Visitors are the most important asset to any business website. Making them feel valued not only helps your conversion rate but in the long run, helps maintain your brand image. Often a business website might invest a lot in technical stuff and lack later on crucial details. Here, we provide you some simplistic and smart ways to get your website priorities straight.

User experience is one of the most important markers to how smoothly your business website operates. After it is managed there might be few outside factors that will affect the visitors’ experience on your site. Similarly, it will be of paramount significance if you are in serious competition with other companies. In this article, we provide you 7 smart ways to make visitors feel valued in your business website.

1. Respond quickly and properly to any queries

Don’t keep your audience waiting unnecessarily. One of the most common ways any visitor to your website might choose the competitors to your business is with a slow response. Many businesses, especially with a large volume of traffic, hire dedicated personnel for this very work. There are several training programs and courses for improving communication that will be a major plus point.

2. Easy navigation and working search fields

Navigation is key to letting your visitors in the correct pages and segments without any hassle. It will save a lot of time and effort for any website user. If you are targeting specific groups to your site navigation could lead to filtered visitors from the random web traffic. Similarly, unnaturally complex components to your site might affect your conversion rate. A good search button will help your visitors as well. Especially so, for big websites with a large variety of content.

3. After completing the services request for feedbacks and reviews

Maintaining contact with your past clients will give your brand a positive light. Most people like to be asked about their opinions too. This will also help your business website to maintain a solid online reputation. However, don’t be persistent as people might find it irritating sometimes. Your request for reviews and feedbacks will give your company an evolving factor. This is better for getting returning clients.

4. Good placement of the Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons

CTA buttons and their placements on a business website are an important topic. It is to be managed from the initial designing phase to proper web development, and finally both from the user and admin perspective. CTA button leads visitors to your most important landing pages. Once you have visitors here there should be clear outlines of what actions one has to do there. A simple note or a user-help video might be useful for this matter somewhere within the landing page.  

5. Limit the Ads and pop-ups on your website

Studies show that with the increase in Ads, you might risk getting bounced by the visitors to your website. It is a common occurrence in smaller websites today. A proffessional business website mustn’t run unnecessary ads. Similarly, the problem with custom pop-ups in your website is the users mistaking it for an advertisement and leaving your website. Plan both these beforehand to avoid any complications for your web audience.

6. Lead your website audience towards social media circles

One of the best ways to keep your brand active in the market is through social media platforms. You can stay connected with your possible clients and other visitors to your website properly through this. With the emergence of Social Media Marketing (SMM) in this decade now it is more relevant than before. So lead your website audience to your social media where they can know your company better.

7. Remind the users about the Privacy policy and expand on your website security

Privacy and security are very important to the visitors to your website. With instances each week of different information leaks, ransomware, and hacks, it is important to ensure your clients about your website security. Highlight these on your most important pages too. There are several security measures like SSL encryption, multi-factor authentication, uses of OTPs, and more that you can implement from your end.

* Things that might harm your Website audience

Similarly, few things might have a negative impact on your website. Being aware of some of these will help you a lot and maintain your website experience quality.

– Unclear navigations and typos leading visitors to inconsistent pages.

– Slower loading time of your website. Slow websites equal negative UX.

– Broken links might disappoint your visitors. Always mend or redirect them.

– In 2021 lack of Chatbots might have a soulless presence on your website.

– Too many Ads sections might hamper the steadiness of the website use.

– Problematic landing pages will mean high bounce rates and poor SEO.

– Dull content display with less use of graphical elements can lead to poor brand management.

– Outdated design might lose the credibility of your business website alongside some features.

– Lack of inquiry/contacts/forms might also lead to less trust by the visitors.

Any professional business website must work to improve the relationship between their possible clients and services. With these pointers and more you can do subtle changes leading to a proper experience for different types of users to your website. Remember, your efforts will yield positive results for a long time to come.

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