11 Important components to have in your business website

A business website defines the online persona of your brand. Each year its significance increase exponentially. Change in technology and evolving nature of web platforms means your business website need redesign and updates. The components listed in the article will assure you have a complete and enticing website ready to compete in the market with your rivals.

Being functional is important for any website. However, there is so much more than that.  From being visually clean to a swift and easy interface for the visitors, each step paves your path to success. A better website is an investment rather than an expense. Keeping all that in mind, here are 11 important components to have in your business website. 

1. A kickass homepage

The homepage is the first thing that the users will see upon visiting your business website. It must have everything you want to show to your potential clients from the basic logos to the products and services that you offer. Balance the text and images appearing on the homepage. It will prevent the site from looking unnecessarily flashy or lackluster. Next are the header and footer segments. One must show your brand properly while the other a seamless medium to reach you and more. A good homepage to your business website will be the biggest chunk of work while redesigning it too.

2. Easy and clear navigation model

No website is useable with a good navigation system. It enables the user to reach their wanted pages without any hassle or delay. There are multiple tips to improve your navigation. Consistency is the key here. Making sure every navigable element has a clickable link is important. Similarly, adding accurate navigation titles will guide the visitors easily and avoid misleads. Finally, make sure the search feature works properly so that the users can find the appropriate pages and content from anywhere on the website. 

3. Online booking/inquiry/help form

Now, unless you are running some charity, your business website must yield some results. Depending on your company type, you can add appropriate CTA buttons and forms. Inquiry forms, newsletter subscriptions, and contact forms are commonly integrated with most professional websites. Similarly, the buttons like download, add to cart, view packages, or trail sign-up are to be kept in the website section easily reachable from the homepage.  

4. Good content formatting

Most visitors to your website will have a short attention span. It means that without a solid content format these users mightn’t consider your website worthy of their time. Hence, this might result in high bounce rates and even diversion of your clients to the competing websites. A mixture of blog posts, images, references, videos, case studies, and infographics in different orders will be great for your business website.

5. Use of Infographics and Animation

 To help the clients better understand your website and even help you spread the brand name. Make sure the animations used is not increasing the load-time of the website. Unique and interesting animated sequences will help the users engage with your website better. At the same time, infographics can relay the messages and information in a more palatable manner. As the future of content and SEO is more tilted in these fields, make sure your website uses these adequately.

6. Memorable testimonial section  

For any business website, the trust factor building with new clients is crucial. The recommendations, reviews, and testimonial part of your website helps a lot on that matter. Make sure to give a good space to your known big clients and regular consumers. Some statements help but do not make it a long letter-like junk. If there are any ratings or positive ratings on popular platforms related to your business (Google reviews and such) add a few snippets or links of those too in this section.

7. Proper Footer with contact information

The footer segment is normally the portion on which the visitors have to make decisions after visiting your business website. Make sure your contact information or any related CTA buttons are clear here. Also, add some other information like your service fields, branches, or any specific offers that stands at any time. Good footer makes for many shortcomings in the site earlier. Keep it simple and sufficient.

8. Language Changing option

Google translate button is offered for the major languages out there. It is 90% accurate and almost reliable for simple websites too. If your business deals with international visitors or operates in multiple countries, adding a different language option is very important.  If you have the required resources hire some individuals to proofread and edit the translated pages for better accuracy.

9. Live chat (Automatic and direct) 

Your website must grasp the attention of users and make them feel prioritized. Live chat functions will make this process easier for both the users and your website admin. A chatbot might help you for the times you are offline. However, quick and helpful responses to the chat messages are always rewarded by the visitors to your site. Most new chat plugins also let you integrate Whatsapp and Facebook messenger which will let you respond faster and get notifications efficiently.

10. Social media segment to expand the network

Any aspiring business website should be active on different social media platforms. Why not add a dedicated segment of your business website for that purpose. You can have a slider with options on your homepage leading to these platforms. Similarly, it will make sharing the contents of your sites easier for users too. 

