19 Changes and Tips: Social Media Marketing in 2021

There are few things ever-growing, developing, and changing like social media. Each year there are major changes and modifications in the major platforms while the introduction to newer social media apps never fails to impress the larger public. However, the technical parts and intricate features among many others are absolutely significant for those involved in Social Media Marketing. There are no hard and fast rules to making your digital marketing campaign successful. But with a few tips, tricks, and principles one can get the upper hand over their competitors in 2021.

Social Media Changes

Social Media Marketing (SMM), as simple as it sounds to be a professional in it is simply taxing. Day in and day out one have to invest much of their time and effort in different uncertain things and foreshadow things before it takes place. Changes and major ones might push you towards the edge. However, these changes come with opportunities to benefit a lot if utilized properly. May it be using a different kind of content or completely switching the platforms, a good strategist never backs down from the wave of new technologies.

Keeping up with all and every change in Social Media can be a jarring task. That is definitely the case if you are new to the trends and technologies. Here, we help you to get one better. This article gives you some tips, a shout out before the changes and new technology introduction, as well as some game-changing, practices to follow and integrate into your strategy heading towards 2021. 

1. Facebook: Focusing on new storefront and Ecommerce

it is a work in progress but the changes in Facebook were almost imminent. With the rise of e-commerce, almost every major platform has centered towards a similar adaptation of their user experience. Facebook was unofficially one of the biggest bases for online selling and buying. With the new interface giving almost the major e-commerce website like feel, Facebook is planning to improve and support it even more. Facebook, the world’s biggest digital platform with over 2.5 billion daily users, is now making businesses easier to connect with buyers’ in-stream.

2. Instagram: Merged messenger and DM

The talks of merging two similar messaging modes owned by Facebook have been for the past few years now. At the end of 2020, Facebook announced the shared messaging across the platforms. WhatsApp is next on the process but it might take some time. So, what are the major changes to know here? The first point is the upgrade in data privacy and security. Now the developers can focus on improving the experience as well as marketers can better connect in different mediums from a single application.

3. Stories growing more popular on Twitter

Twitter has been adapting to the image and video contents putting the text-based platform in the backseat for now. Twitter fleets are the answers to Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram from Twitter. It is impressive how well Twitter has done in stories despite entering the scene late. There are promises of AR and several similar effects rolling out with the next updates this year on Twitter fleets. Although it is exciting to see these features on Twitter it won’t change the main elements of Twitter anytime soon.

4. In-stream Shopping with Instagram

Instagram might be among the frontrunners of the e-commerce implementation in Social Media applications. The goal has been to add several dedicated features aligning perfectly to incite the purchase behavior in users. Similarly, there have been few leaks of integrated AR for digital try-on too which will be a gamechanger for online shopping. The features like one-click purchasing and swipes to browse the array of several products here are impressive too. As a platform for users to know about new brands and businesses, Instagram must be in your Social Media Marketing strategy.

5. Algorithm Shift with major actions against hate speech in Facebook

Now for the trends and the reactions of the major social media platforms, 2021 represents a good step in cyberbullying and harassment. 2017 was the year of ‘me too’ and similar trends showed the cancel culture rise in 2020. Facebook is trying to balance the integrity and authority of different fields and use the new algorithms to detect and minimize hate speech. Selection of the relevant comments and filtering of bad words had started a year before and it looks like it will expand with a better report and respond policies in 2021.

6. Twitter improving to give users more of the related topics and tweets

Twitter is planning to expand its engagement by improving the potential topics recommendation matching your feed. It will give the choice to follow a relevant topic rather than a page or person directly. In some formats, it will be like a Facebook page but with highly controlled posts. Topic spaces will improve the user experience and will be greater to control the unusual impression rates. It can be seen in the popular segments like sports and live events but not to a better level. 

