The term ‘SEO Content’ has been frequently used in the past few years. Any content created with the aim of attracting Search Engine traffic through planning and formulation falls under SEO Content. It is thrown away in almost every marketing meeting. Its importance has been pointed and known by many. But, there are few who know the art of SEO content creation. It is a dynamic ever-changing skill so one mustn’t stop learning new techniques. Some you can find on the internet while others become obvious as you experience it in your work.

SEO content is all about the audience. However, you can see well-created content not ranking that well too. So, where did it all go wrong? Well, it is not bad but simply not good enough. No matter how good is your content some basic stuff might top the favor to your competitors. It can be disheartening to disappointing at times. This is where you can learn a few tips. Even the smallest of changes can prove to become the game-changer for you now. Here are the Top 10 Tips for SEO content creation for the year 2021.

1. Use a Number in Your Heading

Headlines have been the main area where content creators over-do or miss on the technical parts. A great headline can bring over two times the regular traffic. Use a number in your heading and you can see the improvements instantly. Studies even show that using an odd number might even result sometimes a 15% better CTR.

The trend of click-baiting might bring you larger visitors for a brief period of time. However, it is no surprise that click-baiting does no good in the long run. The answer is a clear heading that matches the search queries of the audience. Plan for the reach before the ain article shows up. This helps a lot in branding and the trust-building of the visitors to your website.

2. Use Images and Videos more

In the era of using visual content, using images and videos makes any content complete. Attractive and somewhat colorful images can help you to attract a more general population. Similarly, matching the color codes with the target audience is an old but very useful tip.

While crafting and editing SEO content people often forget the possibilities of traffic through image search. Adding a few important tags here will see your content in more result pages.

3. Use Short And Descriptive URL

On the first look, it might look like something that you’ll not change during posting. But, it is important especially when the smallest of things can improve your site visits. Few studies have been made on this topic. The results suggest that short and descriptive URLs can get more domains 25% more clicks. For example, if your site has cute cat pics. The URL www.******.com/cute-cats is more likely to bring the click.

As most SEO plugins/assistant take a part or complete heading for the URL, make sure to change them to the optimal length.

4. Summarize and go direct aiming the Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are the new game-changers, and the primary focus of SEO. You have a lot better traffic and clicks if your content makes its way to the featured snippet. It is somewhat new too. However, you can optimize your content to increase the chances of making it. Here are 5 tips for you to create a featured Snippet: –

I. Create direct answer content. Stop beating around the bush give the readers what they need to know.

ii. Research and know more about the topic that your readers are asking.

iii. Add quality sub-content which might explain more about the answer.

iv. Provide the best answer with any studies/research results.

v. Use different contents for question/answer and general topics on your website.

5. Make it long but not boring (1500 words the sweet spot)

The length of the content has been in every content discussion. Is ‘more’ better, or summarizing is the new way to go. Here is an answer, give the options to the visitors. Give the generalized and quickest answer and provide more to those who want it.

In simpler terms, keep the best part of your content in the beginning. Start strong and then go to the details of the content. By our studies finishing around 1500 words will be best for SEO. For an average reader, it takes about 12 minutes to read the content. That will be perfect to sell your service and products during the period.

6. Provide the Sharing Options in likely places

It is a bit of design and content management tips. Use links in the optimal places so that it is there for the visitors easily. Most websites only put the sharing options towards the end of the content. As many readers might not make it to the end, it is best to provide the sharing options in the likely places. Using a slider with the sharing icons is a popular option here. You can also embed some links in between without disturbing the flow and get better share results.   

7. Hashtags are not outdated, Use wisely

Hashtags are simply keywords helping social media users to find your content. And any traffic to your website is an opportunity to grow your brand. It has been a very effective tactic in Instagram and other mediums as well. Use some direct and general tags in the content. Both related and primary hashtags still help your web traffic and reach. Depending on the improvements, you can use an extra software tool for managing the hashtags.

8. Mention Influencers and Personalities more

Your content will get viral if the shares by influencers are critical. As simple as that. You’ll notice the support and sponsor to them have been paramount for the growth of many new companies. Let them know and link to influential people. It is great to do it if the demographics of your possible visitors overlap that of the influencers and personalities as well.

9. Be practical and even be the Content viewers in some parts

It is not a new strategy but always be up to date with the new trends. Thinking from the perspective of your visitors, be practical while creating your SEO content. Keep examples that matter and add some personal preference if that is related to the topic. Practical articles are 30% more likely to be viral and ride on the trends as per research by Dr. Jonah Berger. 

10. Make the most of the Adwords Ads with SEO Tag Copy

Adwords of different types are designed in a way to maximize your clicks. It is better to base your description tags and SEO title on Adwords ads. This will help you to maximize traffic from Search Engines.

With all these and more tips coming be prepared for the marketing world in the years to come. We will be the first to let you know of any future SEO trends and developments.

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