15 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a professional website in 2021

A professional Business website has been one key component for small and big companies for several years now. It has a massive impact on the success of your business regardless of industry. Online presence itself can give you an edge over your competitors. A professional website here will surely help you to hit it out of the park.

Stats show that over 35% of the businesses have a proper professional website in 2021. These include the leading companies in several fields of industry as well as some of the most rapidly growing businesses around the world. You can jump on the bandwagon towards modernization too now. Sometimes it is just a matter of hearts and experimenting with new ideas. In 2021 a business website is more like a sure shot formula to progress.

professional website

We have helped numerous companies of different types and sizes paving their path to success with a professional website. Having had seen the significance and influence of a website in the growth and completeness of a company several times now, we know a business can’t exist properly without a good website backing it up. If you still need convincing on this topic then we have got just the article for you. Here are 15 reasons why every business needs a professional website in 2021. 

1. Modern Customers expect your business to have a website

The most obvious reason to have a website in 2021 is that your customers will expect you to have it. With a large number of people worldwide connected through the internet, your company must have at least a simple website. This might be for customer support, contact information, or simply as a portfolio but you got to have one. Even the classic Word-of-mouth recommendation now leads to seeking for a website. For not letting any possible client of yours down, start making your business website today.

2. You can target a wider audience

Now, one of the main advantages of the internet is that it has no geographical or physical limitations. You can practically target an exponentially large number of audiences throughout the world with your website. Imagine the possibilities to show your company among billions of users each day. As a business having a website is an ideal step to supporting your marketing and sales department in a single sweep.  

3. Credibility to your business strengthens

Digital trends are uprising faster than ever. The question ‘Does it have a website?’ or is there a proper website for it?’ is now more frequent among the public. Your company can be an old-generation quality first believer. However, the reality without a proper professional website is that people will question your credibility. A good website shows your possible future customers that you mean business, and you are in for a long haul.

4. You can have a flexible working condition

One of the most impressive pros of having a business website is that you can work flexibly.  The company hours can now split into different shifts that will help in increased efficiency. A prime example can be customer support or the sales department. You can contact and pitch your services easily to your clients now. Similarly, you can hear and resolve the complaints using an electronic device without the necessity of being physically present at the office. This can be beneficial both for your working staff and your customers.

5. Customers can stay updated easier

The modern communication system uses the internet and its services magnificently. With your business website, your customers can stay well updated on your services. Imagine you are starting a new package for your clients just for them to not know in time. Similarly, a website helps you to present your clients with a fast response in case of any unforeseen events at the company too. So much and more are the underrated advantage a company can enjoy with a good professional website. 

6. You will appear in the Google Search Results

Google is the most prominent search engine in the world. To not be within its reach denies your business some major opportunities to grow and reach new heights. Being in the higher positions in the Search engine result page means a large influx to your business website which you can utilize in several ways. Similarly, Google recommends a company with websites earlier than one without it so you might want to give a thought to this point immediately. 

7. You can provide your services 24*7 with a professional website

Any company needs to put a lot of effort to provide 24*7 services. The cost, as well as the resources to be accessible around the clock, is significantly reduced with a professional website. You just need a fraction of individuals staying online and your company can function in every period of the day. Similarly, in case of emergency or top-priority client request, a business website is as good as any other format of business in 2021 too.

8. Larger volume of visitors to turn as your clients

In a traditional business system, you can only expect a certain number of clients to find or sell your service to. However, with a business website you can plan a digital marketing strategy with the possibility of gaining several hundred times more visitors each day. At the end of the day, it is up to you for converting them as clients but your website comes into discussion nonetheless. Similarly, with PPC marketing availability you can make your ads perform with ROI better than any of your prior investments.

9. Fastest medium to showcase your product, work, and services 

A professional website might take several months to complete as a project. But once that is achieved, you now have one of the fastest mediums to showcase your services, products, and work. Let’s take an example of a simple store vs. an e-commerce website. By the time you set up, decorate, and patiently wait for customers to find your store, you can display more items and reach significantly more visitors to your business website without having to worry about the time, space, or other usual problems.

10. A lifeline for aspiring startups

Startups mostly operate with limited capital.  Sometimes you can argue a professional website not being a top priority. However, as an investment, there are few other components of your startup more rewarding than a business website. It will boost the presence and add to the credibility of your business which is necessary for a startup. Similarly, for coordination, communication, and partnership a good professional website provides a stable platform for your startup. 

11. Better communication with your customer

Feedbacks and suggestions help a company to shape up and improve the quality of services more efficiently. Similarly, chatting options help to solve any complications or at least record the problems in real-time. Unlike the past forum-system, it is extremely effective and responsible for a company. Your articles and blogs regularly also help your customers receiving new offers, messages, promotions, notices, and more.

12. It saves a lot of time and money in a long run

We have explained a lot before about how a business website helps in earning more money. On the other side, it helps by saving on expenses of a company as well. How? You ask, well, a good website helps in converting good leads, gaining technically sound recruits, and most importantly reduce customer calls and complaints by acting as an interface between you and them.

13. Modern way of promoting your brand

A consistent website maintaining your brand identity is key to success. Any professional designing your site must be given a detailed description of what your brand represents. Once this is done with each addition of content you can engage with your clients and link to high-authority websites. Continue to link and grow your network with your professional website, and you will have a very successful brand-promoting campaign. 

14. You control the Narrative

You can’t control what other people or competitor companies say about you on social media or outside. However, with a good business website loaded with quality content you can influence public perception potently. Comparing this to the old advertisement and brochure system, a website will also be the greatest arm in your arsenal. 

15. Let your website work for your company

Now, for the most convincing reason to make a business website in 2021. Once you have set up a well-designed business website your efforts will be magnified with promising returns.

Making a new professional website might seem like a challenging task at first. So it is wise to choose a trusted company providing all hosting, web design, SEO, and Support for your business website. Wildstone Solution is just that with flexible prices and services best fitting your business. Get in touch for more tips for your business website today.

7 Telling signs You have to Redesign your Business Website in 2021

A good and appealing website has been a necessity to Businesses today. As making a business website for your company as the digital face is not a new idea most people simply miss the obvious facts that the website is outdated. One of the main reasons for your declining online presence might be down to your website. So it is in the best interest of you and your business and in a way even your visitors to redesign and update your site to the modern standard.

website redesign

There are no fixed rules in knowing after how many years of use a website is outdated. Some rapidly evolving markets need redesign every couple of years or so. There might be a few still rocking the retro look of several years today as well. One thing is absolutely clear here and that is engagements, time spent on your website, and the conversion rate of a visitor to a client or customer is directly related to the quality of your website. If you don’t want to compromise on any of those, redesigning your website is your best option. Here are 7 telling signs that you have to redesign your business website in 2021.

1. The site looks outdated, disorganized, and difficult to use

As the devices and technology from which your visitors consume your content and explore your website has rapidly changed and evolved, you can generally look and recognize an outdated website from the very first look of it. The images and texts don’t look sharp enough. Similarly, the format in which the website appears in a browser might be disorganized. Similarly, some of the buttons, sliders, or scroll might not be in the perfect places. These are the basic telling signs that your website looks visually outdated.