7. Speculations around the variable home field made available for Instagram

Instagram is trying to focus a lot more on stories rather than post. It might not seem obvious at the beginning but we have got word that Instagram is dropping a major change in design with variable home feeds. The stories will take the limelight but the main feed is supposedly also available for users preferring that. A better theory will give you a stories feed and main feed depending on the amount of time you spend on those or studying user behavior. Looking at the new technologies this point is not too farfetched.

8. Snapchat focusing more now on e-commerce too

And this is not a new thing but we will state to you the obvious regarding Snapchat. It has the highest density of users among teenagers and young adults. Snapchat has tried to release a sub-platform in its app back in 2018 but it was not very successful. With new features and approaches, Snapchat is planning to upgrade the e-commerce components in Snapchat. The integration with Amazon here has brought exciting changes for users too.

9. TikTok reaching Billion users and beyond in 2021

App store shows that the TikTok app was downloaded over two billion times since its initial release in 2016. The live data signifies over 800 million users on this platform. The number is set to rise this year too with a large possibility of reaching the billion active users by the end. Once it has done so, it will leapfrog over Instagram and sits on the fourth spot behind Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp. With such presence and prowess in the rising curve, this app seems like it is here to stay. Make sure to use it in your SMM strategy too.

10. Linkedin focusing more and more on live events

Linkedin is the largest professional social media app. It is usually not on the charts for social media marketing but one must not forget its 700 million member’s network. A casual type of application in the past, Linkedin does not back on the face of helpful changes. One such change came with the focus on live events post 2019. It looks very likely that Linkedin will capitalize on this feature more going towards 2021.

11. AR glasses by Facebook

This might be one of the most exciting projects by Facebook and the best part is that AR glasses might be here before the end of 2021. The nearest competitor to Facebook regarding this Tech is Apple. However different sources show that Apple will back up for now after the release of AR glasses by Facebook in hopes of bringing a much-advanced version itself.

12. Audio Spaces gets advanced upgrades in Twitter

Twitter might be the most changed platforms in 2021 with so much testing and research being done. As an official announcement in November Last year, Twitter hinted over the near introduction of Audio Space It is the rival to popular app clubhouse broadening the ways users interact in Twitter.

13. Will Instagram Reel stick around or TikTok will overshadow it in 2021

Instagram reels were great but it was not original and inclusive. On the other hand, TikTok blew up fast and big. IG-Reels is most likely not to be considered as the major component of Instagram. However, they might stick with it for at least this year or so.

14. AR advancement in Snapchat

Augmented Reality and its advancements have been used in Snapchat for some time now. You can transform the way to look at different things here. Snapchat uses it as a lens rather than a filter maximizing the possibilities. Marketers can’t be lagging behind in using and marketing these. With Augmented touring and assistance, you can add several digital components to your physical products.

15. Better e-commerce integration in Tiktok too

October came with the announcement of a partnership between Shopify and TikTok. This simply enabled the sellers to integrate their accounts in Shopify with Tiktok and sell directly from there. Some might find this experience a lot forced in comparison to Facebook and Snapchat but its all positive for Social Media Marketers.

16. New and upgraded data insights in LinkedIn

Linkedin has boasted an absolute mass of career and professional database in the history of Social Media. Now the app is making several insights available from these data which improves the digital-matching algorithm here even more. The new career explorer tool in Linkedin is the best example of the future in data-driven connections. Both seeking and assigning projects to professionals has been made easier in 2021.

17. Different Categories of verification in Twitter

Twitter verification has long been the area of interest and it was inevitable that Twitter had to change few things. About a quarter of a million people are verified on Twitter and it includes a wide range of people. The blue tick now could change representing specific indicators on what the handle represents.

18. A controlled rise to the Chinese Social Media apps too

2021 will show the rising trend on Social Media apps in China too. The frontrunners of technology in the world some of these apps will try more to expand the global reach. Our top apps in focus here include WeChat, Sina Weibo, Tencent QQ, Xiao Hong Shu, Douban, Zhihu, Meituan, Toutiao, and Tik Tok.

