be tracked and tried more now.

The major players like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and others dominate the largest quantity of users. However, there are much dedicated networks in some of the smaller platforms too. At a surface level, it might look like a waste of time for creating content for a smaller community. However, as long as you make a memorable presence each social media app helps in your brand building. For example, a gift and flower selling business will benefit from a dating app more than a regular app. Similarly, a job portal benefits from technical forums and instrument selling business from voiced/video-based social media apps.

Photo sharing, live streaming, video marketing, blogs, and more. These apps specialize in different kinds of trends that will help your brand to be shared and received in several ways. learning could seem like a time-consuming process but you can find professional apps now designed to improve and aid user experience. Once you have established a well-enough presence, share the widget of the site on your business website and reap your rewards. Here are 5 new social media platforms to join for your business in 2021.

1. TikTok

TikTok is one app that is surprisingly not used by most businesses. It is not the best option for corporate heads but asks any marketer and you will soon learn about the possibilities here. TikTok is the fourth largest social media app with over a billion users worldwide. it will just be a waste if you are not on this platform in 2021.

For those who have a slight or introductory idea about TikTok, it might just seem like just an entertainment app. However professional content for the app is found to be extremely effective. Studies have shown that the conversion rate of Tiktok is about 20% more than the regulars in Facebook and Twitter. Add that to the lower cost and higher engagements, Tiktok can be a superpower to your business in 2021.

How to use:

  • Make a Tiktok business account with a generic handle to your account.
  • Mmake ads and interesting contents fitting TikTok.
  • Optimize your ads and contents to fit the 15, 30, 45, and 60-second frames allowed by TikTok.
  • Generate a follow and try posting frequently.
  • Work with TikTok influencers with better cloud and following.
  • If you think your business can get better results from this app try TikTok ads. 

2. Clubhouse

Clubhouse is a new and trending voice-sharing-based social media app. It was first released as an IOS app but it released the android version too not soon after. As of today, it has over 10 million weekly active users. These numbers might not seem more at the beginning but it is backed with some of the well-known personalities and celebrities. As a new app, it is growing and many predict it will reach further heights in this decade.

Clubhouse enables you to join several rooms and participate in the conversation of your interests. It is an effective way of maintaining and creating a network of a dedicated audience for your business. To simply put it this way, this app is a massive audio-only virtual conference for your ideas. It is one of the apps where you can truly benefit with a long time of use.

 How to Use:

  • Make a Clubhouse account and start the follow-based connection process.
  • Join in the rooms and meetings that best fit your business.
  • Collaborate with projects and build your network.
  • To your Clubhouse account, add your Instagram and Twitter profiles.
  • Start your room and open discussions for better reach in the Hallway of the app.

3. Vero

Vero has long been identified as a refined version of Facebook and is now an established photo-sharing app.  As a no ads or algorithm platform, Vero has over 300 million monthly active users. Vero is one guaranteed app to bring more organic users to your network. Due to the lack of ads, you have to work for the reach and a good content creator can benefit a lot from Vero. Similarly, working with the influencers here is also easier with better returns than the bigger apps out there. Often said to be the frontrunner among the app for the future, Vero is one of the apps that you need to join for your brand growth in 2021.  

How to use:

  • Make an account under your business name.
  • Grow your network by adding friends and contacts.
  • Create appealing content with different edits and filters available here and grow your cloud.
  • Work with Vero Influencers for better returns of your brand-building strategy.

4. Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the more advanced live-streaming apps out there. Over one million active users visit the app every week. What makes caffeine better is the dedication of the creators here even when there are few bigger streaming apps. There are over a thousand exclusive creators in Caffeine. Businesses can get a large and dedicated crowd here and gain some fantastic returns. With the support of some of the biggest names and celebrities similar to Cloudhouse, Caffeine is one of the new social media apps businesses can benefit from the vertically integrated ecosystem.

How to Use:

  • Create your business account with all the information.
  • Grow your community by broadcasting interesting streams.
  • Collaborate with bigger creators and grow your brand in Caffeine.

