SEO techniques are not the same every year. SEO trends change every year with new research and updates in the Google algorithms. New technologies and software are arriving every day for better analysis and management. Keeping up to SEO trends is more significant than ever. If you compare SEO from a couple of years before and now, you can notice the change of goals for a better ranking in SERP. The importance of good SEO is splendid and inextricable in 2020.

SEO trends 2020

Our SEO strategists and practitioners are up to date with new trends and technologies. Additionally, weekly meetings and networks assure that fresh trends, tips, and practices never slip by our team. Years of professional experience and technical superiority means the steps we take for a complete SEO are flawless. Wildstone Solution has dozens of satisfied and successful clients with our SEO works.

If you are a beginner, professional, or even a dedicated business owner using a website in your marketing arsenal, the significance of SEO knowledge is paramount. SEO works wonders for getting one-up your competitors if done right. In this blog, we will introduce you to the new SEO trends and give you some of our professional tips with it. Here are 10 notable trends and tips for SEO in 2020.

1. Be direct and clear in featured snippets

Featured Snippet in SERP

Featured Snippets have certainly made it harder to build referral traffic from Google but if your website gets in these, you’ll no longer have to be in the top position of every search page. Featured snippets are the very first results after the ad segment in SERP. Google has moved past the first 10 or so blue links and featured snippets are here to stay.

Featured snippets are aimed to answer the search questions right away. The answer might be objective or subjective and if it is among the top page, snippets show it. Both the click-through-rate and traffic increase with this optimization. May it is as a list, paragraph, or table try managing the contents in Wikipedia-like format for a better possibility.

2. Relevant and high-quality content

High-quality content brings in traffic and re-visitors and it is no secret for any SEO familiar individuals. These high-quality content will serve a website for a long time to come. However, relevancy has been an SEO improving trend on Google’s side more often now. In simpler terms, a page will only be displayed higher in the search engine result page if it’s relevant to the search rather than it containing the key terms of the search. 

3. No compromises for on-page SEO

For on-page SEO, perfection is the best. For everything to work well you can get help from different plugins and software. You have to add enough internal links, ideal descriptions, and good length titles to your content. Similarly, work in the featured images and alternative texts rather than giving your full time to the written content only. Managing your content with tags and headings is good for on-page user involvement. A trick if you are not using any external software is simply making a checklist for every constituent of on-page SEO. 

4. Video is the new Content King

More than just some SEO trends, it’s just what different studies suggest in 2020. Most people from the age of 15-35 prefer video content rather than reading an entire page of writing explaining the same thing. YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform and always make sure to link your channel. Try merging written and embedded videos for indulging experience and space management. Visual components are likely to raise longer engagements to your site and it works magic on SEO as well.

5. Go for Speed and mobile optimization (UX and technical SEO)

Graphs show that more internet users use it with mobile phones. Mobile optimization is more important than ever and investing in it is a wise choice. Google is also starting to use its mobile-first indexing. Use Google’s own mobile-friendly test tool and check your mobile-optimization result. If it is not, give it the priority.

No one likes a slow and lagging website. People now days just want to reach what they want in a blink of an eye. With technical SEO and some wise decisions, every website can be made faster. For the actual tips here are some ways to make your website faster

6. BERT update and growth-hacking 

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) is a neural-based technique from Google for NLP training. Basically, it helps to understand words in context and better match the search queries with results. The latest update came in January and keeping up to it is the key to successful SEO work. You can’t actually optimize for BERT but proper content is more fairly ranked by this algorithm than its predecessors. Growth Hacking is the other half of Marketing and is commonly mistaken with SEO. It is a sure shot method to generate exposure for a business for short-term growth. SEO benefits from it as well with the volume and reach as it invites.

7. OFF Page SEO (E-A-T)

This May update simply seeks any websites Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness i.e., EAT. The best way to achieve it is by a proper off-page SEO. Instead of pulling out small tricks for a volume of random links, it is better to go for a few but quality off-page work. One must keep the URL submission but keep in mind that Google is planning diversity for SERP.  It means it is very less likely that a similar website for two different listings will rarely appear the top pages of search engine results. Keep a healthy amount of reference links, occasional guest posts, and be active in social platforms for the beginners.

8. A Secure Website for lower bounce rate  

At the surface, the security of a website might seem like a major factor affecting SEO. It does affect indirectly. Now and then you will hear about data breaches and hacks in different parts of the world. Best browsers directly give warning signs in case of any security lack on your website. A new user after giving a quick look here are more likely to choose the other website than yours. Reducing the bounce rate it massively affects the search ranking. The easiest key here is using HTTPS protocol for data encryption which makes exponentially secure.

9. Stay away from fake SEO trends and newsletters

Fake trends are always making the timelines and emails giving you wrong information on SEO. It might negatively affect the growth and performance of your website. The irony is that fake news might do well for the original creator. We will not suggest following these SEO trends as the Penalty can just destroy your site. So always take the updates from a proper expert or trusted source. You can also leave an email to us to ask for the legitimacy of different SEO trends.

10. Prioritize in Brand-building than random page optimization

As simple as that, brand building is the most significant SEO work that you can work on. Random page optimization in the short term might be great but building your brand and creating a long-lasting web empire must be your ultimate goal. 

With these SEO trends in mind, keep up to date and for some serious SEO work on your site, Wildstone Solution presents you the well-rounded packages. Follow us for more trends and updates.

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