Marketing is ever-evolving and in the past decade, digital marketing has been the way to go for every big and small business. While SEO techniques and tips are implemented readily, core content focused skills like guest posting has been massively underutilized. Any experienced inbound marketer will drop some very useful advantages of guest posting in a jiffy. It is effective, attractive, and at times self-sufficient too.  

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In 2021 if you are wavering with the same idea about focusing more on Guest Posting, we absolutely commend your strategies. However, there are few things to keep in mind especially for starters. These might be very helpful to get the full benefits from your marketing efforts. Here we present you with guest posting tips for both better Brand value and link building with other supportive information.

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is simply writing content for appearing on another company’s website. Yes, it is simple as that. At the surface level, it might not seem that fruitful. However, in the long term guest blogs massively plays on the mutual benefits of both websites. The term guest blogging is also used as a substitute for guest postings blogs are the most used formats used here.

For hosts, it acts as addition of quality content to their website. Similarly, it will normally add some new interests to their sites. Now for the guest writer, the advantages might be hidden. Firstly, guest post helps in obtaining and funneling the traffic from the host site to your own. You can target similar or different kinds of audience depending on your blogs here. Similarly, the exposure is helpful in your direct building of strong backlinks.

Difference Between regular blog post and guest Post

Regular blogs are the blogs that you write and post on your own site. It focuses on the tones and niches strictly based on your site. The traffic here comes from the search engine directly to your site. Guest Posts are slightly different content for the sole purpose of posting on other sites or publications. These might vary on information and usually utilizes the heading/topics relevant to the host sites. The traffic and selected visitors are then invited to your site through links and planned mentions.

Advantages of Guest posting if done right in 2021

* Attract a wide range of traffic back to your website.

* Connecting with larger publications and influencers helps you to expand your network.

* Boost the domain authority (DA) with the help of high-value external links. 

* For a stale social media/online presence of a website, Guest Posts might be very helpful.

* It is an instant exposure to your targeted audience. Most of the time you can analyze the positive or negative reception of your blog immediately.

* It helps to fortify your Backlink profile.

* Guest Posting helps to improve your online authority.

* Last but not least, it helps you to get useful feedback from the community.

Guest Posting tips for 2021

1. Stick to your field of Expertise

One of the fundamental principles of guest posting. It doesn’t matter the opportunities to expand exposure if you are not related to the field. For example, one can hardly benefit from guest blogs about academics on a sports publication. If your website is a part of some specific industry, try remaining under the range applicable to the industry. Guest posting anywhere and everywhere will more often than not just be the loss to your efforts.

2. Create Contents relevant for a long period

Now, this is a tip that can be used apart from some sensitive cases. Creating relevant content and making it evergreen might be one of the purposes for your blog/post heading. For example, rather than using ‘Best ways to utilize your time in the Covid Pandemic ‘, you can put ‘Ways to utilize your time indoors during the summer breaks’. The latter will be relevant for a longer period here. Creating evergreen content will help you in gaining traffic from the host even when the post is old.

3. Target Strong as well as similar niche-focused websites

Domain Authority (DA) is the term used by SEO professionals for presuming the quality of any website. However, DA alone might not be the only factor representing website strength. A website with high DA might be overloaded with other external links. Sometimes your guest posting efforts will be derailed in a short period buried over all the links. Always look for a high-quality site with a high density of expert content to be assured.

4. Refer to some of your other popular published Guest Posts

This tip will be more useful once you have more than a single blog on the same niche. Do this in the further articles too. Sometimes, the host or publication might not allow this. You can understand that it means sending their traffic to their possible direct competitors. However, try linking your guest posts whenever it is possible. It creates a synergy between all your different guest posts maximizing the results.

5. Mention other link-worthy sources

Mentioning other sources might not seem like a good thing if your blog is short. But for a moderate and long blog, you can pretty much quote different well thought sources easily. Make sure you don’t necessarily disturb the reading flow of your article by doing so. Even better than that mention other expert articles that are written in the same publication which will turn out to be direct and unique.

6. Know the Importance of SEO focused contents

It is back to the basics for this post. A balanced SEO will always amplify the reach of a well-written guest post. SEO writing is a whole sub-field of its own. Here we have listed some helpful tips for guest posting.

– Focus at most two primary keywords for your guest blog.

– Title length is significant. Make it clear and technically significant.

– Make good use of numbers, bullets, lists, and images.

– Provide a good Meta description for your blog/article.

Always remember a great guest post is only discoverable more with a well-done SEO.

7. Build a good relationship with known publications

There are few websites and publications that match your audience pool and traffic ideally. Try doing as much as you can for these websites. It might somewhat look like diminishing the value of the link obtained. Many SEO professionals might even say so upfront. However, the first link from the site to your is the strongest and is bound to do you great favors. This will balance the links and massively commit to your brand building.

8. Keep Backups and protect your guest posts

This is a long term tip for you.  By keeping a copy of your blogs you are protecting your guest posts in case of further uses. One thing to remember here is that you do not own the guest post. The contribution is there but it is the asset of the host company. However, major publications are known to change and upgrade their marketing strategies. It means your content might not be permanently used after some period. Once this happens refresh them and use them without the fear of plagiarism strikes.

9. Perfect your pitch and find rewarding guest post opportunities

This is more of a personal skill than a technical one. The first thing first is to find good guest posting windows. Here are the keywords that you can use for finding some in Google.

– Submit a Guest Post

– Guest Post Submissions

– Guest Post Guidelines

– Accepting Guest Post

Now for pitching your publication as a guest poster, keep a few tips in mind. Make your first email short and direct. After the response, introduce yourself and provide the list of different topics that you are proposing. Talk informally, be open, and up to the point. When required you should provide few credentials of your prior works. Additional SEO skills are always helpful for both parties.

Additional tips for staying on the right side of Google’s guidelines for Guest posting

* Do not stuff too many keyword-rich links back to your site in these articles.

* Make sure the writers do their homework in case of research writing in unfamiliar fields. 

* Do not use the same or too similar content that is already present on your website.

* Use No-follow links and relation canonical if you have to state some duplicates from your site.

With all these, there are more tips and skills you will learn after few more times of guest posting. In a closely competitive niche, a Guest Post on a good site might give you a significant edge over your competitors. With better returns to your efforts make a room for it in your marketing strategies of 2021. 

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