A popular messaging app WhatsApp owned by Meta introduces a new feature in WhatsApp for Web Version. This new feature allows users to log in to WhatsApp on their computers only by using their phone number. Users can now rejoice as the need for the QR code scanning process has been eliminated.

This new feature is called ‘Link with Phone Number’ and is currently in the testing phase. Recent news reports indicate that WhatsApp is introducing this feature to some Android Beta users in version new feature will provide great convenience to users who want to use WhatsApp’s web version on devices other than their phones.

Benefits of New Feature in WhatsApp for Web Version

The main benefit of this new feature is for users who have devices without functioning cameras. Besides this benefit, other benefits are as follows:

Improved Accessibility:

The ‘Link with phone number’ feature allows users with camera issues to connect to WhatsApp Web, ensuring accessibility for all.

Increased Convenience:

This new feature provides a simpler and faster way to link a device to WhatsApp Web. Users can enter their phone number and a one-time code, eliminating the need for QR code scanning and saving time.

Expanded Device Compatibility:

WhatsApp’s new feature allows users to link devices using just their phone number, expanding compatibility to a wider range of devices. This eliminates previous compatibility issues and enables unrestricted access to WhatsApp Web.

User-Friendly Experience:

The new feature makes linking devices easier, removing technical barriers and creating a user-friendly experience for seamless connection between WhatsApp and desktop devices.

Versatile Device Linking:

This feature enables users to connect their WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Web on any desktop device, regardless of their secondary mobile device. It offers flexibility, allowing users to access and manage their WhatsApp conversations from multiple devices.

It is important to note that the mentioned benefits are based on the provided information, and the feature may undergo changes or updates as it is tested and rolled out to a wider audience.

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