7 Proven Ways to Promote Your Business website in Google

Promoting your business website is a task that goes on as long as your business exists. Google promotion is the way to go as the largest search engine in the world. A good website can give you the freedom to reach globally and better communicate with your clients. Promoting in Google lets your brand benefit from one of the largest online traffic possible. With some technical and other simple tips, you will know better about website promotion from this article. 

Digital Marketers around the world might have a few tricks of their own but the result wanted is always circling around the same principle. Your business website must at first generate leads with an increase in traffic and you should be able to convert those leads into clients. For achieving that, here are 7 proven ways to promote your business website on Google. 

1. Work with On-Site SEO

If your website is not managed properly, the ad campaigns will not be able to operate properly. On-site SEO includes internal link-building, titles, tags, URLs, Header Tags, Optimization of images and so much more. You can complete most of these tasks with some training. There are very helpful plugins too for monitoring and checking your On-Site SEO progress.

2. Get High-Quality Links to your website

High-quality links can be the difference maker between you and your competitor. A link redirecting to your business website from a site with top domain authority will directly and technically help it. There are several methods to gain good backlinks. Analyzing top websites and replicating their best links are helpful in many scenarios. Similarly, guest blogging and outreach for your content promotion are important for it too.

3. Manage a Social Network on different Platforms

It is more important now to exist on different social media platforms. Although you can’t be active everywhere there are some social media networks that you shouldn’t miss. Google search engine algorithms are said not to rank your website on these factors. However, the possibility of gaining a stable client circle and regular visitors to your website is also valuable for present-day website promotion.

4. Perform an in-depth Market research

Market research is the best way of studying the general public with the help of several critical tools. These studies help to understand what exactly the customers want. These studies help different ad campaigns to operate effectively. Similarly, the results might aid your production team in providing better services and products for future purposes as well. For website promotion in Google, you can spend time and resources for keyword and trend researches with live data. 

5. Maintain an updated content framework 

Google has been clear in its algorithm that it values the time of clients the most. With the successful use of featured snippets now it is very important too. Maintain and update your website content in such a way that visitors can get what they have come for within the least amount of time. Be direct in this approach. Similarly, use different content formats so that the engagement to your website is fruitful to your website visitors. This tip is also helpful as a genuine effort from your site towards the public while continuing website promotion.

6. Use Google Local Business 

Google local business allows you to attract the attention of local clients. Google allows a separate segment of the search engine result page for listing local businesses which change with location. This means you can benefit from local traffic even when your website is not on the top ranks of the result pages. Similarly, the reviews and ratings here also help you with better online reputation management. Google Local Business ultimately helps your business website promotion with minimal effort.

7. Consider getting help from Google AdWords

The concept of Google AdWords is simple. You pay for the number of clicks on your website ads shown by Google. Promoting your website this way will guarantee highly selective traffic to your website. You can get help from several extensions for a better conversion rate here. Be sure these promotion extensions match the landing pages. Similarly, Use callouts and other site links as well for better results. 

Avoid these common mistakes too

* Throwing a large amount of money in PPC marketing only.

* Not investing time and money in creating Quality Content for your website.

* Not selecting a good hosting package for your website.

* Being offline in the high-traffic hours and not providing customer support.

* Copying campaigns by your competitors and hoping for similar results.

* Not being patient for your website ranks in Google search.

*Not optimizing your website to run on different devices.

You can track the progression of your website performance and focus on the different points mentioned above. There are very few hard and fast techniques that can hope to work for your website. However, in a long run, a proper promotion always gets results. Start your website promotion today or hire a professional for a successful business to follow soon.

8 Best SEO tools used by Experts in 2022

SEO tools are getting more powerful with the emergence of several new technologies. The search engines on the other hand are not lagging behind either with regular Algorithm updates to challenge the SEO experts each time. Nonetheless, you must be ready to adapt to the changes and these SEO tools are ideal for it. With some of our entries in the list with tens of millions of daily users, we present you with the best search engine optimization software to put your money on heading towards 2022.

SEO tools

Believe it or not your competitors are likely working much more on improving their rankings in the result pages of major search engines. While upping your quality is the most obvious step for you to take it might just not be enough with modern technology. Taking the necessary help from the popular SEO software and tools is the way to go now. Some of these might look like overkill but they will aid you for a long time to come. Without further ado here are 8 of the best SEO tools used by experts.

1. Ahrefs

Let’s get started with the biggest names out there which have been able to adapt and change to different expert needs and analytics over time. The top three entries here could be placed in any order too. Ahrefs is a mega all-in-one tool, especially, for those websites which have seen recent traffic drops and depleted performance.  Ahref has a trial version available for a week charging a dollar per day for the period. The premium versions include lite, standard, advanced, and agency packages costing anywhere between $99 & $999 per month.

Major Ahrefs tools allow experts to:

– Run campaigns and OnPage Audits when needed.

– study inbound link analysis with strength transparency.

– Implement rank tracking to know your site’s health.

– Perform in-depth competitor analysis.

– Support multiple users for enterprise usage.

2. SemRush

SemRush is an award-winning marketing tool used by over 7 million professionals around the world. It is a trusted name around the companies looking to add major firepower to their technical arsenal. SemRush will guide websites in steps with insights and detailed reports towards exponential growth. To companies who want something different than the enterprise version provided by Google, SemRush can be the next best option. Semrush provides pro, Guru, and Business plans ranging from $120 to $450 per month.