19. Introduction of more and better Social Media apps prioritizing data security

It will not be easy to gain a network of everyday users when it comes to new apps. However, changes and new features might result in the up rise of every small and big app going towards this decade. Our top predictions show some apps which can step further as a reliable social media platform. These Include Lasso, Vero, Caffeine, Ablo, and Steemit.

Those were some brief updates and changes on what to expect from Social Media in 2021. Social Media Marketers out there be alert as the small things might matter the most while making strategies now.

9 Guest Posting Tips for Better Brand value and Reputable Link Building

Marketing is ever-evolving and in the past decade, digital marketing has been the way to go for every big and small business. While SEO techniques and tips are implemented readily, core content focused skills like guest posting has been massively underutilized. Any experienced inbound marketer will drop some very useful advantages of guest posting in a jiffy. It is effective, attractive, and at times self-sufficient too.  

guest posting

In 2021 if you are wavering with the same idea about focusing more on Guest Posting, we absolutely commend your strategies. However, there are few things to keep in mind especially for starters. These might be very helpful to get the full benefits from your marketing efforts. Here we present you with guest posting tips for both better Brand value and link building with other supportive information.

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is simply writing content for appearing on another company’s website. Yes, it is simple as that. At the surface level, it might not seem that fruitful. However, in the long term guest blogs massively plays on the mutual benefits of both websites. The term guest blogging is also used as a substitute for guest postings blogs are the most used formats used here.

For hosts, it acts as addition of quality content to their website. Similarly, it will normally add some new interests to their sites. Now for the guest writer, the advantages might be hidden. Firstly, guest post helps in obtaining and funneling the traffic from the host site to your own. You can target similar or different kinds of audience depending on your blogs here. Similarly, the exposure is helpful in your direct building of strong backlinks.

Difference Between regular blog post and guest Post

Regular blogs are the blogs that you write and post on your own site. It focuses on the tones and niches strictly based on your site. The traffic here comes from the search engine directly to your site. Guest Posts are slightly different content for the sole purpose of posting on other sites or publications. These might vary on information and usually utilizes the heading/topics relevant to the host sites. The traffic and selected visitors are then invited to your site through links and planned mentions.

Advantages of Guest posting if done right in 2021

* Attract a wide range of traffic back to your website.

* Connecting with larger publications and influencers helps you to expand your network.

* Boost the domain authority (DA) with the help of high-value external links. 

* For a stale social media/online presence of a website, Guest Posts might be very helpful.

* It is an instant exposure to your targeted audience. Most of the time you can analyze the positive or negative reception of your blog immediately.

* It helps to fortify your Backlink profile.

* Guest Posting helps to improve your online authority.

* Last but not least, it helps you to get useful feedback from the community.

Guest Posting tips for 2021

1. Stick to your field of Expertise

One of the fundamental principles of guest posting. It doesn’t matter the opportunities to expand exposure if you are not related to the field. For example, one can hardly benefit from guest blogs about academics on a sports publication. If your website is a part of some specific industry, try remaining under the range applicable to the industry. Guest posting anywhere and everywhere will more often than not just be the loss to your efforts.

2. Create Contents relevant for a long period

Now, this is a tip that can be used apart from some sensitive cases. Creating relevant content and making it evergreen might be one of the purposes for your blog/post heading. For example, rather than using ‘Best ways to utilize your time in the Covid Pandemic ‘, you can put ‘Ways to utilize your time indoors during the summer breaks’. The latter will be relevant for a longer period here. Creating evergreen content will help you in gaining traffic from the host even when the post is old.

3. Target Strong as well as similar niche-focused websites

Domain Authority (DA) is the term used by SEO professionals for presuming the quality of any website. However, DA alone might not be the only factor representing website strength. A website with high DA might be overloaded with other external links. Sometimes your guest posting efforts will be derailed in a short period buried over all the links. Always look for a high-quality site with a high density of expert content to be assured.