5. Steemit

Steemit is not particularly a new social media app but a recently trending one as a substitute to Reddit. It is a block-chain based app connecting the concepts of Social media and cryptocurrency. You are paid in STEEM coins for your content. Although not as widely used as Reddit Steemit shows a promising future after some major structural changes in 2021. Businesses can join and use this social media app to give a different directive to their online presence.

How to use:

  • Create a user account and fill up your profile.
  • Gain Votes, Mentions, Follows, and, Reblogs with contents shared here as stories and posts.
  • Analyse your performance through leaderboards and Achievements.
  • Exchange the coins for other currencies if you want to after earning it here.

New on Social Media? here are some tips for better brand building in a new platform. 

* Get Attention from the start (Brand Awareness)

Start with a bang. If you want to make a presentation based on branding make the most of the logos, names, and banners in your profile. A catchy slogan just for the app wouldn’t hurt as well. Studies show that the first weeks of setting up social media profiles can give your account momentum so do it right. 

* Make engaging contents regularly

Make quality and engaging content. In sharing apps try getting more reach to your posts by being up to date. If you have interesting concepts try showing them in interesting format here. You can also make better use of colors here. Post, stream, or share regularly. A schedule will help you to keep everything on track here.

* Show Authenticity and expertise

Keep one thing in mind, corporate-style and dry content wouldn’t help your brand to look interesting enough for the users. Instead, try new things create polls, ask others opinions, anything but bland in your social media app. Represent who you are and make it clear what your brand voice sounds like in your posts. 

* Push your products and services with an exclusive app offer

This is one of the creative use of new social media apps for your business. By offering exclusive deals to those using the same platform you show value as well as appreciation to the users and app. Similarly, anything exclusive will immediately trigger the urge to know more about the brand, product, and services which is always beneficial for your business.

* Be quick and active on new social media apps

Now, it is not enough to only creating your profile and posting regularly on social media apps. Be interactive to your cloud and show them you’re active. Businesses are highly likely to be recommended if they are active in social media.

Each year hundreds of new social media apps are introduced to the world but only a handful of them gets the recognition and users to stay relevant and active for years. With the use of these apps, you can have a wildcard push to your business marketing strategies in 2021. Give them a go and make the most of it for your business.

7 tips for a successful Google Ads Campaign in 2021

Google Ads lets you get in front of your customers more effectively and directly from the search results at Google search engine. You pay for the click results i.e., if the visitors click or call your business website. Several factors like organic links, CPC, and Quality Score for a top ad campaign. Changes are bound to happen with Google introducing more automation and complexity in ad products, you have to be very up-to-date and technical with your ads too. This article will help you with just that and more.

Google Ads Campaign

One of the most recurring questions to our SEO experts in Wildstone is “Is google Ads still worth it in 2021?” Well in the right hands, Google Ads can simply do miracles to your business website. As long as the topic is raised surrounding PPC marketing there are no second thoughts to utilizing Google ads. For a higher exposure at a reasonable cost, Google Ads will be fantastic in giving you a boost against your market competitors. Here are 7 tips for a successful Google Ads Campaign and more in 2021. 

1. Declutter your campaign

Decluttering is one of the most basic but very time-consuming and sometimes borderline overwhelming processes. For a marketer managing hundreds of ad copy and even more keywords, keeping a close eye on each one of them is tiresome. However, it might be the key to your campaign’s success. Classify the ads in different segments and select the underperforming ads. They simply could be the ones with low-quality scores and sometimes not converting enough as you spend. Replace those with new ones. It is easier to add new ads and keywords with an extra budget but over a long time, these will affect the quality of your analysis and management.

Make use of two reports that is available to you and these are the Quality Score and Search Query Report. These are represented on a simple scale of 1 to 10 and anything below 4 is best removed from your campaign. Higher scores mean the ads are more relevant to the user and the main goal of the landing page is met. For ease of Decluttering, you can utilize different cleaning tools.

