6 Powerful Tips For Effective Logo Design

A logo is basically your business’ very first contact with the outside world. It enables people to have a first impression which could lead to the likelihood of them opening up to your products/services. Any designer can make you a logo which will fit for all-purpose solving your need for the meantime. However, as a centerpiece of your branding schemes, you must make something that stands out in the market of bland, crappy, and generic types of Logo.

With a blend of designing skills and skillful applications of the creative theory, you can make your desired Logo. A practical design enhances the properties of the Logo and reflects the company itself in it. Experiments show that about 79 % of the general public first view the company logo before reading its name. A standout logo will give you all the advantage to make your business shine and prosper. Here are some tips on how to make your Logo powerful and compelling

1. Know the Brand

Don’t just give the name of your company and make the designers pop out a logo for you. Make the artist reflect the brand in the Logo and to successfully attain that give him/her the complete information about the company. Knowing the brand will enable you to reach a specific set of people through the Logo alone. This set will filter out most of your clients and customers, which will yield your targetted company performance. So, understanding business, brand, and the market; will give you a brand ideology is and what inspirations it might hold for the future. Search these components in your Logo as the first thing.

2. Impression is crucial

Your logo design must be the one which makes a lasting impression to any viewers. Studies have shown that people tend to remember 3 times more if a logo or picture is shown to them alongside the words. Without any doubt that the market is full of brands and product, make sure that any pe[prson gazing into yours will remember for some time in future. With an excellent mesmerizing design, the company attracts the customers any time in the future, when the topics pop up.

3. Make the color combinations work

A critical factor in making your Logo stand out from the rest is the combinations of colors that one uses to complete the Logo. You might not give enough time for the color step, but certain psychological factors must be considered here too. The primary color in your Logo might send the message of your brand being Passionate, aggressive, energetic, or simply other negative/positive ones.

Sketching the Logo before the design is best.

For example, the use of blue color mostly succeeds in attracting young customers. Similarly, orange colors are mostly preferred by kids of growing age in the supplements they want as toys. Select the prime color to go in the Logo as well as the other places it might be. Other components in the Logo mustn’t overpower the primary color. For distinctive purposes, you can select a quarter of your Logo of unmatched colors rather than scattering it in the Logo. So, use colors which evokes the right emotion field of your consumers.

4. Make the best use of the Fonts (Don’t overdo it)

Classic Coca-cola font

Many designers out there select the font that is used in the Logo randomly. One must not forget that these typefaces speak about the personality of your brand. Too regular, and it tends to be bland and too mingled can make it straight irrational. For example, if you operate a business for children technology, you might use handwritten fonts for the purpose. The aim of this is to make the parents understand that your business is ‘Child-Friendly.’ A font might describe your whole business sometimes as we can learn from Facebook using “f” from the Klavika Bold font. Also, you must avoid the gimmicky fonts and try some unique ones here. For example, the iconic ‘Coca Cola’ font, which flourished from its iconic smooth flowing style.

5. Choose the Logotype

A logotype represents the actual component that you want to raise the advertisement level of your company. The most common types are those that use the original name as the main feature. For example, coca-cola, RayVan, IBM, and so on. The key advantage here is being able to advertise your brand name and people being able to identify it straight from the name. This benefits startup and also the business of less marketing budgets.

Hybrid Logotype- Lamborghini

On the other hand, if you are looking for a symbol to represent your company, you must give a good time for the main component. However, the result might be better than that of the brand name using as people tend to remember the graphical features more. For example Penguins for Linux, the letter ‘M’ in Mcdonalds, the bitten apple of Applpe Inc and so on. The next type of Logo is a hybrid of the above two. Using both name and Logo might be an option too, but one must make them clear enough, and the components must complement each other. For example, the bull and brand name in Lamborghini, The name and colored window of Microsoft, or that one of Pepsi. Choose wisely and work in it as this step is a crucial one.