4. Refer to some of your other popular published Guest Posts

This tip will be more useful once you have more than a single blog on the same niche. Do this in the further articles too. Sometimes, the host or publication might not allow this. You can understand that it means sending their traffic to their possible direct competitors. However, try linking your guest posts whenever it is possible. It creates a synergy between all your different guest posts maximizing the results.

5. Mention other link-worthy sources

Mentioning other sources might not seem like a good thing if your blog is short. But for a moderate and long blog, you can pretty much quote different well thought sources easily. Make sure you don’t necessarily disturb the reading flow of your article by doing so. Even better than that mention other expert articles that are written in the same publication which will turn out to be direct and unique.

6. Know the Importance of SEO focused contents

It is back to the basics for this post. A balanced SEO will always amplify the reach of a well-written guest post. SEO writing is a whole sub-field of its own. Here we have listed some helpful tips for guest posting.

– Focus at most two primary keywords for your guest blog.

– Title length is significant. Make it clear and technically significant.

– Make good use of numbers, bullets, lists, and images.

– Provide a good Meta description for your blog/article.

Always remember a great guest post is only discoverable more with a well-done SEO.

7. Build a good relationship with known publications

There are few websites and publications that match your audience pool and traffic ideally. Try doing as much as you can for these websites. It might somewhat look like diminishing the value of the link obtained. Many SEO professionals might even say so upfront. However, the first link from the site to your is the strongest and is bound to do you great favors. This will balance the links and massively commit to your brand building.

8. Keep Backups and protect your guest posts

This is a long term tip for you.  By keeping a copy of your blogs you are protecting your guest posts in case of further uses. One thing to remember here is that you do not own the guest post. The contribution is there but it is the asset of the host company. However, major publications are known to change and upgrade their marketing strategies. It means your content might not be permanently used after some period. Once this happens refresh them and use them without the fear of plagiarism strikes.

9. Perfect your pitch and find rewarding guest post opportunities

This is more of a personal skill than a technical one. The first thing first is to find good guest posting windows. Here are the keywords that you can use for finding some in Google.

– Submit a Guest Post

– Guest Post Submissions

– Guest Post Guidelines

– Accepting Guest Post

Now for pitching your publication as a guest poster, keep a few tips in mind. Make your first email short and direct. After the response, introduce yourself and provide the list of different topics that you are proposing. Talk informally, be open, and up to the point. When required you should provide few credentials of your prior works. Additional SEO skills are always helpful for both parties.

Additional tips for staying on the right side of Google’s guidelines for Guest posting

* Do not stuff too many keyword-rich links back to your site in these articles.

* Make sure the writers do their homework in case of research writing in unfamiliar fields. 

* Do not use the same or too similar content that is already present on your website.

* Use No-follow links and relation canonical if you have to state some duplicates from your site.

With all these, there are more tips and skills you will learn after few more times of guest posting. In a closely competitive niche, a Guest Post on a good site might give you a significant edge over your competitors. With better returns to your efforts make a room for it in your marketing strategies of 2021. 

13 Tips for Social Media Marketing (SMM) focusing 2021

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has been an integral component of digital marketing for a long time now. The significance is crystal clear with different studies showing the stats to back them up. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, the fact is social media has slowly crept into our everyday life. Easily manageable, exponentially cheap, and with great chances of succeeding are some key attractions that have invited the revolution in marketing. The ideal thing now for all small and large businesses is to get in, learn, and benefit from SMM for many years to come.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Every 6 in 10 individuals around the world are connected with some type of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WeChat combined account for 85% of that mass. Well, these numbers might be good enough for many to make some efforts on SMM. If you are still not convinced here are some points and numbers to munch. SMM focused online businesses helps in:-

* Easier to find and reach the best audience/groups related to your products.

* 30 percent more return clients/customers due to easy reachability.  

* Four times more likely to trend in the market if your product is fantastic.

* 1.5 times more increase in traffic. 

* Three times successful in growing your brand awareness. 