SemRush in its full control allows an experienced marketer to:

– Access well over 20 billion keywords (collected from 130+ countries)

– Get personalized recommendations to increase the search rankings.

– Analyze and track your PPC campaigns. 

– Schedule and create branded as well as white-labeled reports.

– Track your competitors’ websites and their marketing strategies.

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the best-known and widely used marketing tools providing amazing insights and data for even its most basic version. Its only drawback will be the lack of intermediate packages which can bridge the gap between its enterprise and free version. Google search console could also be integrated with other tools in this list for better performance all around. It is also easily usable by non-technical individuals with great data visualization and accurate infographics.

Google search console features include:

– Monitor your website performance thoroughly.

– Point out different indexing and linking errors with tools to repair them.

– Keep track of your major links and with it, the traffic leads towards you.

– Highlighting important data usable through several improvement tools.

– Primary Google-focused analytics to rank your keywords in its search engine. 

4. Moz Pro

Moz is the jack of all trades when the discussion is up for the best SEO tools. It provides an impressive depth of SEO metrics in its free version too. This might come in handy for someone still unsure about purchasing an SEO tool but still giving them a try. Similarly, the premium versions made available here come with several uniquely fashioned tools often aiming to make your life easier. The pricing available for Moz Pro is in four different forms ranging from $100 to $600 per month. For large enterprises, the supremely powerful Mozscape API is available for between $2000 & $10000 per month.

With Moz Pro one can achieve:

– Several volumes and difficulty metrics for your keyword to strategize marketing.

– Track and update different sections of your website content for specialized targets.

– Crawl and audit reports to improve on your campaigns.

– Alerts on simple to complex issues with suggestions or links on how to solve them.

– Custom support to your queries and scoring tools for smaller SEO factors as well.

5. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a packaged SEO tool provided by the popular digital marketing website Neil Patel. It might have been started as an assisted software before but it is now a fully-fledged marketing tool packed with some amazing features. Additionally, the support provided by the experts here is valuable for aspiring marketers. Similarly, materials like tutorials and user courses for Ubersuggest are plenty out there.

Ubersuggest allows marketers to enjoy the following toolsets and features:-

– Provides a detailed overview of your domain and website within a certain period.

– Track competitors’ sites and provide useful insights to your end.

– Content and backlink suggestions with creative related ideas.

– Arrange different keyword planners for specific search engines.

6.  Fat Rank

FatRank is a jackal of all trades when there is a discussion about SEO and digital marketing. It is a lightweight toolset which deals with both designing and marketing a business website. The recent updates here are trending on the marketing community for the latest Image SEO insights. You can trust FatRank to help you get organic leads for your company soon.

FatRank allows marketers to use these features in their campaign:-

– Ratings and reviews of different formats to help your website visibility.

– An AI-powered content intelligence tool for content marketing.

– Social media and tech tools combined in a single platform.

– Powerful rank tracking tools are especially better for a primary competitive bunch.

– Connect with other software or tools and interpret the existing reports for future campaigns.

7. Siteliner

Siteliner is a useful budget-friendly entry on this list known for its fast analysis and reports. Even on its free version, one can enjoy an in-depth comparison with competitor’s websites and all. Similarly, the page analysis system allows you to focus on specific sections of your website at a time. It does have several limitations as a simple SEO tool with reliable applications.

-Find stagnant content in your website and shuffling ideas to reuse them.

– Compare pages to give you insights on load time and sizes involved.

– Tracking and managing internal as well as external links on your business website.

– Find Technical SEO errors and suggest methods to eradicate them effectively.

8.  KWFinder

KWFinder is a mixture of several traditional as well as modern SEO tools allowing marketers to get the full advantage of software in a single go. It is a master of keyword search, suggestion, manipulation, and tracking required for SEO experts. KWFinder comes in a bundle with other useful marketing tools by Mangools at a reasonable price of $29 per month. 

– Domain and keywords look up with options to explore similar field indicators.

– Bulk uploads and reviews for your business website.

– Integration with other popular Mangools tools with advanced SEO toolset.

– It gives multiple platforms for both SMEs and SEO-focused agencies.


These SEO tools are known to have amazing features with updates as well which will allow you to edge over your competitors. One of the most common misconceptions out there is that the more you spend the easier SEO gets. The truth is the smarter you invest in SEO the further you can rise in the competitive market. These listed SEO tools will be an important part of your next marketing strategy and serve your business website well.

7 Smart Ways to Make Visitors Feel Valued in Your Business Website

Visitors are the most important asset to any business website. Making them feel valued not only helps your conversion rate but in the long run, helps maintain your brand image. Often a business website might invest a lot in technical stuff and lack later on crucial details. Here, we provide you some simplistic and smart ways to get your website priorities straight.

User experience is one of the most important markers to how smoothly your business website operates. After it is managed there might be few outside factors that will affect the visitors’ experience on your site. Similarly, it will be of paramount significance if you are in serious competition with other companies. In this article, we provide you 7 seven smart ways to make the visitors valued in your business website.

1. Respond quickly and properly to any queries

Don’t keep your audience waiting unnecessarily. One of the most common ways any visitor to your website might choose the competitors to your business is with a slow response. Many businesses, especially with a large volume of traffic, hire dedicated personnel for this very work. There are several training programs and courses for improving communication that will be a major plus point.