6. Make it Scalable

The most common mistakes that make an unattractive logo is using a lot of components in it. Well, more information certainly means a lot of good things but don’t forget the variety of places in which you will use the Logo. Difficulty in reading or viewing the components in your Logo might just pull the attraction away from it and in worst cases could misinterpret the message of the company. Your Logo must be clean and suitable for the standard size as well as for big banners and small badges or icons. If there is too much congestion in the components, you might even consider losing some while you make these in small scale. Similarly, the more and uneven spacing might make your Logo unmanaged in big banners.

Effective Logo Design
scaleable Logo

Something as simple as a logo might need your serious time and concern. For more help in any component or website design, analysis, and enhancement tips, contact us.

Why is Web Design Important? 7 reasons for investing in Professional Website Design!

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
– Steve Jobs

Why Web Design?

If you have an existing or fully functioning website, you might wonder why web designing? Well, I have a simple trivia to answer your question: – Would You rather have a well-segmented glass window to showcase your product room or a storeroom which contains these same kinds of stuff but with no management what so ever? The answer is straightforward and obvious, the window display. With all the brand and marketing you can certainly attract a number of visitors to your website; but what if half of them turned back just because of a non-attractive display.

If you have an existing or fully functioning website, you might wonder why web designing? Well, I have a simple trivia to answer your question: – Would You rather have a well-segmented glass window to showcase your product room or a storeroom which contains these same kinds of stuff but with no management what so ever? The answer is straightforward and obvious, the window display. With all the brand and marketing you can certainly attract a number of visitors to your website but what if half of them turned back just because of a non-attractive display.

Studies show that a well built and user-friendly website usually gets more amount of time spent per visit than a poorly built one. Similarly, it significantly raises the probability of recurring visitors and even affects the site suggestion ratio to others. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but in this competitive and ever-evolving technology era, a dull design might play a significant impact on the overall performance of the organization. Make sure to get the head start in the market with an innovative, unsullied, and responsive website.

Reasons for investing in a professional website design

Let me start with something universal. No one likes to feel like they are reading a bland book while performing some action on the website. Evolving with the crowds helps you to score a better mass of your potential clients out there. After understanding the importance of web design in this era of competition; here we provide you the reasons or features to have which assures the worth of investing in upgrades of your website design.

1.Solid Navigation
With great navigation, the visitors of your website will get to their queries and sought activities faster. Similarly, it means the company value the time of their visitors, and it is much appreciated by them too. Unnecessary lags and hidden services might easily deviate your potential clients to your competitors. Therefore, with reliable and straightforward navigation, it saves both parties a reasonable amount of time.

2.Responsive Design

responsive website

Websites are basically made in a way that it works smoothly in a desktop. However, studies show that more than half of the online activities and about two-third of the e-commerce services are conducted through mobile. Hence, you have to make sure that your website can be used in every form of smart gadgets (Tab, Mobile, laptops, PDA’s, etc.) in the market. With professional help, you can hand out a well-crafted website which runs effectively with the changes in screen size, type, and resolution. Similarly, it will automatically result in the growth of reach from other devices.

3.Style Guide
A style guide refers to how you want the website to look. The format, color, typography, and every other feature on your website must be consistent to make it perfect. A great consistency is a result of proper style guide use and signifies a good brand image. Similarly, it is easier for more number of people using the website without creating alteration to the standard formats. You will have a more cohesive site, and people tend to engage more in your site due to this.

4.Purposeful Visuals
It is scientifically proven that good image and videos improve the interaction rate of the visitors exponentially rather than plane text contents. With visual elements, you might add more points of interest in your website. However, you must not try to overdo it else the negative effect might take place. Hence, professional web designers help you to identify and manage the perfect balance between the text and image components on your website. So, knowing the significance of web design helps you to take more tactful decisions to improve your business.

5.Saves Money in the Long Run

ROI (Return of investment) is the first thing that comes into the mind while thinking about new changes and updates in any business. Investing in web design is a slow and gradually improving process, which will assure the other components in your business to work with their full potential. That means the improvement and progress are inevitable, but it doesn’t give the full ROI in a short period. Instead, it expands your chances of exponential upgrade and reaches of your business clients.