* Instrumental in direct-promotion of services and products from the community level.

* With a clear goal in mind, marketing strategies are ten times more likely to succeed with SMM.

There might be few reasons businesses are failing to use Social media properly. Not knowing where to get started or not seeing the benefits of SMM are the major ones. If you are just starting or planning to learn more, this article is very helpful. Here are 13 Tips for Social Media Marketing (SMM) focusing on 2021.

1. Be regular with interactive posts

Social Media as the name suggests is a platform to interact with everyone digitally. At first, you might find it difficult to gain a cloud of community. But it is not rare, especially if you are new. The key here is to be regular. Interact and engage with your followers/circle. However, doing so in a large quantity might sometimes not be worth the effort. Here are some tips in the volume which will help your Company profile grow logically in Social Media. 

– For Facebook two posts per day is optimal

– 3 to 20 tweets/retweets per day depending on different types of Businesses. 

– One Post per day on Instagram.

– Make use of stories/temporary posts (up to 6) for minor updates and interactions. 

– Once a day in Linkedin in prime business hours (10-11:30 am)

– Pinning 10 times per day max in Pinterest

2. Invest in quality content 

Now this here is a real concern in 2021. The trend of copying or sharing from other pages/platforms exclusively might look too easy. Well, it seems like an easy task rather than spending hours to create one. As uncomplicated it might look in the short run, one obvious truth is that you are not helping your brand building. It is quite the contrary in these cases. Invest more time and if necessary money in making quality content original to your profile. Studies show it is 300% more likely to attract organic followers to you in comparison to other options.

3. Be updated in different Platforms

Once more reminding you that social media is not just a giant bubble. There are several different kinds of websites and applications that you can utilize. For example, if you are a tech company using Facebook and Twitter only, you can achieve more by joining professional networking mediums like Linkedin and Xing. It is better to interact in a dedicated community of ten than in a random sample of a hundred. Similarly, stay updated in all of the media, if possible try to refresh your notifications and feeds daily. You can schedule some time frame splitting them into different parts and focus it on several platforms here.

4. Image over Texts

Images earn almost twice the engagements than texts in social media. This was a primary focus and game-changer for many companies this past decade. Well, this is more and more relevant for 2021. For your ease, most of the Social Media platforms are more image-oriented rather than text. While creating image contents try focusing on one thing rather than stuffing every king of information. Using Images has helped a lot in the growth of e-commerce, campaigners, celebrities, and more. Learning a few technical stuff like data visualization, editing, and design will benefit your community’s success further.  

5. Strategize to grow your social media presence  

Now, even if you are a regular user of social media, utilizing it for your business might be different. One must be a bit more organized and formal if needed. Other factors soon come up as a company profile and you might need some help on it. Keeping everything simple, spend the first few weeks here to strategize. Plan how you are going to post, engage, reply, and convert your cloud to potential clients. If necessary learn from bigger communities and take measures in case of mishaps. Rather than just winging it, maintain your social media presence from the very get-go.

6. Work closely with the influencers

Influencers can directly contribute to showcasing your brand to the wider public. It is one of the best ways to grow your business presence and some notability. Make a list of influencers and filter those who are likely to attract ‘your type’ of the crowd. For starters experiment with some short-term deals and study the changes. If satisfactory, you can sponsor a similar type of influencer and benefit a lot more.

7. Authenticity and originality is still important

It might be fun and all for a personal account to copy-paste their posts but that can be worst for a company.  Maintain the originality of your business rather than riding every wave of trends out there. For a brand working to raise the trust and loyal community, it is supremely vital. Post less frequently, if you have troubles but try be maintain the integrity of your products on social media.

8. Schedule important posts rather than rushing

Scheduling or managing tools are provided for most Social media. Utilize it properly. For example, rather than designing the ‘new year’ message on the last day, prepare it beforehand and schedule it to post at the best time. For effective measures, there are several free and premium schedulers mastering several Social Media platforms that you can take advantage of.