2. Your Site is not interactive and responsive- Remember it is not a newspaper

Most people fail to recognize the difference between simple websites and a properly responsive website. While a classic website focuses more on displaying content and jumping from one page to another, websites today have to be more than that. A responsive and interactive website is a reach towards a well-designed web-app with smaller and fundamental functionality. In this sense, when a user enters your site it is not simply only to read or observe the content but to interact and yield much value of their time.

Study shows that an interactive website is 81% more likely to grab the attention of the user. Similarly, almost similar percent of people agree they will revisit or remember the sites better with a responsive unique design. So, take a glance at your site, if it still resembles a lifeless newspaper, it is time to redesign the site.

3. The site is sluggish, the ‘Need for Speed’

The loading speed of your site directly influences the user experience and conversion. It is more important more now in 2021 than ever. Your website visitors will exit your site if it is not fast enough. A study even shows the time stamp of 7 seconds to be exact when an average user bounce off your site to the alternative. Additionally, the speed of the website might have positive or negative input in the Search Engine rankings. So if you want a faster website it is best to redesign to an optimized product. 

4. It takes ages to put and manage your content

Now, let us jump from the visitors to your own experience while using your business website. When someone is used to certain things (here your website) arise no necessity for better changes. But, hear us out here. If you post a single piece of content every day and it takes around 30 minutes to do it with an old website, you can save much time. A five-minute faster time will result in over 32 hours of working time in a year which you can invest in other stuff. Similarly, website redesign integrates new ways of completing your tasks which is much efficient in general. The best part here is once you get the groove of a freshly redesigned website dashboard you will cherish the difference.

5. Your website is not Mobile Optimized

We can’t stretch the importance of Mobile Optimization enough in a website. Over 50% of the web traffic is from a mobile device in 2021. Without a proper mobile-ready site you are missing the possibilities. Check what your websites look like with different mobile devices or with different screens. It is one of the main reasons to redesign your website. 

6. It is difficult to navigate and function as a visitor

Use your website as a visitor and try navigating the pages. If you have some problem yourself using some of the functionality or reading the content, it is time for a redesign. For this very purpose, you could even survey an accurate user experience analysis with your current visitors. Take the recommendation and feedbacks for a better website design when necessary. It could also provide the severity and the requirements of your new website.

7. Your Company is left behind with new websites of the Competitors 

One of the easiest ways of deciding if you need a good redesign for your website is by comparing it with your major competitors. If your competitors are getting the major share of inquiries and calls, this is usually the result of the website performance. Look at the rankings, search results, and more here. A new and better website gives your business a push to keep up with your competitors and with a better strategy soon outperforms. So if your company is left behind with new websites of the competitors, it is time for a website redesign.

How can a poorly designed, slow, or old website hurt your business directly in 2021?

Well, the answers are clear if your Business depends much on the website. However, even for some broad companies, websites play a significant role in different sectors of their performance. Here are some ways that a poorly designed website can hurt you in 2021.

* Your business credibility is based on your website for a large proportion of first-time customers. You wouldn’t be able to make a good impact with an ugly business website.

* Consumers naturally expect a website to load fast. If you are slow you got to go from the perspective of the web traffic.

* Social media is an important part of your digital profile. The sharing and snapping features couldn’t be more useless if your website has poor design and engaging layouts.

* Old websites are more likely to feature old buttons and reserved sections which can be painful for some new generation users.

* SEO and marketing works could be a nightmare for a poorly designed website.

* In many ways website redesign is a natural and timely process. You will be missing out on tons of new features with your outdated business website.

* You could never get a hundred percent of results from your deserving contents, products, or services with a lazy website design.

What major changes to ask for in your new site?

Now when hiring a professional website designer for the redesign, you can ask for few major components. These will help you to avoid missing out and utilize the most of your new design. This sometimes will lead you to extra costs but it is wiser to be safe than sorry later. Most professionals who design and develop the business website will redesign a perfect website for you. However, here are some important changes you should remind them of just in case.

* Make the Redesign Fast and Responsive

Remember speed is the key. Your new website must be significantly faster than your old ones. Similarly, responsive is the way to go. If possible you can ask for specific features that will help the visitors to your website towards conversion.

* Security factors should be considered

It is not unusual to hear that old websites are being hacked now and then. So, in your newly designed website make sure the professionals handle the security components seriously. Adding SSL protection to your site is almost an unstated regulation and you can hint it to your developers as well.

* Upgrade your Hosting Service

Now one of the most overlooked segments after investing in a website redesign is hosting. Proper hosting service for your business website is equally important too. If possible take some recommendations from the web professionals on the hosting and select the most adequate package for you.

* Make sure your New Website represents your brand

Your website must represent your brand. Provide the logos, banners, contact information, as well as highlight those parts that matter most. Brand Building is important for long-term yields. Make sure to elaborate on the theme of your business on your next website redesign.  

* Freshen the design and make use of different sharing buttons

When you have the opportunity to redesign the website from scratch, don’t hesitate to experiment few things. Give a fresher perspective and you can transfer your interests professionally to the business website this time.

At the end of the day, a proper redesign of your stagnant business website will make your life so much easier. As a positive change and well-required investment, you are bound to have a better presence and performance with the new website. For a professional business website, adapting to changes and new technology is significant. With your redesign and fresh look to the website aim for new heights in 2021.

9 Reasons Why mobile optimization is so important for your Business Website in 2021

Mobile Optimization is more than just a responsive site design in 2021. It is a process that assures that the visitors who access your website from their mobile devices have the experience that was optimized for the device. In simpler terms, a website should be readable without any significant changes in content appearance and with the functionality that is available when the site is open from a desktop version.  

mobile optimization

2019 had seen over 60 percent of desktop users while 35 percent of the mobile users browsing from their devices of the total internet users. 2021 has drastically changed the places. Some recent studies show over 54% of internet users using mobile devices. Desktop users only make 42 % of total users. This might be the result of a better and wide variety of smartphone sales in the past few years. While these numbers are still in the growing trend, Mobile optimization of your business website has never been more important than it is now.

Here are 9 Reasons why mobile optimization is so important for your Business Website in 2021 and more.

1. It helps in reaching a larger pool of audience effectively

Plain and simple like that. Your website optimized for mobile means better search engine optimization overall. This prompts Google and other search engines to rank your site higher. And like that, you will be reaching an exponentially larger number of visitors.

2. To reduce the bounce rate 

Bounce rate is a term used to analyze the percentage of visitors that enter your site and leave rather than continuing to view the other pages of the website. A lower bounce rate means a lot more time spent by each visitor to your site. The cases of users leaving your site is very high for mobile users if your website is not mobile optimized. Hence, optimization factors directly on reducing the bounce rate of your website. 

3. for better SEO Results

There are multiple factors a google (or any other search engine in this regard) algorithm takes under consideration for ranking your website in SERP. Mobile optimization technically improves several aspects in itself giving users a better experience with your website. Similarly, bad content displayed better always outperforms good content displayed in bad order in the analytics.

4. To get more bookmark conversion 

If your website has that easy to use and better design factor, visitors once in your sites are more likely to revisit time and again. Bookmark is the standard way of saving URLs for future use for most browsers. A better mobile optimization helps any website to get more bookmark conversion.  

