Google Ads lets you get in front of your customers more effectively and directly from the search results at Google search engine. You pay for the click results i.e., if the visitors click or call your business website. Several factors like organic links, CPC, and Quality Score for a top ad campaign. Changes are bound to happen with Google introducing more automation and complexity in ad products, you have to be very up-to-date and technical with your ads too. This article will help you with just that and more.

Google Ads Campaign

One of the most recurring questions to our SEO experts in Wildstone is “Is google Ads still worth it in 2021?” Well in the right hands, Google Ads can simply do miracles to your business website. As long as the topic is raised surrounding PPC marketing there are no second thoughts to utilizing Google ads. For a higher exposure at a reasonable cost, Google Ads will be fantastic in giving you a boost against your market competitors. Here are 7 tips for a successful Google Ads Campaign and more in 2021. 

1. Declutter your campaign

Decluttering is one of the most basic but very time-consuming and sometimes borderline overwhelming processes. For a marketer managing hundreds of ad copy and even more keywords, keeping a close eye on each one of them is tiresome. However, it might be the key to your campaign’s success. Classify the ads in different segments and select the underperforming ads. They simply could be the ones with low-quality scores and sometimes not converting enough as you spend. Replace those with new ones. It is easier to add new ads and keywords with an extra budget but over a long time, these will affect the quality of your analysis and management.

Make use of two reports that is available to you and these are the Quality Score and Search Query Report. These are represented on a simple scale of 1 to 10 and anything below 4 is best removed from your campaign. Higher scores mean the ads are more relevant to the user and the main goal of the landing page is met. For ease of Decluttering, you can utilize different cleaning tools.

2. SKAGs: OUT, Intent: IN

It might not be a surprising factor for marketers that Google is seeking consistency in your campaigns in recent years. This will be even more significant heading to this decade with the previous data and different parts of your present campaign adding up to your ads. For any business website implementing PPC marketing with Google, it is prime time to know few obvious things. For starters, we suggest you use insight tools like SEISO (Google ads analyzer).

Single keyword ad groups (SAKGs) are as good as irrelevant. To avoid the SAKG overkill, add more intent to the group of your keyword. For example, if you have a company related to delivery service focus the ads related to different components around or related to your services. It doesn’t have to be a different variation of the same content. As long as the Intent is clear and related you will be helped a lot by your Google ads. 

3. Make your Ads Shine 

Visuals are more important and there is no second debate for any landing page you create for Google Ads. To simply put from the perspective of a user opening your ads, the visual components are 80% the reasons that they will stay on your page longer. The rest depend on the other content and whether you have the services/products/information the user is seeking for. This trend is also useful for other applications and platforms other than Google. Therefore, make design and graphics your top priority for your Google Ads.

There is a high possibility that your keyword has more than one ad and your creativity here can be the deciding factor on the conversion rate of your ad. Until you find a winning format you can try new and creative parts pin your landing pages. We suggest you experiment with every 3 of the 5 ads that you have used in your PPC marketing to balancing everything out.

4. Double down on your strengths (Reinvent vs. New Keywords)

Now one of the most common misconceptions about PPC marketing is that spending and buying new keywords always increase sales. This might have worked for some cases but more often than not this can make your budget expand beyond control. For example, a home designer might look at commercial paint selling and think that the clients there might be interested in your work. However, the visitors overlapping the fields might be significantly less in Google.

The key here is to on the maximum share of the keywords that are related to your business without necessarily crossing the market domain. Monitor your impression shares in the Google ads SERP and try minimizing the lost impressions. Lost impressions indirectly mean the lost opportunity to choose your ads you have placed your bids on. If you are not shown on the top search of the related search add that keyword to your campaign rather than experimenting with new and vague keywords.

5. Spend smarter, Strategize-Schedule-Plan-Deploy   

It is best to know what and how you are spending your budget on your marketing campaign. Google Ads might not make the most of your budget but it always helps to be smart in expenditure. In four steps we will give you a surface-level idea for that. 

Strategize– Strategy in both technical and financial manner should be the first thing you should invest in. Take your time and through minute steps of research, analysis, and coordination map a brief strategy for the website.

Schedule– Some keywords works miracle when it is marketed in a certain period. For example e-commerce sites getting riled up in Christmas and similar festivals. Make a schedule of which ads to run and when to back it up for optimization in your Google Ads budget.

Plan– Small plans for specific conditions help your website to gain quality visitors. For example, you can make some resolution about adding more keywords or sometimes budget to those ads that are doing great on conversion.

Deploy– Sometimes you miss out on things because of the hesitation in running Ads. It is great to experiment rather than following the trends too.

6. Focus on Audience and less on Data

With Automation being the main focus of Google with Ads and marketing, you might have to think more than data in 2021. That doesn’t mean you stop analysis as a whole. You have to make plans that are refined from real-time data rather than an outdated collection. Focus more on the Audience and give stats second place in priority order.

7. Diversification might be Significant due to automation

Automation also might require diversification in PPC marketing. Google Ads substitutes include Microsoft Ads, Bing Ads, AdRoll, Quora, Amazon, and Quantcast. You won’t get the quantity of Google here but with several platforms merged, you will do a great job in brand building as well as reaching a wider audience.

5 Common mistakes marketers can make with Google Ads- Avoid these and Learn from it

1. Spending blindly (not maintaining a healthy CPC ratio)

Never blow up your budget in a monotonous list of keywords. Spend some time on research and be active in your marketing community to get better insights on Google Ad Works. Try maintaining a healthy conversion per click ratio.

2. Not using Commercial intent keywords (Repetitive plain use of main Keywords)

Commercial intent keywords are some of the most promising keywords that marketers can set the Ads on for the customers. Instead of keywords with informational or awareness value being direct and investing in Commercial intent keywords is wise.

3. Not selecting exact match targeting (Don’t let Google choose what is relevant for your site)

More often than not your ad must match much of the searched keywords on Google. In several scenarios, Google fails to link the visitors to your Ad even when the keyword is relevant.

4. Running unappealing ads

Some hardheaded marketers don’t recognize unappealing ads and continue to spend more on those. It might be the case of good ads being less attractive over time, or sometimes bad landing pages are also possible. Discontinue those and try refreshing the Landing Pages when necessary.

5. Not pitching your offers in the description (unable to highlight your uniqueness)

If there is anything that might it be offers, discounts, services, or even support that sets your company aside, never forget to mention it straight at the beginning. Your meta description acts as the text of the organic ad and it is foolish to keep it generic. It might not have any negative effects on your ads campaign but you are not making must of your budget by ignoring this point.

Google Ads campaign is one of those components in your digital marketing strategy that requires a lot of study and research even before the implementation. However, once you have formulated a proper landing page, you are guaranteed to receive the audience both quality and quantity. Take the tips and avoid the common mistakes mentioned above for a better Google Ads campaign in 2021. 

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