9. Video posting is the way to go 

Video contents are some of the most engaged and shared content in Social media. It is a difficult and time-consuming format to prepare. However, good video travels faster and is useful to carry multiple messages that can help to pinpoint your clients. For example, a pet store posting a video of a puppy is more likely to get thrice the inquiries than plain pictures and texts. There are many video-focused platforms like Youtube and Metacafe that bring in tons of visitors to your account.  

10. Live interaction sessions are the next trend

Going live is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. It is a growing trend and with the popularity of many social media apps, it’s not even near the peak. Now is the best time to make live content and respond directly to your community. Live showcasing and launch of products gather twice the visitors than other mediums. Similarly, you are more likely to convert viewers to followers more with these kinds of sessions. Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and Instagram are the major streaming options for you to try in 2021.

11. Stay relevant to your community

This is an issue for most of the growing business. Being monotonous can sometimes be too much and you can lose the interest of your community. Mix up your content. Use polls and QnA sessions to stir up the crowd every now and then. Reddit and Quora are some major sites where your followers can make a sub-profile of your company and interact within themselves. Keep this thing in mind that as long as your followers are active, you can grow further faster. 

12. Work in Online Reputation Management too

Online Reputation Management is very important once you have reached a major follow in different Social Media. There are bound to be negative and positive responses to several things. Use different tools and tips to maintain your positive online reputation. Be transparent enough to your community and make sure to give them the top priority. If needed, you can try to address the concern yourself otherwise ignoring might be helpful many times. Online Reputation Management can help you to attract and expand your company domains better. 

13. Using Social Media Platforms as Shopping Channels

Different social media apps are now giving you the freedom to directly showcase your products. You can highlight the important stuff and further benefit from them. Being direct might be helpful especially for startup businesses. Always be ready to give support and respond to inquiries for better reviews.

It is clearer every day, the importance of social media in any marketing strategy. You can do better and gain more with these tips for social Media Marketing heading towards 2021.

11 Essential tips for starters to improve your web design in 2021

Web Design is set to hit the prime this decade according to multiple studies. It might be one of the best times to get into and learn Web Design. It Ranks third on the average salary for IT jobs across the globe. For starters, Web Design tips might be anything from the obvious to technical. If you are entering the web technology field in 2021 this article might be helpful before any courses on Web Design.

Web Design tips

A good website plays a prominent role in getting consistent and relevant traffic to your desired pages. It helps in SEO, content translation, and most importantly turning those visitors into possible customers. In your journey to being an advanced web professional, a good beginner’s guide is ideal. A good designer can really showcase to the clients the difference between a live website and an optimized one.

Studies show that almost 40 % of the total design learners change the strides to other professions. The positive part here will be that a strong base on the web will be helpful in many other sectors too. Hence, these tips are helpful to kick start your web design journey. Here are 11 essential tips for starters to improve your web design in 2021.

1. Have a Plan: Stepwise result forecasting

Planning your works and different parts of your web project is always important. Not only in your working phase, but planning will also be effectively helpful in your learning stage. Map out your journey through multiple checkpoints and analyze your progress and errors. This method will help you in a long run too. Keeping your goals in your mind, you can use several tools to help you track your growth. Be conscious and just don’t always let things go with the flow. 

2. Research and don’t hold back to try new things

Web technology is always evolving and research is a great way of learning new techniques. Separate a few hours each week solely for the researching purpose. Another way is to join the communities of other web designers and sharing new ideas and technologies. Try new things even if you have found your style/format of designing a website. You never knew what can blow up and help your site better. However, being too experimental can sometimes diverge you from the fundamental components. Keep this one thing in mind as well.

3. Remove any ambiguous terminologies and stocky images

There are few things more hazardous to your messages conveyed through the website than stocky images. It is more relevant in 2021. The average attention span of visitors in their first time to a certain website is 8 seconds. It means in that period you have to be to the point and clear. Your design must assist it. Be consistently detailed and filter out any present stocky images and ambiguous terminologies. 