2. SKAGs: OUT, Intent: IN

It might not be a surprising factor for marketers that Google is seeking consistency in your campaigns in recent years. This will be even more significant heading to this decade with the previous data and different parts of your present campaign adding up to your ads. For any business website implementing PPC marketing with Google, it is prime time to know few obvious things. For starters, we suggest you use insight tools like SEISO (Google ads analyzer).

Single keyword ad groups (SAKGs) are as good as irrelevant. To avoid the SAKG overkill, add more intent to the group of your keyword. For example, if you have a company related to delivery service focus the ads related to different components around or related to your services. It doesn’t have to be a different variation of the same content. As long as the Intent is clear and related you will be helped a lot by your Google ads. 

3. Make your Ads Shine 

Visuals are more important and there is no second debate for any landing page you create for Google Ads. To simply put from the perspective of a user opening your ads, the visual components are 80% the reasons that they will stay on your page longer. The rest depend on the other content and whether you have the services/products/information the user is seeking for. This trend is also useful for other applications and platforms other than Google. Therefore, make design and graphics your top priority for your Google Ads.

There is a high possibility that your keyword has more than one ad and your creativity here can be the deciding factor on the conversion rate of your ad. Until you find a winning format you can try new and creative parts pin your landing pages. We suggest you experiment with every 3 of the 5 ads that you have used in your PPC marketing to balancing everything out.

4. Double down on your strengths (Reinvent vs. New Keywords)

Now one of the most common misconceptions about PPC marketing is that spending and buying new keywords always increase sales. This might have worked for some cases but more often than not this can make your budget expand beyond control. For example, a home designer might look at commercial paint selling and think that the clients there might be interested in your work. However, the visitors overlapping the fields might be significantly less in Google.

The key here is to on the maximum share of the keywords that are related to your business without necessarily crossing the market domain. Monitor your impression shares in the Google ads SERP and try minimizing the lost impressions. Lost impressions indirectly mean the lost opportunity to choose your ads you have placed your bids on. If you are not shown on the top search of the related search add that keyword to your campaign rather than experimenting with new and vague keywords.

5. Spend smarter, Strategize-Schedule-Plan-Deploy   

It is best to know what and how you are spending your budget on your marketing campaign. Google Ads might not make the most of your budget but it always helps to be smart in expenditure. In four steps we will give you a surface-level idea for that. 

Strategize– Strategy in both technical and financial manner should be the first thing you should invest in. Take your time and through minute steps of research, analysis, and coordination map a brief strategy for the website.

Schedule– Some keywords works miracle when it is marketed in a certain period. For example e-commerce sites getting riled up in Christmas and similar festivals. Make a schedule of which ads to run and when to back it up for optimization in your Google Ads budget.

Plan– Small plans for specific conditions help your website to gain quality visitors. For example, you can make some resolution about adding more keywords or sometimes budget to those ads that are doing great on conversion.

Deploy– Sometimes you miss out on things because of the hesitation in running Ads. It is great to experiment rather than following the trends too.

6. Focus on Audience and less on Data

With Automation being the main focus of Google with Ads and marketing, you might have to think more than data in 2021. That doesn’t mean you stop analysis as a whole. You have to make plans that are refined from real-time data rather than an outdated collection. Focus more on the Audience and give stats second place in priority order.

7. Diversification might be Significant due to automation

Automation also might require diversification in PPC marketing. Google Ads substitutes include Microsoft Ads, Bing Ads, AdRoll, Quora, Amazon, and Quantcast. You won’t get the quantity of Google here but with several platforms merged, you will do a great job in brand building as well as reaching a wider audience.

5 Common mistakes marketers can make with Google Ads- Avoid these and Learn from it

1. Spending blindly (not maintaining a healthy CPC ratio)

Never blow up your budget in a monotonous list of keywords. Spend some time on research and be active in your marketing community to get better insights on Google Ad Works. Try maintaining a healthy conversion per click ratio.

2. Not using Commercial intent keywords (Repetitive plain use of main Keywords)

Commercial intent keywords are some of the most promising keywords that marketers can set the Ads on for the customers. Instead of keywords with informational or awareness value being direct and investing in Commercial intent keywords is wise.