5. for high-quality brand values

This is one of the most important advantages of proper mobile optimization of your business website. Sometimes not having any negatives acts well and a lot for your brand value. Your website is more likely to be shared and suggested with properly optimized pages rather than random designs. 

6. Advantage to your competitor

If there are two competing websites under the same industry one with a better-optimized business website performs better. A lot of other factors still do matter but mobile optimization makes sense and is better done than left for later. Hence, the decision to make your site mobile-optimized will be a wise one if you do it earlier than your competitors. 

7. Displaying content as it was meant to be rather than it appears 

If your site uses a lot of images and graphics for displaying the web-content, mobile extremely important. You could display your content as you wish that your visitors will see rather than unplanned changes on a smaller/different-sized screen.

8. to better-implementing marketing strategies

One of the basic principles of marketing is that it is easier to showcase and sell better products. This is similar to the case of your business website. Mobile optimized websites are better in several ways than those that aren’t both on design and functionality. For implementing marketing strategies mobile optimization of your website is a must. 

9. for better Sales Motivation

User experience is one of the most important factors of a business website. An easy-to-use website more often than not motivates more sales than a disorganized one. Most of the e-commerce and similar activities are carried out from mobile devices and mobile optimization aids in different steps of the sales process.

Technical Steps for Mobile Optimization

1. Remove the Separate URL (for e.g. the ‘m.’ before helps in mobile browser but often is bad for SEO)

2. Most importantly, give your business website a responsive design. 

3. Maximize the loading speed. Speed is the winner for mobile browsing. 

4. Fix any technical error. In different screen size, make sure the buttons work like it was meant to.

5. Leave gaps between the elements. On a small screen, it must be easy to touch and select what the user wants.

6. Use the pop-ups extra wisely.

7. Always prefer HTML 5 to the outdated Flash. 

8. Make sure the important contents are visible and visible properly. It will matter a lot on the conversion rate of visitors.

9. Integrate social media properly on your site.

10. Provide a better video experience (the underrated component of your website.)

11. Always optimize the site for local search. i.e., your address, contact, and working hours with chat options.

Things to focus on while optimizing your business website

1. Navigation must be simple enough

We have seen enough of too many complex changes attempted for websites to optimize better. Only a handful of times these over-the-top works have been successful and the rest have been wasted. Let it be simple. No funky artworks or extra clips. If your site looks clean and functions well, you have achieved 90% of the mobile optimization.  

2. Use of Lower resolution image fit for Mobile and Tablets

You might want to put the images of the highest quality on your website. While it is a good thing to plan but you should consider the practicality of this scenario. Your best quality photo means high resolution and it will take exponentially larger space. This will inevitably result in slower loading time and a less ideal user experience. Hence you have to opt for lower resolution images that are just good enough here.

3. Design with Finger usability (Icons, Buttons, and text size)

Browsing on a desktop and mobile screen is significantly different. No difference comes close to the interaction by muse pointers and interaction by a thumb. When a website is shrunken to a smaller screen the buttons get smaller hence more difficult to select properly. If you have to, change the size or position of these buttons, icons, and more for making the users feel easier to navigate and use your website.  

4. Manage in a way that the least content is lost in smaller screens

Sometimes you have to prepare for lost content or at least the structure when the website is opened on a mobile screen. Always prioritize the main content rather than what is visible in these scenarios. Keep one thing in mind that users to your website must get what they have entered your website for.

5. Prominently display your contact information

This might just be the most important point to focus on but largely overlooked during mobile optimization. Prominently display your contact information and social media buttons. Make it easier for the users to keep in touch with you or share your content in their network.

6. Don’t forget to add Mobile-specific functionality.

Mobile-specific functionality is the feel-good functions that make your site memorable during mobile browsing. It might be multiple taps, gestures, buttons, sliders, or other extra accessories that help users to use your site easily.

Mobile optimization is important and it could play a bigger role in the success of your marketing strategies. Always research more and hire professional web developers for the best results regarding it. Each website is unique and with mobile optimization, you can make your specialty pop-out for mobile users in 2021.

Using website builders vs. hiring professional web designers for your business website

Websites might be the most important part of your business and can play a significant role in your success. Previously, your only option was to hire a professional. This had many advantages as well as problems with it. Website Builders, as a growing software platform is a real alternative as we are heading to 2021.

With the introduction of a handful of fantastic website builders out there you can now build your website with less or even no coding skills. However, it doesn’t mean you should. Most website builders have few problems of their own. It is imperative that these builders improve in the coming years. However, at this level now you might want to research further while investing in professional web developers or website builders. 

Web Builders vs professsionl web designer

You may have a clear-cut decision on your hand as your preference can be different for the business website. For example in the case of startups, those who have a separate investment budget tend to hire professionals for their website. However, in the same scenario, if the website wants to go up and running in a short time, a website builder is a wiser choice. This article helps you to make a better choice if you are hoping to hire a professional website developer or use a website builder for your business. 

Pros and Cons of using Website Builder

Website Builder is simply a software platform that allows users with little or no coding skills to build a website. For the most part, it is simple enough for a common person but displayable to do its job. No matter what anyone has to say this is a trend that is here to stay. Hence, investing in a popular platform might do you well and help you to attain better quality and quantity of traffic. Here are the pros and cons of using a website builder.

website builder


* No Coding Skills Required

The very base advantage of the website builder is the ability to design and develop without coding. Some of these might even allow you to drag and drop your preferred components to your website. Similarly, the interface here is easier with clear instructions on how to use them. You can get used to the tools here and start working on your website from the very first day.  

* Fast for every step of development

Most people might not know this but it takes hundreds of hours of coding during the complete design and development of a professional website. In comparison, a website builder is exponentially faster. A proper website here will be up and running within a week.

* Cheaper in comparison to other methods

Website Builder is simply cheaper in every regard. For startups with less capital, this might be a game-changer. You can use different necessary components of a good website builder for less than 10$ per month. However, it is not new for different builders to add charges in cases of exclusive website features and extensions too. 

* Easy to Export and Manage

It is one of the major attractions for website builders. Big website builders not only give you the ability to develop a website but also host it with them. This allows for smooth easy and fast export of the website components to be live. Similarly, it is also easy to export the site in case you want to change your platform. 


* Not Custom Designed

One obvious thing for Website Builders is that you can miss the ‘Pro’ experience. There are a wide variety of templates available but it is rarely customizable to your interest. Similarly, more often than not these templates are not mobile optimized which can be bad for your business website.

* Comparatively slow loading Time

Speed is more important now than ever. Stats show that more than 70% of total visitors bounce off your website within the 10 seconds mark. Fast websites do much better in this context. However, Website builders can’t guarantee you that and your site could be significantly slower. 

* Poor possibilities of on-page SEO

You are not required to touch any codes for website builders. While it might sound great most out there have unstructured and messy codes. To what degree it will hamper your site is uncertain but it will damage your on-page SEO. Similarly, SEO is way better with some assistance and analysis plugins which most website builders don’t support.

* Limited Pages and features

Features are more likely to be limited in website builders for selling a much expensive premium package. You might only be allowed to create few pages and it will not help for a large business.

Some well-known website builders

Here are some of the best website builders for you to give a try if you want a top-notch and efficient interface to work with. 