2. Easy navigation and working search fields

Navigation is key to letting your visitors in the correct pages and segments without any hassle. It will save a lot of time and effort for any website user. If you are targeting specific groups to your site navigation could lead to filtered visitors from the random web traffic. Similarly, unnaturally complex components to your site might affect your conversion rate. A good search button will help your visitors as well. Especially so, for big websites with a large variety of content.

3. After completing the services request for feedbacks and reviews

Maintaining contact with your past clients will give your brand a positive light. Most people like to be asked about their opinions too. This will also help your business website to maintain a solid online reputation. However, don’t be persistent as people might find it irritating sometimes. Your request for reviews and feedbacks will give your company an evolving factor. This is better for getting returning clients.

4. Good placement of the Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons

CTA buttons and their placements on a business website are an important topic. It is to be managed from the initial designing phase to proper web development, and finally both from the user and admin perspective. CTA button leads visitors to your most important landing pages. Once you have visitors here there should be clear outlines of what actions one has to do there. A simple note or a user-help video might be useful for this matter somewhere within the landing page.  

5. Limit the Ads and pop-ups on your website

Studies show that with the increase in Ads, you might risk getting bounced by the visitors to your website. It is a common occurrence in smaller websites today. A proffessional business website mustn’t run unnecessary ads. Similarly, the problem with custom pop-ups in your website is the users mistaking it for an advertisement and leaving your website. Plan both these beforehand to avoid any complications for your web audience.

6. Lead your website audience towards social media circles

One of the best ways to keep your brand active in the market is through social media platforms. You can stay connected with your possible clients and other visitors to your website properly through this. With the emergence of Social Media Marketing (SMM) in this decade now it is more relevant than before. So lead your website audience to your social media where they can know your company better.

7. Remind the users about the Privacy policy and expand on your website security

Privacy and security are very important to the visitors to your website. With instances each week of different information leaks, ransomware, and hacks, it is important to ensure your clients about your website security. Highlight these on your most important pages too. There are several security measures like SSL encryption, multi-factor authentication, uses of OTPs, and more that you can implement from your end.

* Things that might harm your Website audience

Similarly, few things might have a negative impact on your website. Being aware of some of these will help you a lot and maintain your website experience quality.

– Unclear navigations and typos leading visitors to inconsistent pages.

– Slower loading time of your website. Slow websites equal negative UX.

– Broken links might disappoint your visitors. Always mend or redirect them.

– In 2021 lack of Chatbots might have a soulless presence on your website.

– Too many Ads sections might hamper the steadiness of the website use.

– Problematic landing pages will mean high bounce rates and poor SEO.

– Dull content display with less use of graphical elements can lead to poor brand management.

– Outdated design might lose the credibility of your business website alongside some features.

– Lack of inquiry/contacts/forms might also lead to less trust by the visitors.

Any professional business website must work to improve the relationship between their possible clients and services. With these pointers and more you can do subtle changes leading to a proper experience for different types of users to your website. Remember, your efforts will yield positive results for a long time to come.

8 Improvements for Business Websites that Doesn’t Require Coding

Ever wanted to improve your website without any coding skills? Well, you have chosen the right article to support your intentions. With all these tips included here, you can utilize some of your spare time to get better results from your business website. Similarly, there are common mistakes noted in the end which you can be aware of at the same time.

Coding is a key part of any professional website and you have to admit that no matter what. However, it is not like you can’t contribute few things that are left for you by the other technical fellas. Here we have listed 8 such important things that you can improve in your website without a programming background.

1. Social Media sharing for an increase in Web Traffic

One of the simplest things you can do is expand your brand value through social media. It doesn’t have anything to do with changes on your website but the benefits are there nonetheless. Here are two cases for comparison just to focus on the point.

You compete with the whole market to funnel visitors of different kinds to your website through SEO. On the other hand, a group or forum of some kind constituting of targeted members can lead a much relatable visitors to your website. Hence, work with different platforms and benefit from the freedom that modern social media offers.

2. Online Reputation Management steps

Now, this is something you can spend a good amount of time on growing and successful business websites. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is important to maintain the brand message in an untarnished way through different phases of your company. There are several tips and tasks you can do for this too. Some of these might include simple chats and emails which everyone can do in spare hours.   

3. Improving your new and existing content

Content is the most important part of your website. Simply put it this way, there is no good website without the content to back it up. If you can create content for your website, it is great. Even if you can’t you can create a rough guideline with some of the research and reference guidelines for the content experts to base the theme. You can improve the old content and make it relevant to the present time as well.

4. Creative drafts with no-code web design tools

Even if you don’t know the basics of coding, you can be a creative force behind it. Staying up-to-date with trends and new design ideas for your website helps the web designing process be more practical and fun. Some very easy-to-use web design tools will let you map your vision. WIX, uKIT, SITE123, and IM Creator are our top selections for you to try. You will be more than just a person with a list of requirements with this.

5. Conduct market research to improve ideas

One of the best ways to contribute to your website is by knowing which elements to focus on. A web designer, no matter how professional he/she is, can fall short sometimes in this matter. For example, a store owner with an eCommerce site might know which kind of related items to suggest to the visitors once an item has been added to their cart. If you have spent more time knowing the working as well as changes to the industry make sure to relay these ideas to the web professionals. 

