Web Design is set to hit the prime this decade according to multiple studies. It might be one of the best times to get into and learn Web Design. It Ranks third on the average salary for IT jobs across the globe. For starters, Web Design tips might be anything from the obvious to technical. If you are entering the web technology field in 2021 this article might be helpful before any courses on Web Design.

Web Design tips

A good website plays a prominent role in getting consistent and relevant traffic to your desired pages. It helps in SEO, content translation, and most importantly turning those visitors into possible customers. In your journey to being an advanced web professional, a good beginner’s guide is ideal. A good designer can really showcase to the clients the difference between a live website and an optimized one.

Studies show that almost 40 % of the total design learners change the strides to other professions. The positive part here will be that a strong base on the web will be helpful in many other sectors too. Hence, these tips are helpful to kick start your web design journey. Here are 11 essential tips for starters to improve your web design in 2021.

1. Have a Plan: Stepwise result forecasting

Planning your works and different parts of your web project is always important. Not only in your working phase, but planning will also be effectively helpful in your learning stage. Map out your journey through multiple checkpoints and analyze your progress and errors. This method will help you in a long run too. Keeping your goals in your mind, you can use several tools to help you track your growth. Be conscious and just don’t always let things go with the flow. 

2. Research and don’t hold back to try new things

Web technology is always evolving and research is a great way of learning new techniques. Separate a few hours each week solely for the researching purpose. Another way is to join the communities of other web designers and sharing new ideas and technologies. Try new things even if you have found your style/format of designing a website. You never knew what can blow up and help your site better. However, being too experimental can sometimes diverge you from the fundamental components. Keep this one thing in mind as well.

3. Remove any ambiguous terminologies and stocky images

There are few things more hazardous to your messages conveyed through the website than stocky images. It is more relevant in 2021. The average attention span of visitors in their first time to a certain website is 8 seconds. It means in that period you have to be to the point and clear. Your design must assist it. Be consistently detailed and filter out any present stocky images and ambiguous terminologies. 

4. Optimization to the different screen is extremely important

No matter how great your web design looks the clients will go back circling to SEO. The process is almost relentless and monotonous. That means a small change during the design might be a good time and effort saver in a long run. As a web designer keep Usability, Device variation, keywords, links, and headings in your mind at least for a better optimizable website. If you can, take an SEO crash course to help you with the matter. It is one of the other skills that will help you in near future.

5. Always put yourself in your visitors’ shoes while testing and improvement

This step might sound niche but have a huge practical potential. Here it means keeping the right tools to aid the visitors to the proper action on your website. For example, if you have an e-commerce website, you will like to have better search and filter tools. Similarly, highlighting the different payment options might aid in the indecisiveness of most visitors. Be your client for a moment and make the changes that you are sure to help positively.   

6. Try designing with a close understanding of the market

It is no surprise that not every website is the same or similar. For different organizations and companies, a whole lot changes even in the basics. Web designing to be serious is more closely related to market study than you think. From keeping up with the market trends to surfing through the reviews of clients, you must be much more social here. Lean a bit more towards the field of the site and you will find many things that will help your design to outperform your competitors. 

7. Don’t forget to formulate color and font combinations

Colors and Fonts are the first things that you note from your client’s requirement listing. Experience helps a lot here but for starters, there are certain dos and don’ts. Focus on the branding of your website and match the theme of the company with your color combinations. Similarly, be subtle and simple in the use of fonts. There are so many options here that you are likely to mess up as a beginner. Go safe for this step and use appropriate fonts for appropriate sections. Sometimes even a minute distraction could be enough for the visitors to sway away from your site. Spend some time to get this right.

8. Learn from better designs, themes, and existing websites

One of the most obvious tips for anyone there is to learn from successful websites. We recommend you to keep a sheet of different amazing sites and study them further. This doesn’t mean you should imitate these designs but to innovate further acquiring inspiration. At most create a self-selection experience where you can map a frame or example in your head before starting any new project.

9. Make better use of ‘Share’ and ‘Follow’ Social media buttons

 Social media is more powerful for businesses than ever. Even Apple, who are known for their passive existence online, are making efforts lately to maintain a better online presence. For your sites make it very shareable in different kinds of mediums. Make these buttons linking to your social media accessible and simple. You can find several examples of creative ways to integrate social media into your website. Learn about them and don’t miss this vital component.

10. Design for Better Content Management and Display

Avoid being too flashy. Sometimes with the design, you might forget the main element of your site, the content. A modern Content Management System (CMS) will provide you a base for most of your works here. Make sure to utilize the freedom to optimize and customize your webpage through it to the fullest. The user or client appreciate a less technical and easy user manual here, so work towards achieving that.

11. Be up to date and used-to with helpful design tools 

Several fantastic web design tools can help you in your everyday work. Here are a few of them that we suggest you obtain or try in 2021.


* Google Web Designer

* Sketch

* WebFlow

* Adobe Photoshop

* Squarespace

* WordPress

* Weebly

Keep an eye on the other tools that are soon to release and try them too. Your skillset and compatibility will grow with these which is better for your career as a web designer.

Web Design is here to stay as long as the internet. So, get ready to rise with the flow and evolve with new and exciting technologies. We at Wild Stone Solution wish you success.

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