The popular social media platform Facebook introduces a new video tab feature for the user’s convenience. With this new video tab feature, uploading videos and editing videos is much easier and simpler. The new feature includes refined editing tools (seamless editing, more clip editing tools, and enhanced audio). Also, an HDR feature to upload videos and playback in full HDR for the best user experience.

Under editing tools, users can easily add music, filters, add captions, and other effects to their videos and trim their videos. Earlier there was a Watch Tab which is now replaced by the Video Tab feature. With great ease, now users can search and watch videos that are quickly accessible in the shortcut bar. It is a one-stop shop for videos, including reels, long videos, and live content.

An additional feature called the horizontal-scroll reels section showcases recommended short videos. The Video tab will be located in the shortcut bar at the bottom of the app for iOS and at the top for Android. The shortcut bar adapts based on your most frequently used features on the app.

Facebook Introduces New Video Tab Feature

Furthermore, Facebook’s revamped video Explore helps users to find popular video topics through a mix of human curation and machine learning, accessible via the Video tab’s search icon. Discover reels, long-form, and live videos related to trending hashtags and topics. Also, users can now view and comment on Instagram Reels recommended on Facebook without app switching. Users can simply link their Facebook and Instagram accounts in Accounts Center and take benefits from it. Facebook further promises to introduces new features and enhance its video, image, and other features in near future for better user experience.

Video Courtesy: Facebook, Meta
Picture Courtesy: Wikipedia

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