SEO tools are getting more powerful with the emergence of several new technologies. The search engines on the other hand are not lagging behind either with regular Algorithm updates to challenge the SEO experts each time. Nonetheless, you must be ready to adapt to the changes and these SEO tools are ideal for it. With some of our entries in the list with tens of millions of daily users, we present you with the best search engine optimization software to put your money on heading towards 2022.

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Believe it or not your competitors are likely working much more on improving their rankings in the result pages of major search engines. While upping your quality is the most obvious step for you to take it might just not be enough with modern technology. Taking the necessary help from the popular SEO software and tools is the way to go now. Some of these might look like overkill but they will aid you for a long time to come. Without further ado here are 8 of the best SEO tools used by experts.

1. Ahrefs

Let’s get started with the biggest names out there which have been able to adapt and change to different expert needs and analytics over time. The top three entries here could be placed in any order too. Ahrefs is a mega all-in-one tool, especially, for those websites which have seen recent traffic drops and depleted performance.  Ahref has a trial version available for a week charging a dollar per day for the period. The premium versions include lite, standard, advanced, and agency packages costing anywhere between $99 & $999 per month.

Major Ahrefs tools allow experts to:

– Run campaigns and OnPage Audits when needed.

– study inbound link analysis with strength transparency.

– Implement rank tracking to know your site’s health.

– Perform in-depth competitor analysis.

– Support multiple users for enterprise usage.

2. SemRush

SemRush is an award-winning marketing tool used by over 7 million professionals around the world. It is a trusted name around the companies looking to add major firepower to their technical arsenal. SemRush will guide websites in steps with insights and detailed reports towards exponential growth. To companies who want something different than the enterprise version provided by Google, SemRush can be the next best option. Semrush provides pro, Guru, and Business plans ranging from $120 to $450 per month.

SemRush in its full control allows an experienced marketer to:

– Access well over 20 billion keywords (collected from 130+ countries)

– Get personalized recommendations to increase the search rankings.

– Analyze and track your PPC campaigns. 

– Schedule and create branded as well as white-labeled reports.

– Track your competitors’ websites and their marketing strategies.

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the best-known and widely used marketing tools providing amazing insights and data for even its most basic version. Its only drawback will be the lack of intermediate packages which can bridge the gap between its enterprise and free version. Google search console could also be integrated with other tools in this list for better performance all around. It is also easily usable by non-technical individuals with great data visualization and accurate infographics.

Google search console features include:

– Monitor your website performance thoroughly.

– Point out different indexing and linking errors with tools to repair them.

– Keep track of your major links and with it, the traffic leads towards you.

– Highlighting important data usable through several improvement tools.

– Primary Google-focused analytics to rank your keywords in its search engine. 

4. Moz Pro

Moz is the jack of all trades when the discussion is up for the best SEO tools. It provides an impressive depth of SEO metrics in its free version too. This might come in handy for someone still unsure about purchasing an SEO tool but still giving them a try. Similarly, the premium versions made available here come with several uniquely fashioned tools often aiming to make your life easier. The pricing available for Moz Pro is in four different forms ranging from $100 to $600 per month. For large enterprises, the supremely powerful Mozscape API is available for between $2000 & $10000 per month.

With Moz Pro one can achieve:

– Several volumes and difficulty metrics for your keyword to strategize marketing.

– Track and update different sections of your website content for specialized targets.

– Crawl and audit reports to improve on your campaigns.

– Alerts on simple to complex issues with suggestions or links on how to solve them.

– Custom support to your queries and scoring tools for smaller SEO factors as well.

5. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a packaged SEO tool provided by the popular digital marketing website Neil Patel. It might have been started as an assisted software before but it is now a fully-fledged marketing tool packed with some amazing features. Additionally, the support provided by the experts here is valuable for aspiring marketers. Similarly, materials like tutorials and user courses for Ubersuggest are plenty out there.

Ubersuggest allows marketers to enjoy the following toolsets and features:-

– Provides a detailed overview of your domain and website within a certain period.

– Track competitors’ sites and provide useful insights to your end.

– Content and backlink suggestions with creative related ideas.

– Arrange different keyword planners for specific search engines.

6.  Fat Rank

FatRank is a jackal of all trades when there is a discussion about SEO and digital marketing. It is a lightweight toolset which deals with both designing and marketing a business website. The recent updates here are trending on the marketing community for the latest Image SEO insights. You can trust FatRank to help you get organic leads for your company soon.

FatRank allows marketers to use these features in their campaign:-

– Ratings and reviews of different formats to help your website visibility.

– An AI-powered content intelligence tool for content marketing.

– Social media and tech tools combined in a single platform.

– Powerful rank tracking tools are especially better for a primary competitive bunch.

– Connect with other software or tools and interpret the existing reports for future campaigns.

7. Siteliner

Siteliner is a useful budget-friendly entry on this list known for its fast analysis and reports. Even on its free version, one can enjoy an in-depth comparison with competitor’s websites and all. Similarly, the page analysis system allows you to focus on specific sections of your website at a time. It does have several limitations as a simple SEO tool with reliable applications.

-Find stagnant content in your website and shuffling ideas to reuse them.

– Compare pages to give you insights on load time and sizes involved.

– Tracking and managing internal as well as external links on your business website.

– Find Technical SEO errors and suggest methods to eradicate them effectively.

8.  KWFinder

KWFinder is a mixture of several traditional as well as modern SEO tools allowing marketers to get the full advantage of software in a single go. It is a master of keyword search, suggestion, manipulation, and tracking required for SEO experts. KWFinder comes in a bundle with other useful marketing tools by Mangools at a reasonable price of $29 per month. 

– Domain and keywords look up with options to explore similar field indicators.

– Bulk uploads and reviews for your business website.

– Integration with other popular Mangools tools with advanced SEO toolset.

– It gives multiple platforms for both SMEs and SEO-focused agencies.


These SEO tools are known to have amazing features with updates as well which will allow you to edge over your competitors. One of the most common misconceptions out there is that the more you spend the easier SEO gets. The truth is the smarter you invest in SEO the further you can rise in the competitive market. These listed SEO tools will be an important part of your next marketing strategy and serve your business website well.

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