Numerous notable tech entrepreneurs are raising concerns over the potential threats of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They even issue an open letter to address this issue in the field of technology. But, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and a prominent figure in the field of technology has a different outlook regarding AI. Bill Gates’s views on Humans and AI is that according to him Not AI but Humans are Superiors.

AI has immense capabilities and is a rapidly advancing technology. But, he also acknowledges the possibility of various risks, like other technologies. The future of AI is promising. In the field of mobile technology, microprocessors, personal computers, and the Internet, there is a high potential for extraordinary advancements.

The effective uses of AI are very beneficial in fields such as production, healthcare, and education to bring out exceptional outcomes. He firmly believes the correct use of AI can help to reduce inequalities in healthcare and education. Ultimately, this will enhance productivity by making processes more efficient.

Gates put forward that AI can bring revolution to the field of healthcare services as it can contribute to better diagnosis of diseases. He also confidently expresses the ability of AI to assist in personalized learning and promote educational equity.

Gates acknowledges the umpteen benefits of AI but he also highlights the actual risks related to it. AI systems have some limitations for contextual understanding, the presence of imperfections, and errors. Thus, he focuses on the need for continuous efforts to overcome these challenges.

Despite technological advancement and growth in the field of AI, Gates has faith in the abilities of humans. History is evident about humans showing their capability to exercise control over the challenges arising from technology. Gates advises on the collaborative work by both the government and private sectors to accomplish control over AI.

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