11. Pop Up discount and bonus pages

This option is for those who want to highlight the most important part of your business website. You can add a closeable pop-up window with the summary of your messages and offers to show the visitors what they might want. While doing so make sure these will not look like an ad that might seem unprofessional or distracting. 

Your business website is never done. One can always make additions to improve the site but don’t overdo it. These components are either mismanaged or not given the required attention to detail. Work on them and make your website the best it can be. For professional advice and web design, WildStone Solution provides all your web-related services and more at your grasp. Leave a comment below to know more.

9 Easy WordPress Tips that will Make Your Life Easier

WordPress is easy to start building your website but with added elements comes complexity. One of the best things about WordPress is that thousands of developers contribute to the site every day. Your ideas can be mapped here and that too with less of a hassle. The most important factor for you is to know where to look and apply tips that will make your site results improve. These might be simple twitches to few additions but once you are done a better site awaits for you.

Easy WordPress Tips

With time and experience, one can translate the efforts into knowledge. Wildstone WordPress experts have provided these tips with over a decade-long experience in web design, SEO, and Digital Marketing. Here are some simple and effective tips that anyone can apply to their WordPress sites.   

1. For faster load times, automatically compress your images

Choosing a fast WordPress hosting service is important for a large website. But you can do your part as well for faster load times. Image compression to the optimal level is just that. We suggest you use either one of the WP Image, Smush, or Shortpixel Image optimizer plugins for best results.

2. Integrate your contact form to Email Marketing Software

Your forms are the most straightforward way of connecting with clients. A proper email marketing software can function as an auto-responder as well as a complete email manager. Most premium plugins add tons of additional features to that but you can start benefitting from the regular ones too. We suggest you use the Everest Forms plugin connected with ConverKit for smooth operation.

3. Cut off several plugins by using Google Tag Manager

Once you have delved into WordPress plugins, you can find yourself installing a bunch of them. Over a period there might be more than your site can handle and even decline your website performance. Try using Google Tag Manager that has the functionality of several plugins all in one place. If you are skeptical about making that switch, keep a backup of your plugin. Revert and improve your hosting services if you are not comfortable with Google Tag Manager.

4. Use the reusable blocks (>WordPress 5.0 versions)

Gutenberg is one of the most commonly used WordPress block editors included in WordPress 5.0 and above. Even with a robust theme, you can’t always have a consistent page design as you like. With reusable blocks, you can simply create a shortcut block which you can use again in creating a new page. It saves you time, hassle, and money with a simple application. 

5. Add Sticky Sidebar Widget for easier navigation

Sticky sidebars allow the users to navigate your websites easily from different parts of the page. Recently, different popular sites have been using it to prevent bounce rates and even increase the stay time of users to their website. For long pages and immediate CTA reactions, Sticky sidebars can be game-changers. You can try experimenting with the Q2W3 fixed widget for this purpose.

6. Use SEO plugins to Bulk Edit descriptions and titles

Both titles ad Meta descriptions do a lot portion of the job representing your site or content. Some simple SEO plugins allow you to bulk edit these which saves you a lot of time and hassle. We suggest you use the premium version of Yoast SEO. 

7. Use a Redirect Plugin

A redirect plugin makes your URL easy to remember and share in different mediums. Sometimes a long link can make the viewing experience of users problematic. It shortens the URL or allows you to change certain parts of it. We suggest you use the Short Links plugins for redirecting.

8. Create a custom 404 Pages

Nothing is more bothersome for a user than to find a broken link to the page you have just opened. The general 404 pages might not reflect the brand or thematic properly. A custom page might carry the message subtly too. We suggest you use the 404Page Plugin to create your custom page.

9. Use WordPress Maintenance Services

Investing in WordPress Maintenance service is key to keep your website in tip-top shape. You can solve problems from hosting issues to outages and even coding failures through it with few clicks. With different plans available to you, select the plan that fits your site best and relax.

WordPress is ever-evolving to better web experiences for the users. With hundreds of exciting plugins and themes being introduced every month you shouldn’t be left out of the major perks of WordPress. Leave a comment below for similar tips and questions on Websites and more.