Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the largely researched and implemented online fields in 2021. It is a major goal of competing companies to rank higher and that comes with hours of work and effort. SEO in itself is not a completed guideline but there are some general things to avoid for positive results. Some of the myths we present here are popular and for beginners could prove to be distracting from their goal.

There are well over hundreds of forums discussing SEO and its constituents. However, oftentimes you can get misinformation and downright irrational SEO claims. As an ever-changing medium people might let those impact their marketing strategies. That might be harmful to your website and sometimes nullify your optimization works. To prevent that here are 10 of the most common SEO myths with little truth to them in 2021.

1. You can’t set up both Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search

False. As two of the most powerful and useful tools which can run perfectly without interfering with each other, you have no reason not to utilize both. There are several functions in both that you can use to optimize your data. Similarly, the data available in both will help you get insights into more secluded sources.

2. Google holds New Websites in a Sandbox for a long time before allowing it to rank

Absolute controversial theory. Your content starts ranking organically from the very moment it is online. So if there is any sandbox out there it has 0 minutes waiting period which doesn’t make any sense. So, don’t worry about any of this and release quality content when available.

3. You can Get Away with Plagiarized Penalty as it is only random

No. the Google algorithm doesn’t only make the copied content rank significantly lower but also the overall quality of your website. Frequent copying can be considered a felony under many laws which might result from shutting down your website to receiving legal punishments.   

4. PPC advertising brings Organic visitors to your site

PPC has a negligible impact on the organic ranking of the website. Yes, it is the truth. To rephrase that statement you can’t buy your way up to the higher ranks of search engines. The ads bring the volume and will be highlighted until your budget runs out. After the completion, your website rank will be back to normal.

5. Installing Google Analytics will automatically improve your Site ranking

It is one of the trust-factor theories where people consider Google as a person rather than an algorithm. You can get valuable insights and plenty of information for your business but to rank better, it is completely up to you.

6. SEO results can be visible overnight, non-professional Myths

Even if you assume every step of the technical/non-technical bit of your website and content is ideal, it might take anywhere from 2 to 4 months for your content to show up in the top ten (First Page) of the search engine result page. The Hard reality is that only the best websites rank the highest and several normal sites without SEO won’t make it here at all.

7. Bing and Google considers bounce rates highly while formulating the ranking factors

Bounce rate is more of a signifier for the website quality as seen from a visitor’s perspective. For example, a top-ranked single-page website will have a bounce rate of 100%. Bounce rate is not actively used as a ranking factor by any of the well-known search engines.

8. A pages link juice is not lost when it is redirected

15 % or more is what several studies show as the amount of link juice is not lost when it’s redirected. The equity passed from one page or site to another decrease resulting in making the site less worth promoting by other sites.

9. Brand-Building is not important for an SEO or only the technical Segments matters

Big Brands are helped by search engines. It is inevitable. However, these companies often also have highly skilled marketers working for them which will make the results more reasonable. If your brand is globally recognized SEO is more effective. 

10. Google only uses few Ranking Signals of your website components for ranking

As the number of websites of similar kinds is ever-growing on the internet, the Google algorithms are getting complex every time. Google uses approximately ten thousand big and small ranking signals as of present. That directly implies that one couldn’t simply hack a trick to rank in Google and SEO is a gradual ever-evolving process.

With these myths out of your way, you can properly start to understand SEO better.

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