3. Not selecting exact match targeting (Don’t let Google choose what is relevant for your site)

More often than not your ad must match much of the searched keywords on Google. In several scenarios, Google fails to link the visitors to your Ad even when the keyword is relevant.

4. Running unappealing ads

Some hardheaded marketers don’t recognize unappealing ads and continue to spend more on those. It might be the case of good ads being less attractive over time, or sometimes bad landing pages are also possible. Discontinue those and try refreshing the Landing Pages when necessary.

5. Not pitching your offers in the description (unable to highlight your uniqueness)

If there is anything that might it be offers, discounts, services, or even support that sets your company aside, never forget to mention it straight at the beginning. Your meta description acts as the text of the organic ad and it is foolish to keep it generic. It might not have any negative effects on your ads campaign but you are not making must of your budget by ignoring this point.

Google Ads campaign is one of those components in your digital marketing strategy that requires a lot of study and research even before the implementation. However, once you have formulated a proper landing page, you are guaranteed to receive the audience both quality and quantity. Take the tips and avoid the common mistakes mentioned above for a better Google Ads campaign in 2021. 

9 Reasons Why mobile optimization is so important for your Business Website in 2021

Mobile Optimization is more than just a responsive site design in 2021. It is a process that assures that the visitors who access your website from their mobile devices have the experience that was optimized for the device. In simpler terms, a website should be readable without any significant changes in content appearance and with the functionality that is available when the site is open from a desktop version.  

mobile optimization

2019 had seen over 60 percent of desktop users while 35 percent of the mobile users browsing from their devices of the total internet users. 2021 has drastically changed the places. Some recent studies show over 54% of internet users using mobile devices. Desktop users only make 42 % of total users. This might be the result of a better and wide variety of smartphone sales in the past few years. While these numbers are still in the growing trend, Mobile optimization of your business website has never been more important than it is now.

Here are 9 Reasons why mobile optimization is so important for your Business Website in 2021 and more.

1. It helps in reaching a larger pool of audience effectively

Plain and simple like that. Your website optimized for mobile means better search engine optimization overall. This prompts Google and other search engines to rank your site higher. And like that, you will be reaching an exponentially larger number of visitors.

2. To reduce the bounce rate 

Bounce rate is a term used to analyze the percentage of visitors that enter your site and leave rather than continuing to view the other pages of the website. A lower bounce rate means a lot more time spent by each visitor to your site. The cases of users leaving your site is very high for mobile users if your website is not mobile optimized. Hence, optimization factors directly on reducing the bounce rate of your website. 

3. for better SEO Results

There are multiple factors a google (or any other search engine in this regard) algorithm takes under consideration for ranking your website in SERP. Mobile optimization technically improves several aspects in itself giving users a better experience with your website. Similarly, bad content displayed better always outperforms good content displayed in bad order in the analytics.

4. To get more bookmark conversion 

If your website has that easy to use and better design factor, visitors once in your sites are more likely to revisit time and again. Bookmark is the standard way of saving URLs for future use for most browsers. A better mobile optimization helps any website to get more bookmark conversion.  

5. for high-quality brand values

This is one of the most important advantages of proper mobile optimization of your business website. Sometimes not having any negatives acts well and a lot for your brand value. Your website is more likely to be shared and suggested with properly optimized pages rather than random designs. 

6. Advantage to your competitor

If there are two competing websites under the same industry one with a better-optimized business website performs better. A lot of other factors still do matter but mobile optimization makes sense and is better done than left for later. Hence, the decision to make your site mobile-optimized will be a wise one if you do it earlier than your competitors. 

7. Displaying content as it was meant to be rather than it appears 

If your site uses a lot of images and graphics for displaying the web-content, mobile extremely important. You could display your content as you wish that your visitors will see rather than unplanned changes on a smaller/different-sized screen.

8. to better-implementing marketing strategies

One of the basic principles of marketing is that it is easier to showcase and sell better products. This is similar to the case of your business website. Mobile optimized websites are better in several ways than those that aren’t both on design and functionality. For implementing marketing strategies mobile optimization of your website is a must. 

