On July 7, 2023, a groundbreaking event took place in Geneva, Switzerland—the world’s first human-robot conference. Held at the United Nations AI for Good Summit, nine humanoid robots, accompanied by their creators, gathered alongside journalists. The conference showcased an impressive lineup of robots, including the renowned Sophia, as well as Grace, Ameca, Geminoid, Nadine, Ai-da, Desdemona, and Meca, each specializing in various fields such as medicine, robotic artistry, singing, and education.

The conference began with a press event, aimed at introducing these remarkable artificial intelligence robots to the world. Created using cutting-edge technology, these robots have a mission to tackle future challenges, such as combating diseases and addressing global hunger. During the event, one of the robots confidently affirmed its role as a human assistant, assuring its ability to provide valuable support.

Throughout the conference, the robots emphasized their incredible capabilities in assisting humans on a global scale, highlighting their potential to prevent unemployment and maintain harmonious relationships with their human counterparts. The event marked a significant milestone in the field of robotics, as it showcased the immense potential of artificial intelligence in addressing critical issues and forging a collaborative future between humans and robots.

World’s First Human-Robot Conference

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