4. Optimization to the different screen is extremely important

No matter how great your web design looks the clients will go back circling to SEO. The process is almost relentless and monotonous. That means a small change during the design might be a good time and effort saver in a long run. As a web designer keep Usability, Device variation, keywords, links, and headings in your mind at least for a better optimizable website. If you can, take an SEO crash course to help you with the matter. It is one of the other skills that will help you in near future.

5. Always put yourself in your visitors’ shoes while testing and improvement

This step might sound niche but have a huge practical potential. Here it means keeping the right tools to aid the visitors to the proper action on your website. For example, if you have an e-commerce website, you will like to have better search and filter tools. Similarly, highlighting the different payment options might aid in the indecisiveness of most visitors. Be your client for a moment and make the changes that you are sure to help positively.   

6. Try designing with a close understanding of the market

It is no surprise that not every website is the same or similar. For different organizations and companies, a whole lot changes even in the basics. Web designing to be serious is more closely related to market study than you think. From keeping up with the market trends to surfing through the reviews of clients, you must be much more social here. Lean a bit more towards the field of the site and you will find many things that will help your design to outperform your competitors. 

7. Don’t forget to formulate color and font combinations

Colors and Fonts are the first things that you note from your client’s requirement listing. Experience helps a lot here but for starters, there are certain dos and don’ts. Focus on the branding of your website and match the theme of the company with your color combinations. Similarly, be subtle and simple in the use of fonts. There are so many options here that you are likely to mess up as a beginner. Go safe for this step and use appropriate fonts for appropriate sections. Sometimes even a minute distraction could be enough for the visitors to sway away from your site. Spend some time to get this right.

8. Learn from better designs, themes, and existing websites

One of the most obvious tips for anyone there is to learn from successful websites. We recommend you to keep a sheet of different amazing sites and study them further. This doesn’t mean you should imitate these designs but to innovate further acquiring inspiration. At most create a self-selection experience where you can map a frame or example in your head before starting any new project.

9. Make better use of ‘Share’ and ‘Follow’ Social media buttons

 Social media is more powerful for businesses than ever. Even Apple, who are known for their passive existence online, are making efforts lately to maintain a better online presence. For your sites make it very shareable in different kinds of mediums. Make these buttons linking to your social media accessible and simple. You can find several examples of creative ways to integrate social media into your website. Learn about them and don’t miss this vital component.

10. Design for Better Content Management and Display

Avoid being too flashy. Sometimes with the design, you might forget the main element of your site, the content. A modern Content Management System (CMS) will provide you a base for most of your works here. Make sure to utilize the freedom to optimize and customize your webpage through it to the fullest. The user or client appreciate a less technical and easy user manual here, so work towards achieving that.

11. Be up to date and used-to with helpful design tools 

Several fantastic web design tools can help you in your everyday work. Here are a few of them that we suggest you obtain or try in 2021.


* Google Web Designer

* Sketch

* WebFlow

* Adobe Photoshop

* Squarespace

* WordPress

* Weebly

Keep an eye on the other tools that are soon to release and try them too. Your skillset and compatibility will grow with these which is better for your career as a web designer.

Web Design is here to stay as long as the internet. So, get ready to rise with the flow and evolve with new and exciting technologies. We at Wild Stone Solution wish you success.

E-commerce websites in 2021- A necessity for online business in Nepal

Online Business especially buying and selling different kinds of things online is trending in Nepal right now. The use of social media in particular has made it easy to provide an online store for your products. If you are exclusively selling through Social Media (Facebook and Such), it might change More often than not the rules and laws introduced by the government seems premature or without any significant benefits.

e-commerce website

Ministry of Industry Commerce and Supplies (MOICS) have made it illegal to sell products through social media or other platforms without the use of a registered E-commerce Business website. They marked out that this decision was made to monitor and control internet scams and phishing activities. This law when passed will mandate any online seller business (big or small), to have a website. If found otherwise the entity is susceptible to a fine up to 1 Lakh.