9. for better Sales Motivation

User experience is one of the most important factors of a business website. An easy-to-use website more often than not motivates more sales than a disorganized one. Most of the e-commerce and similar activities are carried out from mobile devices and mobile optimization aids in different steps of the sales process.

Technical Steps for Mobile Optimization

1. Remove the Separate URL (for e.g. the ‘m.’ before helps in mobile browser but often is bad for SEO)

2. Most importantly, give your business website a responsive design. 

3. Maximize the loading speed. Speed is the winner for mobile browsing. 

4. Fix any technical error. In different screen size, make sure the buttons work like it was meant to.

5. Leave gaps between the elements. On a small screen, it must be easy to touch and select what the user wants.

6. Use the pop-ups extra wisely.

7. Always prefer HTML 5 to the outdated Flash. 

8. Make sure the important contents are visible and visible properly. It will matter a lot on the conversion rate of visitors.

9. Integrate social media properly on your site.

10. Provide a better video experience (the underrated component of your website.)

11. Always optimize the site for local search. i.e., your address, contact, and working hours with chat options.

Things to focus on while optimizing your business website

1. Navigation must be simple enough

We have seen enough of too many complex changes attempted for websites to optimize better. Only a handful of times these over-the-top works have been successful and the rest have been wasted. Let it be simple. No funky artworks or extra clips. If your site looks clean and functions well, you have achieved 90% of the mobile optimization.  

2. Use of Lower resolution image fit for Mobile and Tablets

You might want to put the images of the highest quality on your website. While it is a good thing to plan but you should consider the practicality of this scenario. Your best quality photo means high resolution and it will take exponentially larger space. This will inevitably result in slower loading time and a less ideal user experience. Hence you have to opt for lower resolution images that are just good enough here.

3. Design with Finger usability (Icons, Buttons, and text size)

Browsing on a desktop and mobile screen is significantly different. No difference comes close to the interaction by muse pointers and interaction by a thumb. When a website is shrunken to a smaller screen the buttons get smaller hence more difficult to select properly. If you have to, change the size or position of these buttons, icons, and more for making the users feel easier to navigate and use your website.  

4. Manage in a way that the least content is lost in smaller screens

Sometimes you have to prepare for lost content or at least the structure when the website is opened on a mobile screen. Always prioritize the main content rather than what is visible in these scenarios. Keep one thing in mind that users to your website must get what they have entered your website for.

5. Prominently display your contact information

This might just be the most important point to focus on but largely overlooked during mobile optimization. Prominently display your contact information and social media buttons. Make it easier for the users to keep in touch with you or share your content in their network.

6. Don’t forget to add Mobile-specific functionality.

Mobile-specific functionality is the feel-good functions that make your site memorable during mobile browsing. It might be multiple taps, gestures, buttons, sliders, or other extra accessories that help users to use your site easily.

Mobile optimization is important and it could play a bigger role in the success of your marketing strategies. Always research more and hire professional web developers for the best results regarding it. Each website is unique and with mobile optimization, you can make your specialty pop-out for mobile users in 2021.

Using website builders vs. hiring professional web designers for your business website

Websites might be the most important part of your business and can play a significant role in your success. Previously, your only option was to hire a professional. This had many advantages as well as problems with it. Website Builders, as a growing software platform is a real alternative as we are heading to 2021.

With the introduction of a handful of fantastic website builders out there you can now build your website with less or even no coding skills. However, it doesn’t mean you should. Most website builders have few problems of their own. It is imperative that these builders improve in the coming years. However, at this level now you might want to research further while investing in professional web developers or website builders. 

Web Builders vs professsionl web designer

You may have a clear-cut decision on your hand as your preference can be different for the business website. For example in the case of startups, those who have a separate investment budget tend to hire professionals for their website. However, in the same scenario, if the website wants to go up and running in a short time, a website builder is a wiser choice. This article helps you to make a better choice if you are hoping to hire a professional website developer or use a website builder for your business. 