* Wix

Wix might be the most popular and known website builder. The aggressive advertising campaign certainly worked for them. One disadvantage here is that once you have published your site here you can’t switch. 

* Duda

Duda is up and coming website builder. With a small charge upfront, almost anyone can build their website with Duda. The most impressive feature here will be the guaranteed optimization for a mobile-friendly version of your site as well.

* Gator Website builder (By HostGator)

Hostgator has been one of the best hosting services in the world for some time now. They have entered the market now as a website builder as Gator Website Builder (GWB). It might not be the best one for you right now but there have been leaks about substantial investment from the company for the coming years. 

* SquareSpace

Squarespace is the website builder for those who love to meddle around their site. It has lots and lots of exciting tools that can help your site to stand out from the rest. 

* Ukit

Ukit is a Russian website builder which have been the topic of discussion as an up and coming builder. Ukit is popular out there for its in-built statistics pages and superior image editing tools for your website.

* Weebly

Weebly has both free and paid versions with little to distinguish between those. Weebly is great to learn how to build your site from scratch with its easy UI. 

Pros and Cons of Hiring professional web designers

A web developer is a professional who unlike website builders will make your site from scratch. In comparison to Web builders, you can sit back and relax and 9 out 10 times your site will be fantastic. Remember a point that it is not about how much your website costs but how it might cost your business if you do not have a professional website. Here, are a few pros, cons, and more if you want to hire a professional web developer.

professional web designer


* Websites professionally developed is more secured and faster

Security and Speed might be two of the most important factor to help in your website visitors converting as your clients. A professional will take the security and speed factors as the most important requirements.

* Your website will be unique and aids in developing a better sales pitch

Creating something from scratch means that your website will be yours in every possible way. Being unique will help your brand to grow and might be extremely beneficial in a long run. It highlights what matters and that can be what defines your business among your competitors and targeted audience. Apart from this an aesthetically pleasing website is a plus point for any marketing strategy.

* Skilled developers can help very much in successful marketing and SEO strategies

SEO and web development come hand in hand. This step is where hiring a professional takes every step to the next level. The expertise of a web developer combined with the tips and strategies of a marketer will assure you have faster ROI. Similarly, a better content management system and the availability of different custom-made plugins will make your site rank higher in the search engines. 

* Web-support is better and you can troubleshoot any complications easily

Websites can change with the smallest of inserts. This might be for both the website builders and while building a site through a professional web developer. As developers know the code they wrote troubleshooting and solving errors is efficient here. Similar, can’t be said about website builders as they are known for the slow or late response to customer inquiries.

* You get exactly what you wish

Simply put it this way, your ideas can get the results on your website here. As you can control and manage every bit of the pages or parts of your web-page you get exactly what you want from a professional web designer. 


* More time consuming and long term project 

Making a website from scratch will take significantly longer than with a website builder. Similarly, due to this being a long-term project if you didn’t hire the right website building company or professional this can be a headache. Sometimes, it could even be a waste of your money and time.

* Coding skills might be necessary for updating and managing your website

Now, you can get everything on the front of your site with a well inserted Content Management System (CMS). However, coding skills or a simple understanding of code will be required if you want to change further. This is necessary if you aren’t able to contact your web designer for every small and big change. 

* It is difficult to balance both the quality and cost of the website

The cost factor here plays a major role. While it is no doubt that spending freely will result in a lot better website, it is extremely difficult to create a website on a budget. You might find options out there but a cheap website by a professional web developer means a drop in quality. 

* Requirement and development process can get confusing sometimes

This is the very first step and miscommunication will not be good for both parties here. Throughout the process of website design, you might have to give your input for the site. This might not be the best use of your time in the case of long projects.

* Simple steps might require complicated codes

For something simple as drag and drop in a website builder, it might take hours of code for a web developer. This is the truth behind the website being custom-made for you. Sometimes, bugs and errors can extend the deployment phase of the site too.

Things to ask before hiring a web developer

If you have chosen to hire a professional to make you a great business website here are few points to discuss before the deal is done.

1. If possible, hire someone from your Professional network

Rather than heading straight to Google and searching for a professional web developer, try seeking for one in your network. You can trust better and even know the hiring experience of your other peers. This step will also be helpful in your long run.

2. Ask for the experience not only as a web developer but in your business industry 

As a web developer, it is positive that professionals might have completed dozens of projects. You will be benefitted more if they have worked in some sites related to your business. Similarly, you can also ask them if they’re open to research further on your industry in these regards.

3. Ask for his/her previous works

You might not have to do these as most professionals will showcase their projects readily. Take a look at those and make your decision. Sometimes it is better to do what your heart says. If you fancy the style and components of those websites, hire them for your site too.

4. Make a design Wish list and ask for their further recommendations

It is very helpful to have a wish-list of what you want to see on your website. This step will assure that the website you have in mind is not out of the skillset of the web developers. Browse few business sites on the internet and make a list of what might make your site look and function better.

5. You can test their technical skills with demo works 

It might be difficult to trust someone easily. In this case, make them show or prepare you a demo of their skills. You can choose quick and easy tasks for them and if satisfied carry on further with the project discussions. 

6. Check for the endorsement from their previous clients

This step is obvious but very helpful. Ask the contact info of the clients and try to get their honest experience. If you are assured of the professional service here, you can go on to hire them. In case you miss few negative recommendations, this step will help you.

7. Assure for the web-support availability even after the project is complete 

Now, make sure you are not completely left once the project is complete. It is better to pay extra if available for web support. This will prevent you from the hassle to hire an extra employee to take care of your business website. 


Choosing between using a website builder vs. hiring a professional is always debatable. There is no doubt that a proper web designer will always come on top. However, if the work is done for your business it might be more than what is necessary for your business website. Hence, heading towards 2021 you have to clear out your plans and choose wisely to attain the ideal website fitting your business. 

11 Essential tips for starters to improve your web design in 2021

Web Design is set to hit the prime this decade according to multiple studies. It might be one of the best times to get into and learn Web Design. It Ranks third on the average salary for IT jobs across the globe. For starters, Web Design tips might be anything from the obvious to technical. If you are entering the web technology field in 2021 this article might be helpful before any courses on Web Design.

Web Design tips

A good website plays a prominent role in getting consistent and relevant traffic to your desired pages. It helps in SEO, content translation, and most importantly turning those visitors into possible customers. In your journey to being an advanced web professional, a good beginner’s guide is ideal. A good designer can really showcase to the clients the difference between a live website and an optimized one.

Studies show that almost 40 % of the total design learners change the strides to other professions. The positive part here will be that a strong base on the web will be helpful in many other sectors too. Hence, these tips are helpful to kick start your web design journey. Here are 11 essential tips for starters to improve your web design in 2021.

1. Have a Plan: Stepwise result forecasting

Planning your works and different parts of your web project is always important. Not only in your working phase, but planning will also be effectively helpful in your learning stage. Map out your journey through multiple checkpoints and analyze your progress and errors. This method will help you in a long run too. Keeping your goals in your mind, you can use several tools to help you track your growth. Be conscious and just don’t always let things go with the flow. 