So what are the changes for you as a Businessperson? Well, you have to go through a couple of steps to make your eCommerce site legitimate. The first point is that your website has to be secured with Secure Sockets Layer(SSL). It is nothing new and most professional websites use this to protect the client information. The second step is to go to the user protection department portal and notify your business. After that, you are required to clarify the taxes, additional charges, Guarantee/Warranty policies, and delivery windows on your site.

Better For Consumers

For Consumers, this would be a positive decision. Multiple sites selling different products will let you navigate and compare the prices better. First, it might look like a hassle switching to a browser from your everyday app. However, extensions like Honey and similar ones will allow you to get the best deals easily. The most important advantage here is the scam rates will be less and you can hold the sellers accountable for any bad experiences.

Online is the way to go and there is no second opinion to that in Nepal too. The next Daraz or Sastodeal is just in their beta version, and a great dynamic easy-to-use eCommerce website can be a game-changer. At first, this decision might seem like a barrier for startups, but the advantages and integrity assurance makes it better. Here, are few things for you if you are planning to obtain an e-commerce website for your online store.

Website as an Investment rather than an expense

If you are looking at your website as an expense, you are doing it wrong. You spend money here not because you have to but it is bound to bring you more business. ECommerce websites are the best investments for your business with a quick ROI and profits. Comparing more deeply, a good website can make you a lot of money while spending money on a bad website is letting that capital down the drain.

For a new business, it is very important to understand the website and how it works. Now, it is necessary with the Government’s decision but just setting it up and not utilizing it to the fullest might be foolish. A good website can bring more customers to your business and it knows no boundary. You can connect with them better and be a reliable source of the online store now. Your eCommerce website is your shop window, your customer service, marketing, and brand-building tool, and most importantly your PR ambassador.

What to look for in a good eCommerce website?

Here is a list of features to look for in your eCommerce website. It might not be necessary for your site to focus but we generally suggest you know more

  • Easy content management ability
  • Support multiple payment options (cards, e-wallet, and more )
  • Clean UI for a better user experience.
  • Tools for managing the promotion as well as discount codes.
  • Scalable and adaptive to new versions of Web Technology.
  • Easy to Manage and use Checkout/Cart.
  • An integrated blog and news segment will be helpful too.
  • Layouts and codes focused on easy search engine optimization.
  • Email marketing integration to connect well with your visitors.
  • Review and rating system for customer feedback.
  • ChatBots and Customer support system.

Benefits of an eCommerce website for your Business

Here are some obvious benefits for your business after adding an eCommerce website.

  • Low set up cost. Minimal in comparison to actually having a physical store.
  • You can operate your business from anywhere. It provides you the flexible option to operate from a small warehouse with a digital storefront.
  • Scalability option is limitless. You can easily upgrade your website capabilities.
  • There are no time restrictions. Apart from customer service, you can be a part of your site at the time that fits you best.
  • Your sales are more manageable and measurable for aiding your strategic decisions.
  • It is less time-intensive once the design and development steps are complete.
  • Better cashflows and higher profit margins.
  • It helps to overcome geographical and other physical limitations.

Is it necessary to hire an IT professional for managing the website?

Well, it all depends on the scale and time your online business requires to function properly. If you are a startup with less capital, you can learn to use and manage your own website. In a medium-volume business, you can hire dedicated personnel for updating and managing your e-commerce business. Going further up, a department of professionals can give you the absolute best from your site.

Your other option is to pay for the services of an IT Solution (Web Solution) on an annual or monthly basis to give you the required web support. It is best for you with fast response and dependable services. You mightn’t notice but running a well-managed and designed website can save you money in other sectors like maintenance and QC. Hence, you can benefit from assigning an IT/Web professional depending on the manpower requirements.

We have seen so much negativity in the decision to mandate business websites. For online businesses big or small, this might be a direction to head for rather than being a ball and chain to your success.