6. Chat and inquiry responding

Now, this point extends to the ORM tasks mentioned before. One of the best ways to convert your visitors to clients is by making them feel valued. A late response to their questions or sometimes even missed actions might hurt the reviews. Give more effort to customer care and you can train your employees to do so as well. There are plenty of ways to attract people to do business with you or at least be on your network which will eventually help the website.

7. Website plugins and CMS-version updates

If you are a big business there might be dedicated personnel to do the updates. If not, you can do the timely updates yourself. Simple plugin updates can be done within some steps. It might be a bit technical for paid plugins but still doable. Making sure your website has the latest features and improved components is always helpful.

8. Add related categories to the business

SEO once again pops up in our list and here we will briefly mention specified contents. If your site has much of a generalized approach search engines might not rank them well for non-generic keywords. One solution will be to create a different kind of content focusing solely on that specified area. The alternative solution here is to categorize your content which will help the site to rank better and funnel targeted visitors to the specific category.

While making these changes and more make sure you don’t:

Here are some of the most common mistakes or negative changes that you might knowingly or unknowingly perform while making changes to your website. If you are not sure about your works keeping a backup could be a life-saver during these moments.

– Do not alter the site architecture. Sometimes a small change can affect the navigation of the website.

– If something is working well especially on the SEO rankings, don’t try to change those in any way. 

– Don’t create broken links. It is common to do so while optimizing the permalinks. 

– While changing or upgrading the hosting plans, make sure the new one will serve your business website better.

– Don’t overdo the new plugin’s installation. Your website can only handle limited types of plugins smoothly.

– SEO and User experience are interrelated. If you focus too much on one the other could lose some quality too. 

– Analyze your changes. If things get impactful in an unusual way prevent those parts.

– Make sure you aren’t creating any duplicate content.

There are several more tasks that one can do which don’t include coding to help any website. However, instead of making random changes (the ones you can), a planned assignment can be a welcoming revolution to your business website.

5 Critical Reasons your Website isn’t Getting Enough Traffic with Solutions

There are several reasons your website might not be getting enough traffic. Some of these, you might be aware of while others will surprise way. There is simply no hard and fast way of funneling traffic that will make your website blow overnight. However, you shouldn’t lose hope. As long as there is room for improvement, you can work on your website and make it better. From domain to simple color combinations, factors that affect your website quality are numerous. First, fill these voids and then start improving on your professional business website.

website traffic

So, why is my website not getting enough traffic? Well, as each website is different in its own way the answers might vary for everyone. Similarly, there are common grounds where every website might suffer or benefit from technical decisions. No matter what the case we are almost sure the problem we have listed here will reflect on your underperforming website in one way or another.

Here are 5 critical reasons your website is not getting enough traffic alongside different expert solutions you can apply to get better results.

1. Your content quality is below standard

The guaranteed way of increasing your website traffic is by uploading regular quality content. You can upload multiple times with low-standard content and hurting your website rather than helping it. More often than not a quality content will lead to more visitors than ten with poorly created ones.


Keep these points in mind, high-quality content is

– A well-researched and written content.

– Simple and grammatically correct without worldliness.

– Subtopics that will let the visitors get to the point.

– Different content formats to highlight the core information from the general content.

– A balanced use of text, photos, graphics, and videos.

– Proofread multiple times to make the final cut.

2. You are only focusing on high competition keywords

There is one major thing that will make this point valid. For any number of websites working on high competition keywords, there are only 10 places or so for the first page of a search engine to try and appear. The probability of sites working on these keywords and your site making into them is slim. So, if you have only created content for the generalized high SV keywords, there might be better sites doing the same leaving you with less traffic.


– Don’t push too hard on highly competitive keywords, build up to several similar ones. 

– Do keyword research and put some effort into the moderate SV keywords.

– Work well with region-based keywords rather than generalized ones.

– Don’t directly follow the keyword strategy of the market leaders, bring your own game.

– Try making skyscraper content that can outperform the present competitors with the sheer quantity of information.

3. The website load speed is slow

Stats show that with every second of delay while loading a website you will get 11% fewer page views, 7% loss in conversion, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Slow websites frustrate the users. You might know by this how a slower website will hurt the traffic. Less load time also helps in decreasing the bounce in the website which is always helpful in keeping your visitors within your site.


– Purchase a better hosting plan for your business website.

– Compress the images and videos to the optimal level.

– Clear web cache and remove

– Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files

-Minimize the HTTP requests.

4. Search Engine Algorithm changes

Now, this might be the technical factor that will result in poor optimization of the content according to the ever-changing Google algorithms. This will help in recovering your traffic if you were ranking high enough before. Most of the times algorithm changes are not that severe to affect the overall traffic. However, if your site is relatively new (<6 months), this will be a game-changer.


– Know the updates and changes in real-time by joining the major forums and digital marketing platforms.

– Good content will not drop in rankings despite many algorithm changes.

– Rethink your SEO strategy with the new requirements and tips in mind.

– Hire a professional to recover from damaged that might have been caused by Panda rollouts.

– If you have a good social media presence then you can gradually build up the traffic here.

5.  Your website design is outdated

if you were the front-runner website a few years ago but now struggle to make the first page, your site might have been outdated. Several factors like design, usability, device optimization, and performance will separate an outdated website. There are many examples of large sites going down on the SERP ladder purely due to this. A fresh design will help improve the user experience and get positive reviews as well. 


– Hire a web professional for the latest designs for your website.

– Make improvements in domain selection if your brand isn’t quite established.