Pros and Cons of using Website Builder

Website Builder is simply a software platform that allows users with little or no coding skills to build a website. For the most part, it is simple enough for a common person but displayable to do its job. No matter what anyone has to say this is a trend that is here to stay. Hence, investing in a popular platform might do you well and help you to attain better quality and quantity of traffic. Here are the pros and cons of using a website builder.

website builder


* No Coding Skills Required

The very base advantage of the website builder is the ability to design and develop without coding. Some of these might even allow you to drag and drop your preferred components to your website. Similarly, the interface here is easier with clear instructions on how to use them. You can get used to the tools here and start working on your website from the very first day.  

* Fast for every step of development

Most people might not know this but it takes hundreds of hours of coding during the complete design and development of a professional website. In comparison, a website builder is exponentially faster. A proper website here will be up and running within a week.

* Cheaper in comparison to other methods

Website Builder is simply cheaper in every regard. For startups with less capital, this might be a game-changer. You can use different necessary components of a good website builder for less than 10$ per month. However, it is not new for different builders to add charges in cases of exclusive website features and extensions too. 

* Easy to Export and Manage

It is one of the major attractions for website builders. Big website builders not only give you the ability to develop a website but also host it with them. This allows for smooth easy and fast export of the website components to be live. Similarly, it is also easy to export the site in case you want to change your platform. 


* Not Custom Designed

One obvious thing for Website Builders is that you can miss the ‘Pro’ experience. There are a wide variety of templates available but it is rarely customizable to your interest. Similarly, more often than not these templates are not mobile optimized which can be bad for your business website.

* Comparatively slow loading Time

Speed is more important now than ever. Stats show that more than 70% of total visitors bounce off your website within the 10 seconds mark. Fast websites do much better in this context. However, Website builders can’t guarantee you that and your site could be significantly slower. 

* Poor possibilities of on-page SEO

You are not required to touch any codes for website builders. While it might sound great most out there have unstructured and messy codes. To what degree it will hamper your site is uncertain but it will damage your on-page SEO. Similarly, SEO is way better with some assistance and analysis plugins which most website builders don’t support.

* Limited Pages and features

Features are more likely to be limited in website builders for selling a much expensive premium package. You might only be allowed to create few pages and it will not help for a large business.

Some well-known website builders

Here are some of the best website builders for you to give a try if you want a top-notch and efficient interface to work with. 

* Wix

Wix might be the most popular and known website builder. The aggressive advertising campaign certainly worked for them. One disadvantage here is that once you have published your site here you can’t switch. 

* Duda

Duda is up and coming website builder. With a small charge upfront, almost anyone can build their website with Duda. The most impressive feature here will be the guaranteed optimization for a mobile-friendly version of your site as well.

* Gator Website builder (By HostGator)

Hostgator has been one of the best hosting services in the world for some time now. They have entered the market now as a website builder as Gator Website Builder (GWB). It might not be the best one for you right now but there have been leaks about substantial investment from the company for the coming years. 

* SquareSpace

Squarespace is the website builder for those who love to meddle around their site. It has lots and lots of exciting tools that can help your site to stand out from the rest. 

* Ukit

Ukit is a Russian website builder which have been the topic of discussion as an up and coming builder. Ukit is popular out there for its in-built statistics pages and superior image editing tools for your website.

* Weebly

Weebly has both free and paid versions with little to distinguish between those. Weebly is great to learn how to build your site from scratch with its easy UI. 

Pros and Cons of Hiring professional web designers

A web developer is a professional who unlike website builders will make your site from scratch. In comparison to Web builders, you can sit back and relax and 9 out 10 times your site will be fantastic. Remember a point that it is not about how much your website costs but how it might cost your business if you do not have a professional website. Here, are a few pros, cons, and more if you want to hire a professional web developer.

professional web designer


* Websites professionally developed is more secured and faster

Security and Speed might be two of the most important factor to help in your website visitors converting as your clients. A professional will take the security and speed factors as the most important requirements.

* Your website will be unique and aids in developing a better sales pitch

Creating something from scratch means that your website will be yours in every possible way. Being unique will help your brand to grow and might be extremely beneficial in a long run. It highlights what matters and that can be what defines your business among your competitors and targeted audience. Apart from this an aesthetically pleasing website is a plus point for any marketing strategy.

