Dhading Post

Protecting all the information in favor of the country and the people, keeping you through the truth, fair and professional journalism without the help of all of you and cooperation, will be impossible. So, we have always expected cooperation with the general, goodwill and well-wishers. Continuous contact with us will be inspired to make us more committed to the common interest, rights without discrimination or general public made, national and national interests.

We have made only 13 local newspapers separately separate special features and only news stories about which paralysis of the newspaper should be viewed. We cover all types of activities that were happening in the Dhading District without influencing any political party’s, organizations & people. Providing true news is our responsibility and commitment to all the people living in this District.

Dhading Sanchar

Many communication organizations were established and the operation came in Dhading, but all the communication organizations were set up by one party’s badge. Although the communication organizations claim to be themselves fair, even though the districts were established, the readers started to do the same without the proper communication organizations in the district. And we thought that, in reality, political smell without communication cannot be established in the district? Yes, today we have started making the commitment to establish a political odorless communication house