– Add new features that will improve your web efficiency with the website.

– Make sure the new website is fast and easily shareable in different mediums.

– If required hire a professional digital marketer now to promote your site.

These are the most common reasons that your website is not getting the traffic it deserves. However, there are several other factors that a web professional can help with you. WildStone Solution will help you to analyze your website and give free suggestions that you can work on. Leave a comment below and we will reach to you. Always remember that your site is only fruitful with relevant visitors that will help you grow.

8 tips for Successful Online Reputation Management

Your online presence is the key factor in portraying the company brand. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a way of maintaining the best profile of your company across different digital platforms.

It is almost impossible to keep all of your clients happy every time. However, the way any company handles these shortcomings could change the perspective of the general public. Similarly, keeping up with the competition and covering your responsibilities well also helps in improving your brand identity. A hit in the online presence of any type can hurt your business. To prevent such circumstances and help search engine optimization, ORM holds a key power and culpability. Here are 8 tips for successful online reputation management.

1. Claim your business presence

If you have a fairly established brand, our first suggestion is to claim your business presence. Any unofficial businesses or copies shouldn’t benefit from your business name. You can start to rebuild the holes these might leave to your brand only after you know and control the brand in several mediums. 

2. Work more on SEO for credibility

Starting brand marketing works can be intimidating for startups. The perfect way to make your move is to invest heavily in search engine optimization. It will be a lot effective to build your online reputation with a larger audience exposure. SEO will enable your business website to attain it better.

3. Highlight good reviews working with Social Media managers 

To let the general public know your good and bad sides is important. However, the latter always outweighs the other as human nature. Highlighting the best reviews on different social media platforms will help you to create a positive cloud surrounding the brand. It will shine before the negative ones and you can design a positive spearhead for your target audience.

4. Coordinate Public relations events

One of the best ways to boost your online reputation is to get in the driver’s seat and coordinate different public relations events. You can start campaigns to assist in the corporate social responsibility sectors. But there are examples of publicity stunts that just seem dishonest. Prevent that and try working genuinely to build your social profile.

5. Collect reviews and request ratings with regular clients

Most clients might not be bothered to give your company reviews unless asked personally. If you know them well enough it is not a bad idea to ask them for their genuine reviews. Don’t be persistent and remind them at an adequate period only. This way you can communicate better with them as well as a general resource to work in ORM.

6. Respond to the online queries or feedback

Both in public forums and private mediums, responding quickly is a way of making your clients feel valued. You can hire customer support and give them specific instructions to get a better result. One of the recent ways to do it is the use of an automated chatbot. Set an array of frequent answers to the most common questions and you can save time on both ends. Make sure to use the latest technology to avoid any complications.

7. Create convenience for new visitors

Now, for those people who are new to your business, creating a convenient service might be the defining feature of your brand. If you are an online business make sure the navigation and interface are simple. Similarly for other business types make sure to keep the factors slowing your business checked and resolved properly. The impression you provide alongside the experience of the clients will play a major role in keeping your online presence exquisite.

8. Hire a dedicated online reputation manager

Empowering your team is a sure-shot way of being better and improving. Hiring a dedicated reputation manager who can work with your staff as well as overlook your online presence will be ideal. You always have space to grow as a brand and they will work towards it.

Role of ORM in Digital marketing

* Search engines consider reviews to rank your site higher.

* Google reviews are key to make your business appears on multiple search platforms.

* Active feedback management with minimum response time helps to control bounce rate. 

* It helps in managing the non-technical aspects of a marketing campaign.

* ORM lets you get into listings in specific search engines and controlled mediums.

Advantage of conducting proper reputation management for your brand

– It makes the difference between turning new clients make the decision.

– You can get more recommendations and endorsements with a great online reputation.

– Your brand value increases with a better reputation.

– It helps you to improve the negative services/products/content and boost the positive ones.

– Brand marketing reports can be analyzed alongside ORM management to create better actions.

– ORM in itself can be a profitable marketing tactic to set a benchmark of your service.

Online reputation management is a long process and it might cost you a fortune to construct a standard to stand up in the market. However, the benefits outweigh the effort by a mile. Online reputation management has been a necessity in 2021 and you can’t be a proper business without working on it. 

11 Important components to have in your business website

A business website defines the online persona of your brand. Each year its significance increase exponentially. Change in technology and evolving nature of web platforms means your business website need redesign and updates. The components listed in the article will assure you have a complete and enticing website ready to compete in the market with your rivals.

Being functional is important for any website. However, there is so much more than that.  From being visually clean to a swift and easy interface for the visitors, each step paves your path to success. A better website is an investment rather than an expense. Keeping all that in mind, here are 11 important components to have in your business website. 

1. A kickass homepage

The homepage is the first thing that the users will see upon visiting your business website. It must have everything you want to show to your potential clients from the basic logos to the products and services that you offer. Balance the text and images appearing on the homepage. It will prevent the site from looking unnecessarily flashy or lackluster. Next are the header and footer segments. One must show your brand properly while the other a seamless medium to reach you and more. A good homepage to your business website will be the biggest chunk of work while redesigning it too.

2. Easy and clear navigation model

No website is useable with a good navigation system. It enables the user to reach their wanted pages without any hassle or delay. There are multiple tips to improve your navigation. Consistency is the key here. Making sure every navigable element has a clickable link is important. Similarly, adding accurate navigation titles will guide the visitors easily and avoid misleads. Finally, make sure the search feature works properly so that the users can find the appropriate pages and content from anywhere on the website. 

