The field of Artificial Intelligence is experiencing a rapid boom, witnessing daily innovations and developments. Leading tech giants like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google are actively exploring AI’s potential. Naturally, Apple cannot be far behind in this race. Therefore, Apple is gearing up to unveil its own chatbot platform named Apple GPT to compete with Chat GPT, Bing and Bard head-to-head. With this move, Apple aims to establish its presence in the dynamic world of AI alongside other industry leaders.

As per speculative reports from Bloomberg, there are indications that Apple is in the process of testing a chatbot named ‘Apple GPT’. It’s important to note that this information is not officially confirmed or made public by Apple. Nonetheless, the news has garnered significant interest from both regular internet users and investors. The potential entry of Apple into the chatbot space has become a topic of discussion and curiosity, with many eagerly awaiting further updates from the tech giant.

Apple’s AI chatbot service, built on proprietary models within the Ajax framework, operates on Google Cloud infrastructure. While Apple employees currently use the Apple GPT tool internally, its public release will be delayed until it’s fully polished and secure. Employees with special access are strictly forbidden from using outputs for customer-oriented features.

Apple GPT is expected to introduce new features that can summarize texts and answer questions using data. Additionally, it will enhance other apps by integrating its AI platform into them. But, it’s unclear whether Apple will make additional improvements to Siri alongside the new AI platform.

Moreover, Apple assembled a special team, led by John Giannandrea (Apple’s Chief of Machine Learning and AI), to develop the AI platform. This artificial intelligence will enhance smartphones, mobile apps, and vision processing.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, used ChatGPT but is thoughtful about adding generative AI to Apple’s products. Addressing AI issues before widespread adoption is a priority. An AI policy group wants to investigate OpenAI’s GPT-4 for its innovative features. The name of Apple’s new chatbot is unknown and speculated that it may be either iBot or iGPT.

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