2. Research and don’t hold back to try new things

Web technology is always evolving and research is a great way of learning new techniques. Separate a few hours each week solely for the researching purpose. Another way is to join the communities of other web designers and sharing new ideas and technologies. Try new things even if you have found your style/format of designing a website. You never knew what can blow up and help your site better. However, being too experimental can sometimes diverge you from the fundamental components. Keep this one thing in mind as well.

3. Remove any ambiguous terminologies and stocky images

There are few things more hazardous to your messages conveyed through the website than stocky images. It is more relevant in 2021. The average attention span of visitors in their first time to a certain website is 8 seconds. It means in that period you have to be to the point and clear. Your design must assist it. Be consistently detailed and filter out any present stocky images and ambiguous terminologies. 

4. Optimization to the different screen is extremely important

No matter how great your web design looks the clients will go back circling to SEO. The process is almost relentless and monotonous. That means a small change during the design might be a good time and effort saver in a long run. As a web designer keep Usability, Device variation, keywords, links, and headings in your mind at least for a better optimizable website. If you can, take an SEO crash course to help you with the matter. It is one of the other skills that will help you in near future.

5. Always put yourself in your visitors’ shoes while testing and improvement

This step might sound niche but have a huge practical potential. Here it means keeping the right tools to aid the visitors to the proper action on your website. For example, if you have an e-commerce website, you will like to have better search and filter tools. Similarly, highlighting the different payment options might aid in the indecisiveness of most visitors. Be your client for a moment and make the changes that you are sure to help positively.   

6. Try designing with a close understanding of the market

It is no surprise that not every website is the same or similar. For different organizations and companies, a whole lot changes even in the basics. Web designing to be serious is more closely related to market study than you think. From keeping up with the market trends to surfing through the reviews of clients, you must be much more social here. Lean a bit more towards the field of the site and you will find many things that will help your design to outperform your competitors. 

7. Don’t forget to formulate color and font combinations

Colors and Fonts are the first things that you note from your client’s requirement listing. Experience helps a lot here but for starters, there are certain dos and don’ts. Focus on the branding of your website and match the theme of the company with your color combinations. Similarly, be subtle and simple in the use of fonts. There are so many options here that you are likely to mess up as a beginner. Go safe for this step and use appropriate fonts for appropriate sections. Sometimes even a minute distraction could be enough for the visitors to sway away from your site. Spend some time to get this right.

8. Learn from better designs, themes, and existing websites

One of the most obvious tips for anyone there is to learn from successful websites. We recommend you to keep a sheet of different amazing sites and study them further. This doesn’t mean you should imitate these designs but to innovate further acquiring inspiration. At most create a self-selection experience where you can map a frame or example in your head before starting any new project.

9. Make better use of ‘Share’ and ‘Follow’ Social media buttons

 Social media is more powerful for businesses than ever. Even Apple, who are known for their passive existence online, are making efforts lately to maintain a better online presence. For your sites make it very shareable in different kinds of mediums. Make these buttons linking to your social media accessible and simple. You can find several examples of creative ways to integrate social media into your website. Learn about them and don’t miss this vital component.

10. Design for Better Content Management and Display

Avoid being too flashy. Sometimes with the design, you might forget the main element of your site, the content. A modern Content Management System (CMS) will provide you a base for most of your works here. Make sure to utilize the freedom to optimize and customize your webpage through it to the fullest. The user or client appreciate a less technical and easy user manual here, so work towards achieving that.

11. Be up to date and used-to with helpful design tools 

Several fantastic web design tools can help you in your everyday work. Here are a few of them that we suggest you obtain or try in 2021.


* Google Web Designer

* Sketch

* WebFlow

* Adobe Photoshop

* Squarespace

* WordPress

* Weebly

Keep an eye on the other tools that are soon to release and try them too. Your skillset and compatibility will grow with these which is better for your career as a web designer.

Web Design is here to stay as long as the internet. So, get ready to rise with the flow and evolve with new and exciting technologies. We at Wild Stone Solution wish you success.

E-commerce websites in 2021- A necessity for online business in Nepal

Online Business especially buying and selling different kinds of things online is trending in Nepal right now. The use of social media in particular has made it easy to provide an online store for your products. If you are exclusively selling through Social Media (Facebook and Such), it might change More often than not the rules and laws introduced by the government seems premature or without any significant benefits.

e-commerce website

Ministry of Industry Commerce and Supplies (MOICS) have made it illegal to sell products through social media or other platforms without the use of a registered E-commerce Business website. They marked out that this decision was made to monitor and control internet scams and phishing activities. This law when passed will mandate any online seller business (big or small), to have a website. If found otherwise the entity is susceptible to a fine up to 1 Lakh.

So what are the changes for you as a Businessperson? Well, you have to go through a couple of steps to make your eCommerce site legitimate. The first point is that your website has to be secured with Secure Sockets Layer(SSL). It is nothing new and most professional websites use this to protect the client information. The second step is to go to the user protection department portal and notify your business. After that, you are required to clarify the taxes, additional charges, Guarantee/Warranty policies, and delivery windows on your site.

Better For Consumers

For Consumers, this would be a positive decision. Multiple sites selling different products will let you navigate and compare the prices better. First, it might look like a hassle switching to a browser from your everyday app. However, extensions like Honey and similar ones will allow you to get the best deals easily. The most important advantage here is the scam rates will be less and you can hold the sellers accountable for any bad experiences.

Online is the way to go and there is no second opinion to that in Nepal too. The next Daraz or Sastodeal is just in their beta version, and a great dynamic easy-to-use eCommerce website can be a game-changer. At first, this decision might seem like a barrier for startups, but the advantages and integrity assurance makes it better. Here, are few things for you if you are planning to obtain an e-commerce website for your online store.

Website as an Investment rather than an expense

If you are looking at your website as an expense, you are doing it wrong. You spend money here not because you have to but it is bound to bring you more business. ECommerce websites are the best investments for your business with a quick ROI and profits. Comparing more deeply, a good website can make you a lot of money while spending money on a bad website is letting that capital down the drain.

For a new business, it is very important to understand the website and how it works. Now, it is necessary with the Government’s decision but just setting it up and not utilizing it to the fullest might be foolish. A good website can bring more customers to your business and it knows no boundary. You can connect with them better and be a reliable source of the online store now. Your eCommerce website is your shop window, your customer service, marketing, and brand-building tool, and most importantly your PR ambassador.

What to look for in a good eCommerce website?

Here is a list of features to look for in your eCommerce website. It might not be necessary for your site to focus but we generally suggest you know more

  • Easy content management ability
  • Support multiple payment options (cards, e-wallet, and more )
  • Clean UI for a better user experience.
  • Tools for managing the promotion as well as discount codes.
  • Scalable and adaptive to new versions of Web Technology.
  • Easy to Manage and use Checkout/Cart.
  • An integrated blog and news segment will be helpful too.
  • Layouts and codes focused on easy search engine optimization.
  • Email marketing integration to connect well with your visitors.
  • Review and rating system for customer feedback.
  • ChatBots and Customer support system.

Benefits of an eCommerce website for your Business

Here are some obvious benefits for your business after adding an eCommerce website.

