Ever wanted to improve your website without any coding skills? Well, you have chosen the right article to support your intentions. With all these tips included here, you can utilize some of your spare time to get better results from your business website. Similarly, there are common mistakes noted in the end which you can be aware of at the same time.

Coding is a key part of any professional website and you have to admit that no matter what. However, it is not like you can’t contribute few things that are left for you by the other technical fellas. Here we have listed 8 such important things that you can improve in your website without a programming background.

1. Social Media sharing for an increase in Web Traffic

One of the simplest things you can do is expand your brand value through social media. It doesn’t have anything to do with changes on your website but the benefits are there nonetheless. Here are two cases for comparison just to focus on the point.

You compete with the whole market to funnel visitors of different kinds to your website through SEO. On the other hand, a group or forum of some kind constituting of targeted members can lead a much relatable visitors to your website. Hence, work with different platforms and benefit from the freedom that modern social media offers.

2. Online Reputation Management steps

Now, this is something you can spend a good amount of time on growing and successful business websites. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is important to maintain the brand message in an untarnished way through different phases of your company. There are several tips and tasks you can do for this too. Some of these might include simple chats and emails which everyone can do in spare hours.   

3. Improving your new and existing content

Content is the most important part of your website. Simply put it this way, there is no good website without the content to back it up. If you can create content for your website, it is great. Even if you can’t you can create a rough guideline with some of the research and reference guidelines for the content experts to base the theme. You can improve the old content and make it relevant to the present time as well.

4. Creative drafts with no-code web design tools

Even if you don’t know the basics of coding, you can be a creative force behind it. Staying up-to-date with trends and new design ideas for your website helps the web designing process be more practical and fun. Some very easy-to-use web design tools will let you map your vision. WIX, uKIT, SITE123, and IM Creator are our top selections for you to try. You will be more than just a person with a list of requirements with this.

5. Conduct market research to improve ideas

One of the best ways to contribute to your website is by knowing which elements to focus on. A web designer, no matter how professional he/she is, can fall short sometimes in this matter. For example, a store owner with an eCommerce site might know which kind of related items to suggest to the visitors once an item has been added to their cart. If you have spent more time knowing the working as well as changes to the industry make sure to relay these ideas to the web professionals. 

6. Chat and inquiry responding

Now, this point extends to the ORM tasks mentioned before. One of the best ways to convert your visitors to clients is by making them feel valued. A late response to their questions or sometimes even missed actions might hurt the reviews. Give more effort to customer care and you can train your employees to do so as well. There are plenty of ways to attract people to do business with you or at least be on your network which will eventually help the website.

7. Website plugins and CMS-version updates

If you are a big business there might be dedicated personnel to do the updates. If not, you can do the timely updates yourself. Simple plugin updates can be done within some steps. It might be a bit technical for paid plugins but still doable. Making sure your website has the latest features and improved components is always helpful.

8. Add related categories to the business

SEO once again pops up in our list and here we will briefly mention specified contents. If your site has much of a generalized approach search engines might not rank them well for non-generic keywords. One solution will be to create a different kind of content focusing solely on that specified area. The alternative solution here is to categorize your content which will help the site to rank better and funnel targeted visitors to the specific category.

While making these changes and more make sure you don’t:

Here are some of the most common mistakes or negative changes that you might knowingly or unknowingly perform while making changes to your website. If you are not sure about your works keeping a backup could be a life-saver during these moments.

– Do not alter the site architecture. Sometimes a small change can affect the navigation of the website.

– If something is working well especially on the SEO rankings, don’t try to change those in any way. 

– Don’t create broken links. It is common to do so while optimizing the permalinks. 

– While changing or upgrading the hosting plans, make sure the new one will serve your business website better.

– Don’t overdo the new plugin’s installation. Your website can only handle limited types of plugins smoothly.

– SEO and User experience are interrelated. If you focus too much on one the other could lose some quality too. 

– Analyze your changes. If things get impactful in an unusual way prevent those parts.

– Make sure you aren’t creating any duplicate content.

There are several more tasks that one can do which don’t include coding to help any website. However, instead of making random changes (the ones you can), a planned assignment can be a welcoming revolution to your business website.

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