* Skilled developers can help very much in successful marketing and SEO strategies

SEO and web development come hand in hand. This step is where hiring a professional takes every step to the next level. The expertise of a web developer combined with the tips and strategies of a marketer will assure you have faster ROI. Similarly, a better content management system and the availability of different custom-made plugins will make your site rank higher in the search engines. 

* Web-support is better and you can troubleshoot any complications easily

Websites can change with the smallest of inserts. This might be for both the website builders and while building a site through a professional web developer. As developers know the code they wrote troubleshooting and solving errors is efficient here. Similar, can’t be said about website builders as they are known for the slow or late response to customer inquiries.

* You get exactly what you wish

Simply put it this way, your ideas can get the results on your website here. As you can control and manage every bit of the pages or parts of your web-page you get exactly what you want from a professional web designer. 


* More time consuming and long term project 

Making a website from scratch will take significantly longer than with a website builder. Similarly, due to this being a long-term project if you didn’t hire the right website building company or professional this can be a headache. Sometimes, it could even be a waste of your money and time.

* Coding skills might be necessary for updating and managing your website

Now, you can get everything on the front of your site with a well inserted Content Management System (CMS). However, coding skills or a simple understanding of code will be required if you want to change further. This is necessary if you aren’t able to contact your web designer for every small and big change. 

* It is difficult to balance both the quality and cost of the website

The cost factor here plays a major role. While it is no doubt that spending freely will result in a lot better website, it is extremely difficult to create a website on a budget. You might find options out there but a cheap website by a professional web developer means a drop in quality. 

* Requirement and development process can get confusing sometimes

This is the very first step and miscommunication will not be good for both parties here. Throughout the process of website design, you might have to give your input for the site. This might not be the best use of your time in the case of long projects.

* Simple steps might require complicated codes

For something simple as drag and drop in a website builder, it might take hours of code for a web developer. This is the truth behind the website being custom-made for you. Sometimes, bugs and errors can extend the deployment phase of the site too.

Things to ask before hiring a web developer

If you have chosen to hire a professional to make you a great business website here are few points to discuss before the deal is done.

1. If possible, hire someone from your Professional network

Rather than heading straight to Google and searching for a professional web developer, try seeking for one in your network. You can trust better and even know the hiring experience of your other peers. This step will also be helpful in your long run.

2. Ask for the experience not only as a web developer but in your business industry 

As a web developer, it is positive that professionals might have completed dozens of projects. You will be benefitted more if they have worked in some sites related to your business. Similarly, you can also ask them if they’re open to research further on your industry in these regards.

3. Ask for his/her previous works

You might not have to do these as most professionals will showcase their projects readily. Take a look at those and make your decision. Sometimes it is better to do what your heart says. If you fancy the style and components of those websites, hire them for your site too.

4. Make a design Wish list and ask for their further recommendations

It is very helpful to have a wish-list of what you want to see on your website. This step will assure that the website you have in mind is not out of the skillset of the web developers. Browse few business sites on the internet and make a list of what might make your site look and function better.

5. You can test their technical skills with demo works 

It might be difficult to trust someone easily. In this case, make them show or prepare you a demo of their skills. You can choose quick and easy tasks for them and if satisfied carry on further with the project discussions. 

6. Check for the endorsement from their previous clients

This step is obvious but very helpful. Ask the contact info of the clients and try to get their honest experience. If you are assured of the professional service here, you can go on to hire them. In case you miss few negative recommendations, this step will help you.

7. Assure for the web-support availability even after the project is complete 

Now, make sure you are not completely left once the project is complete. It is better to pay extra if available for web support. This will prevent you from the hassle to hire an extra employee to take care of your business website. 


Choosing between using a website builder vs. hiring a professional is always debatable. There is no doubt that a proper web designer will always come on top. However, if the work is done for your business it might be more than what is necessary for your business website. Hence, heading towards 2021 you have to clear out your plans and choose wisely to attain the ideal website fitting your business.