3. Online booking/inquiry/help form

Now, unless you are running some charity, your business website must yield some results. Depending on your company type, you can add appropriate CTA buttons and forms. Inquiry forms, newsletter subscriptions, and contact forms are commonly integrated with most professional websites. Similarly, the buttons like download, add to cart, view packages, or trail sign-up are to be kept in the website section easily reachable from the homepage.  

4. Good content formatting

Most visitors to your website will have a short attention span. It means that without a solid content format these users mightn’t consider your website worthy of their time. Hence, this might result in high bounce rates and even diversion of your clients to the competing websites. A mixture of blog posts, images, references, videos, case studies, and infographics in different orders will be great for your business website.

5. Use of Infographics and Animation

 To help the clients better understand your website and even help you spread the brand name. Make sure the animations used is not increasing the load-time of the website. Unique and interesting animated sequences will help the users engage with your website better. At the same time, infographics can relay the messages and information in a more palatable manner. As the future of content and SEO is more tilted in these fields, make sure your website uses these adequately.

6. Memorable testimonial section  

For any business website, the trust factor building with new clients is crucial. The recommendations, reviews, and testimonial part of your website helps a lot on that matter. Make sure to give a good space to your known big clients and regular consumers. Some statements help but do not make it a long letter-like junk. If there are any ratings or positive ratings on popular platforms related to your business (Google reviews and such) add a few snippets or links of those too in this section.

7. Proper Footer with contact information

The footer segment is normally the portion on which the visitors have to make decisions after visiting your business website. Make sure your contact information or any related CTA buttons are clear here. Also, add some other information like your service fields, branches, or any specific offers that stands at any time. Good footer makes for many shortcomings in the site earlier. Keep it simple and sufficient.

8. Language Changing option

Google translate button is offered for the major languages out there. It is 90% accurate and almost reliable for simple websites too. If your business deals with international visitors or operates in multiple countries, adding a different language option is very important.  If you have the required resources hire some individuals to proofread and edit the translated pages for better accuracy.

9. Live chat (Automatic and direct) 

Your website must grasp the attention of users and make them feel prioritized. Live chat functions will make this process easier for both the users and your website admin. A chatbot might help you for the times you are offline. However, quick and helpful responses to the chat messages are always rewarded by the visitors to your site. Most new chat plugins also let you integrate Whatsapp and Facebook messenger which will let you respond faster and get notifications efficiently.

10. Social media segment to expand the network

Any aspiring business website should be active on different social media platforms. Why not add a dedicated segment of your business website for that purpose. You can have a slider with options on your homepage leading to these platforms. Similarly, it will make sharing the contents of your sites easier for users too. 

11. Pop Up discount and bonus pages

This option is for those who want to highlight the most important part of your business website. You can add a closeable pop-up window with the summary of your messages and offers to show the visitors what they might want. While doing so make sure these will not look like an ad that might seem unprofessional or distracting. 

Your business website is never done. One can always make additions to improve the site but don’t overdo it. These components are either mismanaged or not given the required attention to detail. Work on them and make your website the best it can be. For professional advice and web design, WildStone Solution provides all your web-related services and more at your grasp. Leave a comment below to know more.

9 Easy WordPress Tips that will Make Your Life Easier

WordPress is easy to start building your website but with added elements comes complexity. One of the best things about WordPress is that thousands of developers contribute to the site every day. Your ideas can be mapped here and that too with less of a hassle. The most important factor for you is to know where to look and apply tips that will make your site results improve. These might be simple twitches to few additions but once you are done a better site awaits for you.

Easy WordPress Tips

With time and experience, one can translate the efforts into knowledge. Wildstone WordPress experts have provided these tips with over a decade-long experience in web design, SEO, and Digital Marketing. Here are some simple and effective tips that anyone can apply to their WordPress sites.   

1. For faster load times, automatically compress your images

Choosing a fast WordPress hosting service is important for a large website. But you can do your part as well for faster load times. Image compression to the optimal level is just that. We suggest you use either one of the WP Image, Smush, or Shortpixel Image optimizer plugins for best results.

2. Integrate your contact form to Email Marketing Software

Your forms are the most straightforward way of connecting with clients. A proper email marketing software can function as an auto-responder as well as a complete email manager. Most premium plugins add tons of additional features to that but you can start benefitting from the regular ones too. We suggest you use the Everest Forms plugin connected with ConverKit for smooth operation.

3. Cut off several plugins by using Google Tag Manager

Once you have delved into WordPress plugins, you can find yourself installing a bunch of them. Over a period there might be more than your site can handle and even decline your website performance. Try using Google Tag Manager that has the functionality of several plugins all in one place. If you are skeptical about making that switch, keep a backup of your plugin. Revert and improve your hosting services if you are not comfortable with Google Tag Manager.

4. Use the reusable blocks (>WordPress 5.0 versions)

Gutenberg is one of the most commonly used WordPress block editors included in WordPress 5.0 and above. Even with a robust theme, you can’t always have a consistent page design as you like. With reusable blocks, you can simply create a shortcut block which you can use again in creating a new page. It saves you time, hassle, and money with a simple application. 