  • Low set up cost. Minimal in comparison to actually having a physical store.
  • You can operate your business from anywhere. It provides you the flexible option to operate from a small warehouse with a digital storefront.
  • Scalability option is limitless. You can easily upgrade your website capabilities.
  • There are no time restrictions. Apart from customer service, you can be a part of your site at the time that fits you best.
  • Your sales are more manageable and measurable for aiding your strategic decisions.
  • It is less time-intensive once the design and development steps are complete.
  • Better cashflows and higher profit margins.
  • It helps to overcome geographical and other physical limitations.

Is it necessary to hire an IT professional for managing the website?

Well, it all depends on the scale and time your online business requires to function properly. If you are a startup with less capital, you can learn to use and manage your own website. In a medium-volume business, you can hire dedicated personnel for updating and managing your e-commerce business. Going further up, a department of professionals can give you the absolute best from your site.

Your other option is to pay for the services of an IT Solution (Web Solution) on an annual or monthly basis to give you the required web support. It is best for you with fast response and dependable services. You mightn’t notice but running a well-managed and designed website can save you money in other sectors like maintenance and QC. Hence, you can benefit from assigning an IT/Web professional depending on the manpower requirements.

We have seen so much negativity in the decision to mandate business websites. For online businesses big or small, this might be a direction to head for rather than being a ball and chain to your success.

13 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 2021

WordPress is one of the simplest ways of creating your business website. It is also popular with over 40 percent of the total websites on the internet powered by WordPress. Business websites in particular can benefit a lot from WordPress. The easy admin experience with a wide range of scalability and better ROI are some of the major appeals of WordPress Plugins.

wordpress plugins

As an open-source content management system (CMS), WordPress has numerous quirks. One such is the availability of numerous fantastic WordPress Plugins. Due to the platform being amplified by the global community each year there are some genius Plugins to make your work easier here. Being updated to these will help you to efficiently do your work as well as improve your website. We shout out some of the very best WordPress Plugins in this article.

What are WordPress Plugins?

A WordPress Plugin is a part of code that ‘plugs in’ to your WordPress site. In simpler terms, it is a bubble that adds to the functionality of your website. These might be new or even an extension of the existing functionality. WordPress Plugins can make anywhere from small tweaks to a lot of major changes to your website. For example, some plugins will help you in creating small updates while others can change it to a fully functional eCommerce site upon your choice.

There are over 60, 000 plugins for WordPress going towards 2020 and each has its own characteristics and functionality. Most of these are free while others might charge you for the premium versions.

Advantages of using web plugins

* It saves a lot of time. Plugin developers have spent their time and effort required. Web developers are greatly helped here.

* It provides some flexibility to customize site functionality and features.

* Plugins can be very reliable for getting things done fast.

* It can help you change different components of your website without advanced technical abilities.

* Web Plugins are easy to install as well as uninstall which prevents hassle in updating your website.

Although there are many advantages of installing different plugins there are certain risks if used the wrong plugins. Some of these include causing an error to your website, vulnerability to your website security, or introducing malicious codes. To prevent these always use well-known and trusted plugins. Keeping a backup is also wise. Using more plugins than you need can also hinder the website speed. Hence, choosing a correct and useful plugin to do the job is significant.

Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 2021

1. Yoast SEO

WordPress is an SEO friendly platform out of the box. Yoast is one of the most complete Plugins to help you and improve the on-page SEO here. It has different tools and features to analyze and improve your content to fulfill the technical requirements. By generating sitemaps, Yoast also helps you to connect with the Google Search Console. It also comes with a powerful feature which detects the change and broken links on your website. You have both free and premium versions here with the latter offering more scalability and in-depth analysis.

2. WPForms 

WPForms as the name suggests is a simple WordPress plugin to make a user-friendly contact form for your website. It is very important especially for business websites to get connected to their clients. WPForms makes it possible for your clients to get in touch with you more effectively. With drag and drop features you can easily create different types of forms. With over 3 million users, it is best for websites requiring contact, subscription, online ordering, payment, survey, and similar types of forms. 

3. Monster Insights

Monster Insights is easy to reach plugin integrating the Google Analytics components to your website. Taking the data and charts from Google Analytics, you can now analyze and work on the changes from your WordPress dashboard. Unlike Google Analytics, here you are given all the important stats that matter within the website. Monster Insights has both free and premium versions. Although the free version is enough for beginners, the Premium upgrade can give you an extra edge here.

4. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin helping your website to improve the speed almost instantly. The best part here is that WP rocket doesn’t require any technical skill. It automatically turns on all the recommended caching services by WordPress like compression, page cache, gzips, and pre-loading. As it is a smart plugin it works by automatically building your website cache even before someone’s request. Imagify is an optimization service available for image contents with WP Rocket too. It is a paid version of WordPress Plugin.

5. Updraft Plus

 Updraft Plus is a widely used WP backup Plugin on the market right now. Allowing users to set up automatic backups, it is easy to use and manage. Updraft Plus stores these backups in a remote location improving the security factor of the website. Similarly, the easy restoration option makes Updraft Plus a must-have WordPress Plugin for a professional website. It has both free and paid versions. The paid version gives you additional features and priority support.

6. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most popular and flexible plugins developed to give a complete open-source e-commerce solution. It powerfully blends commerce and content offering an enticing storefront to your website. From bookings, subscriptions, memberships, dynamic pricing, to categorization and display of goods, Woocommerce handles it all for you. Additionally, you can choose multiple payment and shipping options as well as automated calculations too. It is a free WordPress Plugin.

7. PushEngage

PushEngage is a web push notification plugin. This is one of the recent techniques to improve user interaction on a website. PushEngage allows you to send different targeted announcements and messages to your website visitors. It comes with several powerful features coming in handy for any website. Especially for an e-commerce website, PushEngage can automatically trigger price drop alerts, cart abandonment notifications, inventory alerts, and more. Also, managing updates and newsletters are made simple with PushEngage.

8. SeedProd

SeedProd is a simple drag and drop page builder allowing you to create custom page layouts. You can choose from over a hundred different templates or even build one from scratch with SeedProd. All these without a single line of code. SeedProd is the answer for unsteady web support with easy customization of landing, sales, registration, maintenance mode, 404 error, and several other pages. It also has free and paid versions serving different functions.

9. Member Press

Member Press is a useful WordPress plugin that allows you to build communities, courses, and membership sites easily. You can create subscription plans and provide different access levels to your content. It is also designed in a way to combine well with WooCommerce hence supporting several payment solutions. The main features of Member press include drip content, LMS, group memberships, and automation features. Member press is a premium WordPress Plugin with the only paid version.

10.  WP Mail SMTP

WordPress by default uses PHP mail functions to send your emails. But, several hosting companies don’t have a proper setup for this feature. It might result in your clients not receiving important email notifications. WP Mail SMTP is an SMTP mail server solving your problems. It has both free and paid versions of Plugins to use.

11. SEMRush

SEMRush is a powerful marketing toolkit beneficial for digital marketing professionals. It will help in your website growth as well as SEO. Similarly, it also aids in Paid traffic and PR strategies of your website. The best part here is that it is a tool to have for gathering useful information and getting the upper hand over your business competitors. Keyword research, track brand mentions, and backlink audits are some of the main features available here. SEMRush is only available in the trial and paid versions.

