There are several reasons your website might not be getting enough traffic. Some of these, you might be aware of while others will surprise way. There is simply no hard and fast way of funneling traffic that will make your website blow overnight. However, you shouldn’t lose hope. As long as there is room for improvement, you can work on your website and make it better. From domain to simple color combinations, factors that affect your website quality are numerous. First, fill these voids and then start improving on your professional business website.

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So, why is my website not getting enough traffic? Well, as each website is different in its own way the answers might vary for everyone. Similarly, there are common grounds where every website might suffer or benefit from technical decisions. No matter what the case we are almost sure the problem we have listed here will reflect on your underperforming website in one way or another.

Here are 5 critical reasons your website is not getting enough traffic alongside different expert solutions you can apply to get better results.

1. Your content quality is below standard

The guaranteed way of increasing your website traffic is by uploading regular quality content. You can upload multiple times with low-standard content and hurting your website rather than helping it. More often than not a quality content will lead to more visitors than ten with poorly created ones.


Keep these points in mind, high-quality content is

– A well-researched and written content.

– Simple and grammatically correct without worldliness.

– Subtopics that will let the visitors get to the point.

– Different content formats to highlight the core information from the general content.

– A balanced use of text, photos, graphics, and videos.

– Proofread multiple times to make the final cut.

2. You are only focusing on high competition keywords

There is one major thing that will make this point valid. For any number of websites working on high competition keywords, there are only 10 places or so for the first page of a search engine to try and appear. The probability of sites working on these keywords and your site making into them is slim. So, if you have only created content for the generalized high SV keywords, there might be better sites doing the same leaving you with less traffic.


– Don’t push too hard on highly competitive keywords, build up to several similar ones. 

– Do keyword research and put some effort into the moderate SV keywords.

– Work well with region-based keywords rather than generalized ones.

– Don’t directly follow the keyword strategy of the market leaders, bring your own game.

– Try making skyscraper content that can outperform the present competitors with the sheer quantity of information.

3. The website load speed is slow

Stats show that with every second of delay while loading a website you will get 11% fewer page views, 7% loss in conversion, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Slow websites frustrate the users. You might know by this how a slower website will hurt the traffic. Less load time also helps in decreasing the bounce in the website which is always helpful in keeping your visitors within your site.


– Purchase a better hosting plan for your business website.

– Compress the images and videos to the optimal level.

– Clear web cache and remove

– Use asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files

-Minimize the HTTP requests.

4. Search Engine Algorithm changes

Now, this might be the technical factor that will result in poor optimization of the content according to the ever-changing Google algorithms. This will help in recovering your traffic if you were ranking high enough before. Most of the times algorithm changes are not that severe to affect the overall traffic. However, if your site is relatively new (<6 months), this will be a game-changer.


– Know the updates and changes in real-time by joining the major forums and digital marketing platforms.

– Good content will not drop in rankings despite many algorithm changes.

– Rethink your SEO strategy with the new requirements and tips in mind.

– Hire a professional to recover from damaged that might have been caused by Panda rollouts.

– If you have a good social media presence then you can gradually build up the traffic here.

5.  Your website design is outdated

if you were the front-runner website a few years ago but now struggle to make the first page, your site might have been outdated. Several factors like design, usability, device optimization, and performance will separate an outdated website. There are many examples of large sites going down on the SERP ladder purely due to this. A fresh design will help improve the user experience and get positive reviews as well. 


– Hire a web professional for the latest designs for your website.

– Make improvements in domain selection if your brand isn’t quite established.

– Add new features that will improve your web efficiency with the website.

– Make sure the new website is fast and easily shareable in different mediums.

– If required hire a professional digital marketer now to promote your site.

These are the most common reasons that your website is not getting the traffic it deserves. However, there are several other factors that a web professional can help with you. WildStone Solution will help you to analyze your website and give free suggestions that you can work on. Leave a comment below and we will reach to you. Always remember that your site is only fruitful with relevant visitors that will help you grow.

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