6.Easier Base for the SEO and Online Marketing
Marketing and design work very close to each other. For example, it will be a lot easier to advertise a designer dress rather than a shabby one. There is more of a direct relation here as a good web design gives a stable and efficient base for SEO and marketing. With responsive and attractive designs, marketing firms can achieve more progress and in a smooth fashion. Also running multiple versions of the same website is tedious to continue; one by one marketing is a hassle to the marketer. You can take a new step to improve the SEO and marketing results; with your professionally designed up to date website.

7.Strategic adjustments of the Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons
High reach is not the only factor to consider a website as a successful one. You must guide these visitors towards converting with proper use of the Call-To-Action (CTA) Button. The placement is vital as your audience’s eye immediately goes getting them to act (Click or further website advancing) to these buttons.
With professional help, you can manage the colors, placements, control, links, and scheme of these important buttons to your website.

If you are ready to upgrade or build a new website with professionals, contact us online, or call us at 01-4700927.

Travel SEO: The Importance of SEO in the Travel Industry

Travel Business has one of the most competitive markets out that, and it is rare to obtain the monopoly on the site that travelers will reach for their travel enquiries. Studies show that over 80% of the overall trips are booked online. Similarly, independent tour operators are trusted more in cases of hotel and flights as a single package rather than purchasing them in mainstream websites. One can understand the importance of not only being on the first page of any SERP but also an effective booking and web services that a travel company has to provide. Here, are the fundamental importance of SEO for blooming Travel business.

1. Increase Website Traffic

It is no secret that being on the introductory pages of the Search engine results in an increase of a reasonable number of visits on your website. The main goal of doing SEO enhancement of your website is to make the site rank higher in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Additionally, it also enables your website to get more filtered visitors rather than any random person. For example, if you type “cheap trekking destinations in Nepal,” the sites with best-optimized format appears in the top portion. If you are the owner of one of these sites, more than 60 % of the qualified travelers (In this case, leisure individual/ group trekkers) will reach for the website for enquiry or any other useful information.

Hence, with proper aid of SEO techniques, you can increase both the quality and quantity of the visitors on your website.

2. Cheaper and more effective than pay per Click Advertisements

Well the easiest way to make your site reach the top of the SERP is to pay a significant amount to the Search Engine Company and pay them per click that your website would open to the user’s query. However, is it the best way to invite traffic? Certainly not. It might just be more hazardous than doing nothing as the best visitors are not always guaranteed with Ads. The main focus of this kind of services by Google or any other medium is quantity/ volume rather than quality (potential clients). And just in case you have balanced the client to Service ratio, your site will remain just where it was after the advertisement tenure has expired. So, with SEO, you can grow gradually and steadily to the top page rather than a kick-start with a steep drop with pay-per-click ads.

3. SEO can transform your Business

SEO doesn’t only deal with the reach, but it improves the overall quality of your existing website. It regularly monitors the content and the way that you are displaying it to give you the best tips in time. Similarly, you can make your site friendlier, decreasing the bounce rate of the visitors moving from your website to the next related ones. It enables you to track the guidelines of a more successful site and gives you key direction to sprint to your goal. SEO can change your way of handling Business, and deviate it to the most ideal path.

4. Builds links and Network

Links are one of the most critical factors for a successful Travel business. With healthy bonds, you can be the one when somebody discusses being authoritative and influencer travel sites. It also helps in making a strong network able to deal with any forms of complications and challenges. With SEO, you can try getting links from genuine blogs, one which might not involve business but certainly captures the attention of the potential client to your site. Featuring the links worth being useful to your audience earns you trust both from readers and fellow competitors. With some Guest posts, you definitely invite some ideal clients to your site.

5. Creates a robust social profile

Being socially approved gives your business a solid base to leap into the market. With a strong profile, you can get visitors from other dimensions too. Additionally, it raises the goodwill for any future plans of embedding or selling your company. If you are visible in different mediums of social interactions (the best example of Social media), the company name is more likely to turn into a strong brand. Being active digitally in Social media platforms also enhance your search engine pages. SEO with its branch SMM (Social Media Marketing) guides you to a better future of the company.

The travel industry is ever-evolving and for keeping up with its pace better be prepared with proper SEO tools and techniques in your arsenal.