12. Pretty Links Pro

Pretty Links Pro is a link management WordPress plugin. It is one of the best tools available for affiliate marketers. Similarly, Pretty Links Pro also helps business owners, podcasters, and marketing strategists with the easy creation of short URLs in WordPress. Pretty Links Pro is a paid plugin but you can select from a range of plans that fits your website needs.

13. LiveChat

LiveChat is live chat support for business and e-commerce websites. With tons of customization options, it is gaining popularity lately. The best thing here is that it also comes with a mobile app. You can provide real-time-support to your clients with Live Chat. We suggest you use this with the ChatBot created by the same team for the fastest response and best AI-powered ChatBot features. The WordPress Plugin for LiveChat is free.

Here are some tips to choose WordPress plugins that work best for you.

* Research is the key. Read carefully about the information and functionality available with every WordPress Plugin.

* Spot different versions of your plugins. If there are paid and free versions, select one which is best for your plan. Also, check if it is a one-time purchase or an annual payment.

* Test your plugin before committing to it.

* Check if your plugin is blacklisted. There are a few WordPress plugins that are banned by some hosting services.

* See some reviews and evaluate the functionality and quality of the plugin.

* Choose a trusty plugin developer, some of the best ones here are made by reputable companies. 

These are some of the most impressive WordPress Plugins to have on your business website according to our expert study. WordPress is a diverse platform and it never hurts to know more and stay up to date with new ones. Stay connected with us for more tips and information regarding your business website.

8 Integral Qualities to have in an Ideal Business Website

Having a website is one of the most fundamental steps for a complete business in the 21st century. Marking your brand online is the very key to success for any organization as the world is turning digital more each new day. Apart from the charm of fantastic looking websites, many other attributes are resulting in an effective and sublime web portal. Trends are there to follow but more important constituents must be present for any possible clients visiting your business website.

Most people take little or no follow-ups after handling website companies. Well, as one of the most powerful business firearms to rule the market one must leave no stone unturned on finding an ideal website for their business. You can appeal the bigger mass by giving them what they seek for minimizing the nuisance of a bad website. People visit your website for these three obvious reasons: –

* For the services/products

* For Assistance and information

* Partnership, link exchange and coordination (networking)

For any of these three, you must have an intact and all-functional website. Here, we have tried to highlight the most important components and features to check or upgrade on your business website.

1. Clear Navigation

There absolutely must not be any problem or hassle whatsoever navigating the products/services/pages of your company on the website. The first step in accomplishing this feat is being able to think from the heads of your clients and prepare the website accordingly. Placing the call to action (CTA) buttons in optimal places, and guiding the first-timers to your different specifications is also helpful. Similarly, you can add video assisting clips in the appropriate segments if the actions required are a bit complex to everyday users here. By upgrading the Navigating ease you are doing the best job for appealing the users to choose your company over similar competing organizations.

2. A Mobile-Friendly Version

Mobile-friendly website example

Making a mobile-friendly version of a website is the first step to take as almost 56.7 % of internet browsing is done from smartphones as of 2019. Checking the optimality is easy, just run your website in different browser-compatible devices (if possible of different screen sizes) and test its compatibility. Examine the CTA buttons and different parts of the business website and assure its functionality.

While creating a new website just make sure it is mobile friendly and smooth. As for the existing websites, we at Wildstone upgrade your business website to operate in any prevailing device all around the world.

3. Clarified Business Information

Content clarity – good color combination and use of infographics with text

The architecture to display information is an important object of a website, however, the information itself at the end determines the authenticity and reliability of any business website. The best way is to assign qualified personnel for the writing and customizing the way the information has to be displayed. To better clarification of the Business information of any organization you must take these few points under consideration: –

* Avoid using complex words, make it short, simple and up to the point.

* Arrange the flow of the information in an optimum order

* Know the technical levels/adequacy of the potential mass of website visitors and link the description of the segments focusing the general public if necessary.

* Avoid noise and errors to the full potential (you can also send it to proofreaders for further assurance)

4. Secured and effective Accessibility

It goes without saying that security is one of the absolute quality to possess both as an organization and client looking up to it. May it is from the login, forms or the chat assistant, privacy is a must. Strong privacy policies define the technical prowess of a company and you must take every step to enhance the security. Here are a few tips to follow: –

* Keep your software up to date, newer versions often come with upgraded security.

* Add security patches if you are implementing a third-party CMS like WordPress or Magento.

* Use HTTPS to avoid interceptions or content manipulation from unauthorized members.

* Use trusted website security tools like Netsparker, OvenVAS, Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework, etc., for monitoring and avoiding attacks.

Try to make your business website accessible to people speaking different languages and abilities. Adding simple plugins or features (eg Google Translate) from tech companies will make your website available for a larger audience.

5. Social Media Integration

Sharing/Connecting options in a website to different popular social media

Social media is the most proficient, easy and effective way of reaching out to your clients in the 21st century. Social media promotions in large communities like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and other giants are the fastest way of establishing your company brand. Through many different additional plugins make your website shareable in these platforms. Social media integration provides a well-needed boost for your general web presence.

6. Good Hosting for a Speedy Website

Web hosting service
Find the best hosting package for you

A good hosting and fast lag-free website is a must if you want to compete in the online business format with other companies. Most of the visitors bounce off or leave the website if it’s slower than the others affecting your search engine ranks as well. Nothing is more annoying to the users than a sluggish and buggy website. Hence, even if it might only be a matter of seconds, select the best hosting package. Aim for consistency and try to limit the use of unnecessary widgets and plugins on your website.

7. Highlighted Contact Information Segments

Always keep the contact information in places easily accessible to the users. The most effective places to place these would be in the header/footer sections of the website. It is best to use contrasting colors here and only include important information. As the audience has more than one option to choose from beside you, offer multiple points of contact (emails, phone, social media or more).

8. A Customer-care service for effective and Timely Assistance

Example of chat assist in a website

Always make sure to add a customer-care segment visible in different pages of your website for the users. This way you can give timely and clear information to the clients and eventually lead up to a healthy client-owner relationship.

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting Service

While most of the business owners understand the value of quality web content and the interface leading to it, however, the selection of a reliable web hosting company is often ignored. Choosing a random web host without research might produce a disastrous result. With effective after-host options, you must also consider many different factors other than hooking up for a lesser price.

An ideal web hosting is a foundation to enhance your website performance quality. A study by Forbes shows that over 18000+ websites are hacked every day. Adding to it is that more than 50% of the hosts are from top brand hosting providers. Well, for security reasons, you must also consider a company providing active backup and recovery services. Accessibility and the ableness to handle the different volume of visitors also defines your quintessential web-host. It’s a treat to find the same company providing your web design and hosting services. Knowing the facts and factors to choose an excellent web hosting service will always result in a smooth and secure business website.

Here are 8 general tips to keep in mind for choosing the right web hosting service out there.

1. Know what type of Web host you need

The first thing to do is to know what the Business needs. Analyze the traffic and data volume, which helps in narrowing down the web hosting options. For example, if you have a website with a large no of visitors dealing with the video and live streaming facilities, choosing the shared servers will be the last thing you want to do. However, if it acts as an information portal or some kind of virtual resume, you can select the ones fulfilling the limited demands. For smooth functioning and prevention of the general lags, this step is crucial.