5. Add Sticky Sidebar Widget for easier navigation

Sticky sidebars allow the users to navigate your websites easily from different parts of the page. Recently, different popular sites have been using it to prevent bounce rates and even increase the stay time of users to their website. For long pages and immediate CTA reactions, Sticky sidebars can be game-changers. You can try experimenting with the Q2W3 fixed widget for this purpose.

6. Use SEO plugins to Bulk Edit descriptions and titles

Both titles ad Meta descriptions do a lot portion of the job representing your site or content. Some simple SEO plugins allow you to bulk edit these which saves you a lot of time and hassle. We suggest you use the premium version of Yoast SEO. 

7. Use a Redirect Plugin

A redirect plugin makes your URL easy to remember and share in different mediums. Sometimes a long link can make the viewing experience of users problematic. It shortens the URL or allows you to change certain parts of it. We suggest you use the Short Links plugins for redirecting.

8. Create a custom 404 Pages

Nothing is more bothersome for a user than to find a broken link to the page you have just opened. The general 404 pages might not reflect the brand or thematic properly. A custom page might carry the message subtly too. We suggest you use the 404Page Plugin to create your custom page.

9. Use WordPress Maintenance Services

Investing in WordPress Maintenance service is key to keep your website in tip-top shape. You can solve problems from hosting issues to outages and even coding failures through it with few clicks. With different plans available to you, select the plan that fits your site best and relax.

WordPress is ever-evolving to better web experiences for the users. With hundreds of exciting plugins and themes being introduced every month you shouldn’t be left out of the major perks of WordPress. Leave a comment below for similar tips and questions on Websites and more.

9 Strategies to use if your Domain Name isn’t Available

How often you come with a great business idea, and a perfect domain name to match it only to find it is taken or hoarded by an entity with a large price tag. Well, this is one of the most common struggles of a startup and can directly affect its progress.  Sometimes the solution might be around the corner but more often than not getting your ideal domain is simply not practical in this day and age.

So why isn’t your domain available? Well, there is a possibility that a website already exists under that or it has been reserved. Domain trade is a large market with billions of value. Almost 500 million different kinds of domains are registered up to the first quarter of 2021. Mass Domain hoarding and cybersquatting are both the prime enemies of the availability of your domain.

domain name

A good domain name that incorporates your business and brand will serve you big time. From creating effective marketing strategies to the technical SEO segments, domain names play a major role. Therefore, the significance of a good domain name and extension is paramount. Well, if you are now looking for some solutions or alternatives to this common problem here are 9 strategies to use if your domain name is not available.

1. Slightly Change your aimed Domain (Adding verbs or other modifications)

This is the first solution to anyone avoiding buying domain names. With the addition of verbs like ‘get’, try, or similar you can even clarify your business. Also, a verb combined domain is easier to be added with advertisements than straight-up brand names. For example, if you have a restaurant named Vouge, one can utilize TryVouge.com

2.  Try to buy the domain if it is your top priority

This is straightforward. A good domain is a property that will cost you quite a fortune. If you are really unhinged on getting the domain, buy it. The cost will be different and you might have to pay a certain amount to the agents too. However, the good news for you is that some new, expired, and inactive domains can come to a lot cheaper and you can get lucky with your purchase.

3.  Expand your brand feature to the Domain

Once again, your domain name, if short, will be better. However, the ability to be familiar or easy to remember is also important. In your domain name, you can upgrade the looks with a term enhancing your brand awareness. For example, xyz.com turning to xyzmotors.com for an automobile company. Another example will be Mountain.com to TrekMountain.com or so on.

4. Try attaining the country code TLD

For those whose business is focused mostly in certain regions or nations getting country code TLDs can be a lifesaver. Top-Level domains (TLD) are globally wanted and getting them might prove to be impossible for a small company. With country code, you can get your domain name with a tail added to make it specific. On the surface, it might make the domain long. But, several studies show that adding country code TLDs will help to lead local visitors to your site filtered for you. It is a win-win situation for you. 

5. Use other alternative TLDs to your domain name

Now, it is no surprise that .com is the most used TLDs to date. It is catchy and easily remembered and more often it completes the domain Name. But, your domain name can have other TLDs too when .com is not available. The TLDs like .Net, .int, .org, and .co are also popularly used. There is a certain level of trust and clarity issues with the non .com domains but you have to overcome it with proper service and marketing.

6. Use a hyphen to separate the domain segments

This method is commonly seen when two companies aim for the same domain name. A hyphen will not be remembered by most people but it is the next best thing. Search Engine result page ads put the ratio of a direct domain to keyword search ratio at 2:8 so you won’t have much SEO disadvantage. It is important to have a captivating website for overcoming this disadvantage.

7. Brainstorm a new brand name if that is an option

Brainstorming new domain ideas might be anything from highlighting different parts of your company names to experimenting with the abbreviations. These aren’t simple and sometimes will take a lot to make the domain sound normal. However, if you are willing to put some effort into it brainstorm new domain names for your company. One example here is the popular term Football Club replaced by FC. It will increase the chance of domain name availability while reducing its length.

8. Use interesting Domain Hacks

One of the key things about domain names is that they can be understandable to humans through modifications. One easy hack is using multiple ‘.’ to complete your domain. For example, if Campbell is not available use camp.bell. Visitors will pronounce both as similar and one can use bookmarks effectively to make the site stick around the user rather than the original domain name. 

