Mobile Optimization is more than just a responsive site design in 2021. It is a process that assures that the visitors who access your website from their mobile devices have the experience that was optimized for the device. In simpler terms, a website should be readable without any significant changes in content appearance and with the functionality that is available when the site is open from a desktop version.  

mobile optimization

2019 had seen over 60 percent of desktop users while 35 percent of the mobile users browsing from their devices of the total internet users. 2021 has drastically changed the places. Some recent studies show over 54% of internet users using mobile devices. Desktop users only make 42 % of total users. This might be the result of a better and wide variety of smartphone sales in the past few years. While these numbers are still in the growing trend, Mobile optimization of your business website has never been more important than it is now.

Here are 9 Reasons why mobile optimization is so important for your Business Website in 2021 and more.

1. It helps in reaching a larger pool of audience effectively

Plain and simple like that. Your website optimized for mobile means better search engine optimization overall. This prompts Google and other search engines to rank your site higher. And like that, you will be reaching an exponentially larger number of visitors.

2. To reduce the bounce rate 

Bounce rate is a term used to analyze the percentage of visitors that enter your site and leave rather than continuing to view the other pages of the website. A lower bounce rate means a lot more time spent by each visitor to your site. The cases of users leaving your site is very high for mobile users if your website is not mobile optimized. Hence, optimization factors directly on reducing the bounce rate of your website. 

3. for better SEO Results

There are multiple factors a google (or any other search engine in this regard) algorithm takes under consideration for ranking your website in SERP. Mobile optimization technically improves several aspects in itself giving users a better experience with your website. Similarly, bad content displayed better always outperforms good content displayed in bad order in the analytics.

4. To get more bookmark conversion 

If your website has that easy to use and better design factor, visitors once in your sites are more likely to revisit time and again. Bookmark is the standard way of saving URLs for future use for most browsers. A better mobile optimization helps any website to get more bookmark conversion.  

5. for high-quality brand values

This is one of the most important advantages of proper mobile optimization of your business website. Sometimes not having any negatives acts well and a lot for your brand value. Your website is more likely to be shared and suggested with properly optimized pages rather than random designs. 

6. Advantage to your competitor

If there are two competing websites under the same industry one with a better-optimized business website performs better. A lot of other factors still do matter but mobile optimization makes sense and is better done than left for later. Hence, the decision to make your site mobile-optimized will be a wise one if you do it earlier than your competitors. 

7. Displaying content as it was meant to be rather than it appears 

If your site uses a lot of images and graphics for displaying the web-content, mobile extremely important. You could display your content as you wish that your visitors will see rather than unplanned changes on a smaller/different-sized screen.

8. to better-implementing marketing strategies

One of the basic principles of marketing is that it is easier to showcase and sell better products. This is similar to the case of your business website. Mobile optimized websites are better in several ways than those that aren’t both on design and functionality. For implementing marketing strategies mobile optimization of your website is a must. 

9. for better Sales Motivation

User experience is one of the most important factors of a business website. An easy-to-use website more often than not motivates more sales than a disorganized one. Most of the e-commerce and similar activities are carried out from mobile devices and mobile optimization aids in different steps of the sales process.

Technical Steps for Mobile Optimization

1. Remove the Separate URL (for e.g. the ‘m.’ before helps in mobile browser but often is bad for SEO)

2. Most importantly, give your business website a responsive design. 

3. Maximize the loading speed. Speed is the winner for mobile browsing. 

4. Fix any technical error. In different screen size, make sure the buttons work like it was meant to.

5. Leave gaps between the elements. On a small screen, it must be easy to touch and select what the user wants.

6. Use the pop-ups extra wisely.

7. Always prefer HTML 5 to the outdated Flash. 

8. Make sure the important contents are visible and visible properly. It will matter a lot on the conversion rate of visitors.

9. Integrate social media properly on your site.

10. Provide a better video experience (the underrated component of your website.)

11. Always optimize the site for local search. i.e., your address, contact, and working hours with chat options.

Things to focus on while optimizing your business website

1. Navigation must be simple enough

We have seen enough of too many complex changes attempted for websites to optimize better. Only a handful of times these over-the-top works have been successful and the rest have been wasted. Let it be simple. No funky artworks or extra clips. If your site looks clean and functions well, you have achieved 90% of the mobile optimization.  

2. Use of Lower resolution image fit for Mobile and Tablets

You might want to put the images of the highest quality on your website. While it is a good thing to plan but you should consider the practicality of this scenario. Your best quality photo means high resolution and it will take exponentially larger space. This will inevitably result in slower loading time and a less ideal user experience. Hence you have to opt for lower resolution images that are just good enough here.

3. Design with Finger usability (Icons, Buttons, and text size)

Browsing on a desktop and mobile screen is significantly different. No difference comes close to the interaction by muse pointers and interaction by a thumb. When a website is shrunken to a smaller screen the buttons get smaller hence more difficult to select properly. If you have to, change the size or position of these buttons, icons, and more for making the users feel easier to navigate and use your website.  

4. Manage in a way that the least content is lost in smaller screens

Sometimes you have to prepare for lost content or at least the structure when the website is opened on a mobile screen. Always prioritize the main content rather than what is visible in these scenarios. Keep one thing in mind that users to your website must get what they have entered your website for.

5. Prominently display your contact information

This might just be the most important point to focus on but largely overlooked during mobile optimization. Prominently display your contact information and social media buttons. Make it easier for the users to keep in touch with you or share your content in their network.

6. Don’t forget to add Mobile-specific functionality.

Mobile-specific functionality is the feel-good functions that make your site memorable during mobile browsing. It might be multiple taps, gestures, buttons, sliders, or other extra accessories that help users to use your site easily.

Mobile optimization is important and it could play a bigger role in the success of your marketing strategies. Always research more and hire professional web developers for the best results regarding it. Each website is unique and with mobile optimization, you can make your specialty pop-out for mobile users in 2021.

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