2. Search and choose the right Hosting Package

Web hosting service

Rather than selecting the first suggested ones try exploring the packages on the internet. Small business and startups might also turn to shared packages. But, one thing to consider is that smaller price tags might come with a risk of slow website response times. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) can yield better results and also higher quality web performance. So balancing the price tag with the technical components choose the best hosting package.

3. Explore the review sections of the Web Hosts

Third-party reviews might be the perfect way to find any consistent issues with the services. You can get a general idea of the reliability and reputation of the web hosts. Similarly, you can take a step further contacting the real-time service users to find their opinions. In the case of unhappy customers, you can try to get some idea about the dealing procedure and services. After making sure the hosting service is worth your time and money, you can select it with an open heart.

4. Remember price is not all that matters

The price value of the service

If you are a startup, the company offering the lowest price might be very intriguing. But remember the first cliché of any business service, “You get what you pay for.” With a cheaper price you might also have to deal with:-

* Slow servers

* Poor customer service

* Constant downtime

* Association with other unprofessional websites

So if a reasonable price will bring you with an excellent hosting service, hook on that rather than seeking for a cheaper one.

5. Go through the terms of the Service

‘Reading through the terms of service’ well, it is one of the most important parts of any transactions and the most ignored ones too. When it comes to online terms, we have grown quite a habit of ticking the box of ‘I agree.’ Going through these points is an absolute must. Check for the refund policies and what you are giving access to the company by agreeing to it. You can always bargain a bonus service and be aware of any frauds in this step. Also, keep this in mind that better be safe than sorry later.

6. Test the customer support

‘Yes do it’ and yes before the actual deal is done. The first things to look for here are the contact numbers for general and emergency cases. Make sure you can also reach them via phone, email, or any other mediums in case of need. Secondly, see how they deal with you. For most of the companies, customer care is a top priority, but in some others, they don’t give a quick response or might even ignore it in worst-case scenarios. If great customer care and response, you can spend some good price for web hosting.

7. Know more about the Backup and Security plans

What in case of a hack or any other form of losses in a website. Always take a keen interest and research about the backup and security plans of the web hosting company.  Even if you don’t have the perfect technical knowledge, you can guide through the process and analyze the confidence of the company. Security breaches happen all the time from small to big sites. You must check for the provisions for the security of your customer’s private information. It goes without saying that web security is an absolute must. So, you must seek every protection and backup features of the web-hosting company.

8. Find one which can cope with website growth

Most of the web hosting packages are there with the yearly extending system. You might want to search for one which is flexible with the change in the volume of website visits. A well-established company which can maintain the client experience with fluctuating traffic.

As a web host provide the virtual storefront for your business, its critical to know the components which come in the package of your web hosting and act accordingly. Contact us for selecting an ideal web hosting package for your Business.

6 Powerful Tips For Effective Logo Design

A logo is basically your business’ very first contact with the outside world. It enables people to have a first impression which could lead to the likelihood of them opening up to your products/services. Any designer can make you a logo which will fit for all-purpose solving your need for the meantime. However, as a centerpiece of your branding schemes, you must make something that stands out in the market of bland, crappy, and generic types of Logo.

With a blend of designing skills and skillful applications of the creative theory, you can make your desired Logo. A practical design enhances the properties of the Logo and reflects the company itself in it. Experiments show that about 79 % of the general public first view the company logo before reading its name. A standout logo will give you all the advantage to make your business shine and prosper. Here are some tips on how to make your Logo powerful and compelling

1. Know the Brand

Don’t just give the name of your company and make the designers pop out a logo for you. Make the artist reflect the brand in the Logo and to successfully attain that give him/her the complete information about the company. Knowing the brand will enable you to reach a specific set of people through the Logo alone. This set will filter out most of your clients and customers, which will yield your targetted company performance. So, understanding business, brand, and the market; will give you a brand ideology is and what inspirations it might hold for the future. Search these components in your Logo as the first thing.

2. Impression is crucial

Your logo design must be the one which makes a lasting impression to any viewers. Studies have shown that people tend to remember 3 times more if a logo or picture is shown to them alongside the words. Without any doubt that the market is full of brands and product, make sure that any pe[prson gazing into yours will remember for some time in future. With an excellent mesmerizing design, the company attracts the customers any time in the future, when the topics pop up.

3. Make the color combinations work

A critical factor in making your Logo stand out from the rest is the combinations of colors that one uses to complete the Logo. You might not give enough time for the color step, but certain psychological factors must be considered here too. The primary color in your Logo might send the message of your brand being Passionate, aggressive, energetic, or simply other negative/positive ones.

Sketching the Logo before the design is best.

For example, the use of blue color mostly succeeds in attracting young customers. Similarly, orange colors are mostly preferred by kids of growing age in the supplements they want as toys. Select the prime color to go in the Logo as well as the other places it might be. Other components in the Logo mustn’t overpower the primary color. For distinctive purposes, you can select a quarter of your Logo of unmatched colors rather than scattering it in the Logo. So, use colors which evokes the right emotion field of your consumers.

4. Make the best use of the Fonts (Don’t overdo it)

Classic Coca-cola font

Many designers out there select the font that is used in the Logo randomly. One must not forget that these typefaces speak about the personality of your brand. Too regular, and it tends to be bland and too mingled can make it straight irrational. For example, if you operate a business for children technology, you might use handwritten fonts for the purpose. The aim of this is to make the parents understand that your business is ‘Child-Friendly.’ A font might describe your whole business sometimes as we can learn from Facebook using “f” from the Klavika Bold font. Also, you must avoid the gimmicky fonts and try some unique ones here. For example, the iconic ‘Coca Cola’ font, which flourished from its iconic smooth flowing style.

5. Choose the Logotype

A logotype represents the actual component that you want to raise the advertisement level of your company. The most common types are those that use the original name as the main feature. For example, coca-cola, RayVan, IBM, and so on. The key advantage here is being able to advertise your brand name and people being able to identify it straight from the name. This benefits startup and also the business of less marketing budgets.

Hybrid Logotype- Lamborghini

On the other hand, if you are looking for a symbol to represent your company, you must give a good time for the main component. However, the result might be better than that of the brand name using as people tend to remember the graphical features more. For example Penguins for Linux, the letter ‘M’ in Mcdonalds, the bitten apple of Applpe Inc and so on. The next type of Logo is a hybrid of the above two. Using both name and Logo might be an option too, but one must make them clear enough, and the components must complement each other. For example, the bull and brand name in Lamborghini, The name and colored window of Microsoft, or that one of Pepsi. Choose wisely and work in it as this step is a crucial one.

6. Make it Scalable

The most common mistakes that make an unattractive logo is using a lot of components in it. Well, more information certainly means a lot of good things but don’t forget the variety of places in which you will use the Logo. Difficulty in reading or viewing the components in your Logo might just pull the attraction away from it and in worst cases could misinterpret the message of the company. Your Logo must be clean and suitable for the standard size as well as for big banners and small badges or icons. If there is too much congestion in the components, you might even consider losing some while you make these in small scale. Similarly, the more and uneven spacing might make your Logo unmanaged in big banners.

Effective Logo Design
scaleable Logo

Something as simple as a logo might need your serious time and concern. For more help in any component or website design, analysis, and enhancement tips, contact us.