9. Wait and utilize Domain Monitoring tools (Last resort)

Domain name expires after a certain time. It might be discontinued by the owners or sometimes changed to a new one. Domain Monitoring Tools helps you by notifying your targeted Domain names when their status is changed. This is more of a secondary solution that you can use in parallel with all the above methods.

Here are some important properties of a good Domain for your website: –

* It must be short and understandable.

* The business brand must be represented by the domain.

* If available always go with the .com extension.

* Spell the domain as it is generally used by the targeted customers. Avoid complicated terms.

* Hyphens and Numbers use must be kept at a minimum.

* Try matching your domain name with the site niche.

Getting expert help in selecting your business domain is also your option here. Similarly, research of the keywords and the prominence of your domain is significant for aspiring businesses. With these tips, you can head forward towards your goal without having to miss out on your preferred domain names.

8 Powerful reasons why Blogging is Critical for your Brand

Blogging is still a very important way of being up to date with the changing market and giving your customer what they want. It doesn’t matter what type of company you run, you still got to have a blog in 2021. Building an active community is a major contributor to the growth and stability of your brand. Blogs can help to awaken your stagnant digital profile. From simply attracting new clients to benefitting your business website technically during SEO there are several reasons to invest in blogging for a company.

Despite some lost interest of many companies following other marketing trends, Blogging can’t be replaced. It is a consistent way of connecting and communicating with your customers. There are three ways to integrate blogs into your business. The first one is to dedicate a separate segment in your website to the blogs. It is an easy and most common way of blogging. Your second, and a bit more professional way is to create a new blog website including different blogs under subsections and classifications.

The third way of blogging that helps your brand growth is through guest posts. It simply utilizes a more popular and established domain to link back to your business website. It doesn’t simply matter which of these you will utilize in your business but it will surely improve your site with quality and quantity. Here are 8 powerful reasons why blogging is critical for your brand.  

1. It updates your audience about your business

Blogs, unlike your website, can use frequently changing and posting content for regular interaction. It will help you to release updates and messages to the visitors. Similarly, you have no limitations with blogs to achieve this. Apart from the products and services you provide you can use the blog to tell the audience who you are. As a communication channel timely posted content, sharing options, comments are all helpful to update your audience about your business. 

2. Great for getting driving traffic with long-tail keywords

Blogs bring you traffic. It is simple as that. If even one of your blogs makes it to higher ranks of the search engine result pages, it will lead thousands of visitors back to your business website. Another advantage of blogging is the long-tail keywords that you can utilize to attract a specific audience to your website. It will help you to convert the visitors as customers easier and with greater success.

3. It is easier and more effective to get social exposure

Blogs are easier to share than the other contents of your website. With the use of a specific format of keyword, you can make appealing posts that will be opened and shared more here. For social media marketing, blogging is a boon. In place of trying to speed run new ideas for every new place, you can simply share the post with an attractive description. Similarly, your social presence will improve, and get more visitors while doing that as well. Blogging directly aids in achieving a higher exposure in Social Media. 

4. Blog segments is very useful for proper internal link building

Now one of the most important modern reasons to start a blog post is to benefit from the links generated by it. A well-written blog can attract a wide range of visitors. Through clever redirection in attractive lies, you can lead those visitors towards more productive parts of your website. Similarly, clients struggling with navigation can reach their desired pages through these links for their convenience. SEO success is right around the corner with good link-building capacity and blogging helps it closely.

5. Your Expertise can be displayed in the best way

One of the most effective ways of marketing your expertise to new people is through blogs. Writing professional informative blogs can help people with their problems and give positive rise to your brand. You can teach the visitors of the blog about your products or services better. This will help in your brand growth from the community level. 

6. Blogging gives you the freedom to explore new domain

One of the most impressive advantages of blogging is the freedom to be able to explore new domains easily. It doesn’t necessarily mean a drastic change but expanding to new services and products is simply within the reach of your computer. You can learn yourself while writing and make use of the blog components even more. 

7. Easier to get specific feedback from your customers

Now as much work might you have done in feedback forms and pages for your website, it can be made better through blogs. The comment or feedback segments in these blogs will help you immediately interact with your customers. Also once you communicate through blogging you are communicating with a general population which in return saves you time, hassle, and effort.

8. Helps in building your email database  

Yes, emails are still a major part of marketing. Any good digital marketer out there will tell you the bunch of benefits of having the clients’ email on your database. The ability to have direct access to the inbox of their email will magnify the dominance of your brand. Blog posts through comments, subscriptions, or simply with a query form can let you collect a lot of emails for your future use. Blogging in this way can make your existing email database more prominent.

10 Starting Tips for bloggers

1. Take and use quality photos to use in your blogs. New readers are drawn more to an attractive picture relating to your brand.

2. be consistent and regular in your blogs. If possible schedule everything to control it better.

3. Discover your effective and unique writing style. Once you are there stick with it.

4. Choose what to write through careful planning and thoughts.

5. Give plenty of links to your pages but don’t overdo it. The standard is giving a total of around five links per 1000 words in your blog post.

6. Use a watermark in your original pictures.

7. Give credit to sources and study data where it is due.

8. If your blog is directly related to your business be sure to focus on more call-to-action buttons.

9. Your blog design is important. It must be clean and easily navigable for users.

10. Make sure you give your users more ways to follow you and share your blogs.

Blogging is difficult to continue in a long run. However, a well-prepared blog will serve your site for years. For getting ahead of your competition in the competitive market take some help from professional bloggers and reach new heights with your business website.