Amid the busy timeline leaping gliding from projects and planning, Team Wildstone made a weekend getaway in the fondle of nature with a short overnight tour of Chitlang. Perfect weather teamed up with an overall participation of each member heading to the hillside village of Chitlang rejuvenating at the office midday of the second Friday this August.

“Supplying the Arsenal of the Team with new swords of intellectual creativity Amid Nature in Chitlang”

An evening of the musical and joyous setting made its way to a beautiful morning with a calm fresh breeze and melody of birds early next day. Visiting the cultural, religious, and natural delights of the area we returned through a different route back to Kathmandu. Alongside a great time and a refreshing break, we also covered some historical and local destinations in this tour. Inspired by nature itself and the hardworking locals, positive energy returned with us.

Kathmandu valley from Pharping
Kathmandu valley from Pharping

 From the heart of Kathmandu Thamel, the team drove to the small town of Pharping in the southern hills of the valley. Taking a brief stop in this Newar community encompassing Buddhist monasteries amongst the prayers flags, we got a fantastic view of Kathmandu Valley. The roads start narrowing and winding as we moved further out from the urbanization embracing nature in the process. Heading towards Chitlang our Guruji (driver) gave us bonus treats stopping briefly at the strategic viewpoints for picture and sightseeing. Passing by small village settlements and bumpy roads we reached the Chlitlang village resort in the evening.

Team Wildstone Team in Chitlang Resort
Team Wildstone Team in Chitlang Resort

Fresh breeze, calm evening and a lively atmosphere at Chitlang

After a short rest, the team let their hair down with Nepali music beside the woodfire and snacks. The dinner followed shortly with delicacies grown in the farmland surrounding the resort. Strolling around the area the day ended with some more musical performance and dancing. Chitlang being an organic destination had the provision to stay overnight at tents. We selected a couple of these and rest for the day.  

Way to Chitlang Resort
Way to Chitlang Resort

Green and clean, waking up with a beautiful Sunrise

Morning peeked through the tents with the chirping songs of the birds and the glow of sunshine falling on the hills. After a warm tea, we headed for a village walk in Chitlang. The simple art of living in the villages, the farming and husbandry techniques were the ones we soaked in during the visit. Right off the resort we also got to witness a traditional watermill or ‘Pani Ghatta’ by the road. It was functional and is still used by the locals there.

Pani Ghatta (Water mill)
Pani Ghatta (Watermill)

We first visited the Shivalaya here which is one of the few stones made Shiva temples of the area with three pinnacles. Taking a different route from here we dived into nature between the Orchards and made our way back to the resort. After a hearty breakfast, we were up and ready to roll to our next destinations here.

So much more delights and yet so close to Chitlang

The list of must-visit places here was long but one which we had to be, was – ‘the first goat cheese factory’ of Nepal here. Established by Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh in 2004 Ad, this factory is a pioneer of and the center of tourism of Chitlang today. We glided through the delicate process to produce these amazing specimen of cheese. Quality was the top priority for Mr. Singh as we had to wear special aprons and costumes to prevent even the slightest of alteration in the whole process. After hearing about his inspirational journey and visiting his goat farm nearby, we tried some of the divine cheese. 

Here, we also tried some homemade wine made of ‘Khurpane’ a special species of peach before heading out to our next destination of the tour.

Ain’t nothing more handsome than the Alpacas

Alpaca in Nepal
Alpaca farm in Chitlang

The Alpaca farm was next in our list and we headed towards it after a short detour to a local temple and the Ashoka Pillar. For most of us, it was the first time viewing these majestic animals as they’re not native to Asia. After a brief stop here, we were up and moving towards our next destination a hill between nowhere or as our Guruji (driver) mentioned as the Swizterland Hill.

A nice place to chill and Embrace nature, Switzerland Danda of Makwanpur

Driving through the lush forests we stopped near a hill between Chitlang and Markhu areas. An open small hill here provided us some of the best views of the surrounding and the hills. The fresh cool breeze accompanied them and was one of the most picturesque settings of this whole trip. After some clicks here we continued our drive to Kalanki via Markhu and Kulekhani Dam. Here we had our lunch for today highlighted by the fresh and tasty fish dishes from the Indrasarobar Lake. Taking a slight detour we headed towards Sisneri rather than driving directly to Pharping.

View from Switzerland danda
View from Switzerland Danda

Sisneri- Kulekhani- Chitlang the golden trio for nature lovers near Kathmandu

After about half an hour of drive through some rugged roads lead us to the Sisneri check post. We went a complete offroad from here for about 30 minutes more reaching the Natural Swimming Pool of Sisneri. The crystal clear pool beside the stream and waterfall made us admire this piece of heaven hidden in Makwanpur.

Sisneri Natural Pool
Sisneri Natural Pool

We took a dip in the pristine water and had some water-fun here. After changing we continued our drive to Dakshinkali and Pharping trying the local Pears and fruits in the midway local markets.

Sunset from Chobhar hill: Birds-eye view of the valley and beyond

Heading back to the valley we took a short drive from the main road to the adjacent hill from the Chobhar Park. We had some more great sunset views with some snacks here before finally entering the valley again.

sunset from Chobhar
Valley from Chobhar Hill

Can’t really explain, might it be the amazing people or the divine nature, Chitlang was a place so near yet so delightful within a short drive from Kathmandu. The wonderful view, lively locals, historical destination, inspirational stories, and amazing memories all blended in perfectly and enough for us to visit there again.  

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